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Back Benchers

“Back Bencher” is not just an ordinary word, but it’s an emotion, and a door to endless memories of times of schools and colleges. While it might seem that the back-bencher students are more of mischievous, disturbing & even bunking classes at times, and even being in their own world in the back of the class, they can turn out to be ones with good imagination powers, and extraordinary skills that other students lack.back benchers photos

Front Benchers vs Back Benchers

back benchers logo
back benchers logo

When we compare the front benchers with the back benchers, it turns out that the Front benchers are at the front of attention of the class, giving the answers to the teachers, but contrary to this, the back benchers are at the front of independent learning, and they can be good thinkers comparatively.back benchers images

As a Back Bencher, you might have bunked a class that you don’t have interest in, and so the back benchers are very infamous amongst many teachers, and the teachers assume that those students would be low performing, but that’s not a case, since the back benchers are good at imagination, and creative and independent learning.the back benchers
back bencher


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