FB Login – Facebook Login | Facebook sign up

FB Login – Facebook Login – Facebook sign up

Facebook is the most popular social network platform available throughout the world, and it is worlds widely used social networking website. Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg initiated the social networking website in 2004, and since then it is the most successful platform in the market.

The most popular website is nowadays known as FB, and one can visit the website by either reaching to www.facebook.com or www.fb.com. The most basic thing to start up with Facebook is to Sign up with the social media website and create an account on the same. So today, we will discuss how to Sign up and log in to Facebook to use the platform.

FB Login – Facebook Login – Facebook sign up

FB Login - Facebook Login
FB Login – Facebook Login

Facebook Sign Up process

In this section, we will discuss how to sign up with Facebook to get things started on the most popular social media website. So let’s begin.

  • To sign up with Facebook, first, you have to open your computer and type www.facebook.com on the address bar. Now click enter and wait for a while.
  • A signup page will appear, and now you have to fill in your details which include first name, last name, mobile number, birth date and password along with your Email id.
  • After filling in the details, click on the create account button and you are good to go.
  • Now you will receive a verification email from Facebook. In this email you have to verify the email id and doing so you will be directed to the Facebook’s home page.

You can follow the above steps to sign up with Facebook on a laptop or a desktop, and similar steps can be taken to sign up with Facebook on your mobile devices. Just open Google Chrome or Internet Explorer on your mobile devices and follow the above steps to sign up with Facebook on your mobile devices.

Facebook Sign Up
Facebook Sign Up

Facebook Log in Process

Logging in with a Facebook account is pretty much simple, and all you need is just a laptop or a desktop to log in to Facebook. But remember one thing you can only log in to a Facebook account after you have signed up with Facebook and have created an account by providing your details. If you have already created an account, then follow these steps to log in to Facebook.

  • First, open any web browser and on the address bar type www.facebook.com or www.fb.com and hit enter.
  • A signup and login page will come up. At the top right corner, fill in the details including email-id and password and click on the login tab.
  • Now you will be logged in to Facebook and can access your account on the website.

Facebook Log in Process on mobile

Facebook users can also log on to Facebook using their mobile devices instead of reaching to laptops or desktops. The process is almost the same that we have discussed above, but only a few changes will be required. So let’s begin.

  • To access your FB account on your mobile, first, open up any web browser and on the address bar type www.facebook.com or www.fb.com and click on the search button. You can also download the Facebook app and can directly reach the login page with a single click.
  • After reaching the login page now enter your login details including email or mobile number and password to log in to the Facebook account via mobile.
  • Now hit on the login tab and you will be logged in to Facebook and can access your account on the website.

Facebook Features and advantages

Following are some of the important features that the social networking website, Facebook provides to its users:

FB users can add friends online and upload or share their photos, status messages, etc. on the website.

Besides this, FB users can also chat with their friends online. With the Facebook chat features, users can turn off the chat, and they can be only visible to the people they want to chat with.

You can also create groups with Facebook. FB users can either create a private or public group or can even add their friends in that group. Groups are a way to start discussions.

You can also expand or advertise your business through Facebook. Users can create a Facebook page and share details and status about their products to give a boost to their business. Previous data indicated many FB users who have taken their business to heights by using Facebook pages.

The social media website also has an array of built-in applications like games etc. These games and apps are third-party products. To use these applications, users need to add these to their accounts.

Facebook Highlights

Until now, we have discussed the basic login and sign up process that users will require to use Facebook on their devices. Now we will discuss some few highlights of facebook website:

  • Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook on 4th February 2004.
  • FB was made available to the users to register themselves on the website from 26th September 2006 onwards.
  • Until 2007, Facebook was reported to have 100K business pages.
  • In March 2010, Facebook got a number of visitors than Google says, Alexa.
  • Facebook is the world’s second most accessed website.


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Facebook Tricks

Following are some of the cool tricks that Facebook users can use while posting status messages or commenting.

(y) – Displays a Thumbs-up icon.

:poop: – Shows a poop icon.

(^^^) – White shark icon.

:|] – Robot icon

<(”) – Penguin icon

So this was from our side in today’s article. We have discussed the process of Signing up and logging in on Facebook briefly. If you are willing to create an account on Facebook, you can just follow the article and get going.

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