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Yahoo! Mail vs Gmail: Which One is better?

Yahoo Mail vs Gmail

When it comes to sending Electronic mail or popularly known as Email, there are many platforms where one can send and receive emails. Some of the companies provide this service for free, some charge you for this service and some are only operating for businesses.

Out of these companies, Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail are one of the most used email services, which we are going to see in detail. So if you want to use the email service, but are confused about whether to go with Yahoo! Or Gmail? This article is for you. So here is everything you need to know about Yahoo! Mail and Gmail –

Yahoo! Mail vs Gmail: Which One is better?

Yahoo Mail vs Gmail
Yahoo Mail vs Gmail

Difference Between Gmail and Yahoo Mail

Yahoo! Mail:

Yahoo! Mail is an Electronic mail service, launched by an American company Yahoo, which is now a subsidiary of Verizon. It offers four different plans, out of which three are for personal use and one is for businesses.

As of now, Yahoo has nearly 225 million active users every month and some 26 billion emails are sent daily. It is one of the first launched email services after Hotmail. With Yahoo Mail, users can send and receive emails across the globe.

It also allows receiving and sending emails from or to other email service providers like Outlook, Gmail, etc, and is the most popular mail program in America. Key points about Yahoo! Mail –

  • Clean and user-friendly interface –

Yahoo! Mail provides a very clean and user-friendly interface.

  • Yahoo provides tremendous free storage –

Yahoo! Mail provides free storage of 1 TB. However, there are no extra storage options if you need more storage, but the initially provided storage is so huge that rarely anyone would require more storage than this.

  • Outgoing email size

The outgoing mails are limited to a size of 25 MB, though one can attach up to 100MB files.

  • Yahoo Mail application has advertisements that may be annoying to many

The Yahoo! Mail application contains advertisements, which can be annoying and interrupting to many users. Advertises are important but they can irritate and annoy users.

  • Yahoo! Mail’s virus protection and spam email sorting

The main reason behind the use of Yahoo! Mail is its spam filtering and virus protection. The user’s email is secured with a two-step authentication when a user tries to log in. The Virus scanning algorithm used by Yahoo! Mail by default blocks any kind of harmful content.

  • Yahoo! Mail allows creating disposable mail addresses

With Yahoo! Mail, one can create disposable email addresses so that they can circulate that email address to untrusted websites when needed, instead of giving out the main/real email address. The disposable email addresses are linked to the user’s account.

Gmail –

Gmail was another email service launched by the tech giant company Google in 2004 and is the most popular and the most used email service worldwide with almost a billion active users worldwide. Key points about Gmail –

  • Gmail’s Interface –

Gmail has a clean, easy-to-use, and user-friendly interface.

  • Small compose email window –

Gmail has a comparatively small compose mail window, which is often quite frustrating to many.

  • Initial storage space provided to users –

Gmail provides initial storage of 15 GB to its users, which is enough for most of the users. There are storage options if one needs more storage, like for $2/ month, one can get 100 GB extra storage

  • outgoing email size –

the outgoing email size is limited to 50 MB. For files greater than the allowed size, the google drive link is sent to the recipient instead of the file itself.

  • Mobile Application –

Gmail application is by default included in all android smartphones and is also available for downloads in iOS. The application has a very clean and user-friendly interface.

  • Gmail’s malware and virus protection –

The risk of your computer getting infected through emails is very low with Gmail’s malware and virus protection. Gmail always updates its malware software so as to provide the most up-to-date protection service to its users. Gmail also comes up with in-built spam protection scanning all the emails and sending all the spam emails directly to the spam folders so they do not interrupt your inbox.

  • Deleted emails are retained for 30 days –

Gmail cleans the trash after every 30 days, which means that the deleted emails get vanished after 30 days from everyones’ trash. Here are some points of differences between Gmail and Yahoo! Mail –

Gmail Yahoo! Mail
Initial storage of 15 GB is provided to the user. However, there are more storage options if needed. Huge storage of 1 TB is provided to users. However, there are no storage options if extra storage is required.
2000 emails are allowed in a day. 500 emails are allowed in a day.
Gmail account can be used to avail of other services like youtube, Meet, Google Docs, etc. Yahoo account can be used with Flickr, yahoo messenger, etc
POP access is free with Gmail. You require to subscribe to yahoo mail plus to avail of this feature, which is a paid upgrade to Yahoo! Mail.
Mail forwarding is free with Gmail. You need to upgrade to yahoo mail plus to avail of this feature.
Gmail is free from picture advertisements, however, there may be some advertisements in the form of a single line above the inbox  Yahoo! Mail has huge picture advertisements almost everywhere.


Above shown is the comparison between two widely used email providing services. You can use any of the email services according to your convenience and needs. We do not promote or recommend using any of the email service providers. This is just an informative article.

Frequently Asked Questions –

1.Which are the most secured email service providers?                                          Ans: Here is the list of most secured email providers –

2. Who owns Yahoo mail?                                                                                    Ans: Yahoo mail is an email service launched by Yahoo, which is a subsidiary of Verizon.

3. Who owns Gmail?                                                                                                  Ans: Gmail is an email service launched by Google.

4. Can I have more than one Gmail accounts?                                                          Ans: Yes, you can have more than one Gmail accounts. You can access them by signing out from your current account and signing into another Gmail account.

5. Can I have multiple yahoo mail addresses?                                                          Ans: Yes, you can have multiple yahoo mail addresses. Instead, you can also create disposable addresses which are linked to your main account which can be used instead of your main address.

6. Do Yahoo mail accounts expire?                                                                          Ans: A yahoo account is declared as inactive and deactivated after a minimum duration of six months since the last log in.

7. Do Gmail accounts expire?                                                                                    Ans: A Gmail account does expire. It is deleted after nine months of inactivity on the account.


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