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Sponsored Post Facebook all details guidelines and template

Sponsored Post Facebook

If something has become clear in recent times in terms of strategy for Facebook is that the great battle is no longer between the organic and the payment, since in reality, the scope that can be achieved using the tools of organic positioning is rather limited.

The key, therefore, is rather to find the payment format that gives the best results and that allows positioning in a more effective way.

Sponsored Post Facebook – guidelines – template

Sponsored Post Facebook template
Sponsored Post Facebook

Sponsored Post Facebook

And the answer to this question is the one that arises a study of Shareablee. Companies try to position themselves in the social network through two types, above all, advertising. On the one hand, there are the ads that incorporate on Facebook, a format of advertising rather traditional and that could be similar to the one used in other scenarios.

On the other hand, there are Sponsored Post Facebook, which is the way to get paid what was previously achieved in an organic way (that consumers see the contents published on the corporate page). And these are the ones that, according to the study, work best.

Based on the study data and the information obtained by comparing the results of the Sponsored Post Facebook of a dozen pages and the standard ads of 47 brand pages, analysts concluded that sponsored posts work better than ads. Ads achieve less than a tenth of the ‘earned’ impressions compared to the paid ones.

 What does the study mean by this? On Facebook sponsored ads

Ads – however, they may be – of the social network can be amplified by the behavior – not of payment – of Facebook users. If a user leaves a comment and likes an ad, this multiplies the scope of it. And this happens more when the sponsored content is a post and not an announcement of the usual.

Sponsored posts achieve twice as much of earned impressions, ‘earned media’, as of payment impressions. If the ad wants to have a parallel life driven by the users of the social network, it must, therefore, be a sponsored post.

On average, a sponsored post achieves 7,103 shares per campaign, while a standard and only achieves 253. This means that, beyond what they get paid, 46.82% of the scope of a sponsored post is in this reach that has achieved virally, against 7.41% of what most traditional ads achieve.

The reasons for this situation

Analysts have an explanation for this. The key is how users see the content. An ad does not look like something worthy of being shared, while a sponsored post does. For the user of the social network, sharing the link to content, a video or a photo seems something more normal and more attractive than doing it with an advertisement.

Possibly, in addition, also work in between the idea of what is or is not advertising spam. When the brand in question serves us information or content, we do not see it as ‘advertising garbage’ as when it is simple content.

This should not push companies to stop using one format for the other, but rather to be much more strategists with what they use and why they do it. When making decisions in a Facebook campaign, they have to think about what they want to achieve and the potential that each format can offer (and how it can be used). After all, despite being the gold format, not all content can be presented as a sponsored post.

Best guidelines for creating a great Sponsored Post Facebook

If you have a company, a brand or you are a blogger and you want to create Sponsored Post on Facebook, So here is the best rule for how to write Facebook ads. you need to follow certain guidelines or rules or advice to improve the quality of the content that you create and thus have a great impact on the people who visit this social network.

For that, you must learn everything you need to know to create a post sponsored on Facebook following a series of rules that will help you get some perfect posts.

Sponsored Post Facebook – guidelines – template

  1. You have to be honest

When checking the content and guidelines on how to create a sponsored post on Facebook, you have to know what you will post and what products or services have advantages and disadvantages in terms of their purchase, use, and functions.

Therefore, it is necessary to be sincere when talking about all the characteristics of the product you want to sponsor.

Not to diminish the product, but to make the reader understand that the product is of excellent quality since nothing is absolutely perfect in this life.

  1. Recommend your product

People who read your post will give you more credibility and feel confident if you address them in a pleasant and honest way. Also, if you have experience using the product you want to sponsor, then you can recommend it better.

Thanks to the testimonies of the uses that can be given to the product, you will create an idea that the product is useful and necessary, thus achieving a greater number of clients.

  1. Continue with those topics that have aroused interest

Although you can have commissions related to various topics, it is highly recommended that the publications sponsored on Facebook by you have a common thread or have a certain relationship with the topics that you have developed previously, taking into account also the target to which said product or service sponsored. In short, it is essential that you take into account the audience you are targeting.

Facebook sponsored ads

  1. Insert an attractive title

At the time of creating a post sponsored on Facebook, you must place a title that calls the attention of the people who read it, as well as expressing the content of the post you are sponsoring. You have to tell the reader why you should click on your post and read it. The title is often the main factor to attract potential clients.

  1. Add a photograph

It is important that one or several photos appear, depending on the extension of the post, about what you want to sponsor, since it is a key element that everyone will recommend when researching how to create a post sponsored on Facebook.

Most people appreciate the visual, so by showing them how the product will look in their hands or how it is used through a photograph, it will have a greater impact. If only letters are seen, it is something that tires a lot in the view of your readers and may end up leaving the post unfinished, thus losing interest in the product.

  1. Use different statistics

By integrating into your advertising post some studies, statistics, surveys, and other forms of analysis and data collection on any point related to your product or service, you will communicate to your readers the fact that you are fully informed about this topic and you will increase your interest in know what your post is about

In addition, being Facebook a social network and having a large number of people connected to it, there is a risk that there are false posts to scam customers. Therefore, you must generate credibility using all the means at your disposal.

  1. Add an introduction and an ending

As we all know, most people use the Internet for how easy it is to get information and social networks for short and relevant news that usually circulate. Therefore, it is very necessary to include in your post a good introduction that, together with the title, let the reader know the topic that is going to be treated, in order to avoid losses of time and customers.

In addition, with a small conclusion, you can nicely end your post summarizing the uses and benefits of the good and reaffirm in the reader that your product is very essential.

In conclusion, if you follow these 7 keys that you have read and put them into practice when you are going to write your sponsored post on Facebook, you will surely achieve success and it will be a great investment that will generate multiple profits.

Have you tried them? What is your opinion?


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