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How to see time in safari history

Whenever we search for and open some websites on the browsers, the history of what websites were visited, and when were visited, is stored in the browser. We can easily access the history and see at what time stamp, and what website was being accessed. On a Mac, you might be using the Safari Browser to browse the websites. If you have a look at the history in the Safari browser, you can see that it shows only the date and not the time when the sites had been visited.

You might want to see the timestamp when the websites were visited on the Safari browser, but unfortunately, Safari does not show the time. The browsing history just shows the date.

So, let’s have a look at how can we show the timestamps when the sites were visited on safari.

How to see time in safari history

The history is saved in some database, which is usually present in the Safari folder inside your Library. The file is named History.db, and it would require database reading software to read the file. You can make use of the SQLite DB browser for viewing the database file. So, you just can copy the database file somewhere, and then use the Database browser for accessing the database. There, you can choose the browse data option, and in the table dropdown menu, you can select the history_visits. The data can be then sorted according to the visit_time column.

The thing is that the timestamp is not in a human-readable format, and needs to be converted in order to read it.

Note: In the newer versions of the Safari Browser, it is nearly impossible to get the history time stamps, even if you are trying to use the SQLite DB Browser.

How to see Time in safari History iPhone?

If you are on iPhone, and you want to see the history in the Safari browser, it is very easy. You just need to follow the given steps –

  • Open the Safari Browser.
  • You can find an icon in the bottom bar, which looks like an open book. You can tap on that icon.
  • Here, you can find more options, like a favorite, reading list, and history. You have to tap on the icon, which looks like a clock. It basically shows the history.
  • Here, you can see the history of all the websites that you have visited. It is present there according to the dates, or the frequent visit time, like Afternoon.

You can click on the website from the history to visit there again. Also, you can swipe some individual entries from the list, and you can delete it. You can also clear the complete history.


In Safari, unlike some other browsers, the history is shown in a kind of different way, in which, the time when the site was visited, is not shown, instead the history is arranged according to the date on which the site was visited. You can access the history easily in safari, and visit the websites that you want again, but getting the timestamp for the websites is nearly impossible on safari, even when trying to use the DB browser.

FAQ About

Q: How to clear browsing history in Safari on iPhone?

Ans: To clear the browsing history in the iPhone, in the Safari browser, you just have to move to the settings in your iPhone, and find the Safari option. Into the Safari option, you can find the clear History and website data option, which would delete the browsing history.

Q: How to see safari history on iPhone?

Ans: In Safari, you can just click on the bookmarks icon, which looks like the open book symbol. There, you can see the clock-like symbol, tapping on which, you can see the history.


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