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How does WhatsApp make money

WhatsApp money making source

In this technology world sending or receiving message is not that much difficult task , Some instant service messenger is most reliable as well as convenient source to exchange communication via message. WhatsApp is one of most popular and instant messenger app among all of those, But have ever been single thought comes in your mind like as how this instant messenger earning money ,  After acquired this messenger by Facebook some changes happened so you must know that.

How does WhatsApp make money

How does WhatsApp make money

In this article you will get all information about business model of WhatsApp and as well as money earning strategy related information regarding WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp money Making strategy

WhatsApp not allow for advertisement through messenger , As they have worldwide users, At early days in some countries WhatsApp had charged dollar one for download . Then whole year service was free that time, But from next year again dollar one charges was applicable to keep continue service. In this way WhatsApp service was available on one kind of subscription base. From the starting WhatsApp had millions of users so one dollar from one user in this way they had earn some millions of money.

In the year 2014 WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook , So now WhatsApp is also an revenue generation platform as they have launched Business API, You need to get understand this concept first with there revenue generation strategy.

WhatsApp For Business API

WhatsApp business API applications is one kind of Business platform where users creating their business profile user, As a Business profile user you must have a verified business user. Also users can link there Facebook profile, landline number, some important business website with this profile.

WhatsApp Business application API sends notifications to consumers, To avoid spam there is restrictions on messages but businesses can send message to consumer and satisfy there queries. WhatsApp business application is free to download but they earn money through business API like as if businesses replying slow to consumer then WhatsApp applying charges on businesses, Normally 24 hours duration has been applicable to solve consumer queries. By this process WhatsApp earns money as well as makes consumer service more fast. Though this charge is fix but it can be variable according to countries.

You can not associate with your existing WhatsApp account number on WhatsApp business API application , you must have new fresh number.

WhatsApp Payment Method

WhatsApp has launched online payment solution within app , So it is very easy now to send money via WhatsApp in countries like India as a digital payment platform. This thing attracts more users on WhatsApp. Surely it will be good business opportunity for WhatsApp by such options.

These all are some Simple ways via WhatsApp earns money. Hope you have very well understood this informative article.


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