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Best VPN Services | Secure, Fast & Easy to Use

Fast, Reliable and Secure VPN Services

There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to use a VPN service, because when you need to use internet service that time government agencies, cybercriminals, and others are watching what you’re doing online. here we are with Best VPN Services, which are Secure, Fast & Easy to Use.

Sometimes there may be specific websites that can be blocked in your local area, due to that you may unable to open such sites, in another case into some offices, schools, and hospital like organizations there may be some gaming websites that can be blocked so you can unblock them with the help of VPN service.

you will get to see here some top-rated VPN services to determine the best numerous factors and evaluate the services. Such things can enhance your experience on the online platform, while you can choose anyone VPN service among them as per your need and preference.

Best VPN Services  | Secure, Fast & Easy to Use

Best VPN Services 2018 | Secure, Fast & Easy to Use

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Some of those include data logging policy, number of server locations, DNS leak protection, ease of use, and price.

Best VPN Service 1 – Private internet access

Private internet access with more than three thousand servers in thirty-seven locations in seventy-eight countries. Their key features are not much different than the other VPNs some of those features include a kill switch connections up to 10 devices simultaneously and they don’t log anything

If you download or upload torrents you may want to go with another VPN since it’s only allowed on certain servers Otherwise, it has many of the other features that most people whatever needs. This VPN service has applied a strict no-log policy, due to that users have no need to scare about recording their data. With the help of a private internet access VPN, your IP address and browsing history details going to be hidden, while it keeps secure from any type of surveillance.

In the form of other features PIA secures your data while once you get connected with any server via PIA, whatever you browse like email, bank details, photos, and videos kept being private.

Private Internet Access VPN is available on Windows, MAC, Linux X, iOS, and Android platform, while for smartphone users this VPN service is available in the form of App. So it can be surely helpful for you to use anytime and anywhere.

Best VPN Service 2 – Express VPN

Express VPN has more than seventeen hundred servers in a hundred and sixty locations across ninety-four countries.

They’re well known for offering some of the fastest VPN speeds with no restrictions on what you download or stream. As per the user’s experience, Express VPN works so fast while browsing details and IP addresses are kept very much private during the use of their service.

Express is focused on privacy, no activity or connection logs are kept and they offer a kill switch to keep your I. P. address concealed if your network drops. Doesn’t matter where are you now, with the help of Express VPN you can get connect with any country server through it.

They also have a no-hassle thirty-day money-back guarantee we can get a full refund no questions asked.

The only limitation to the service is that you can only connect three devices to its service, at the same time almost others connect five or six this is usually not an issue unless you plan to share your service with others in your family.

Express VPN has absolute several devices including Windows, MAC, Linux X, Android, and iOS. Whenever you get stuck during the surfing internet because the specific website has been blocked in your country or location then you can easily visit that site with the help of Express VPN.

Best VPN Service 3 – Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN based in Switzerland they have more than seven hundred servers in seventy-three locations around the world. With the help of Vypr VPN, you can get connect 30 simultaneous connections, while you can access restricted websites with the use of it.

Same as other VPN, here you can keep secure browsing details and IP addresses. So Vypr can also be the best VPN option for you. They own and manage their VPN servers so they have no restrictions or download caps and don’t use third parties.

Vypr also has a large bank of more than two hundred thousand IP addresses which is the largest of any service ideas.

Other key features are their chameleon technology which in short makes it so that users can bypass restricted networks put in place by governments’ highest peas and corporations.

Vyper VPN is available for Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS along with other platforms. In the special feature of Vypr users get DNS protection which keeps your network safe from most of the middle attacks over it.

Best VPN Service 4 – IP vanish

IP vanish which boasts over forty thousand shared eye peas and a thousand plus servers located in more than sixty countries. Some benefits here you can get from IP Vanish like you can get 10 simultaneous connections options with IP Vanish, while in every country you can get the same speed about their service. You can do advanced settings thereon IP Vanish VPN.

If you use Cody is the absolute best VPN for you, they’re integrating Cody plugin provides access to media worldwide with no throttling or bandwidth limits. The speeds I. P. vanish are very fast and they also have a strict no log’s policy.

IP vanish is available on all the usual platforms including Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS, and Android you can even get it for fire TV.

Best VPN Service 5 – Nord VPN

Nord VPN is my preferred BPM when I’m not testing other services. You can set password protection to the Nord VPN app which you can sync with all your devices. Nord works on a no logs policy with high-level security.

Nord is one of the best and advanced facilities providing VPN services where you get unlimited streaming options with high connection speed. Apart from that, you can get a file encryption option through their cloud locker service.

they have more than three thousand servers in sixty-one countries board is great for those of you that have never used a VPN before because it’s easier to set up compared to many VPN services. It has double data encryption to create an extra layer of privacy while you’re online.

Other notable features include a strict no-log policy automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection. Nord VPN is available for Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS along with many other platforms. You may try this VPN service if you want to stream anything preferable with high speed more securely anywhere around the world.

Best Rated VPN Service 6 – Cyber Ghost

It is one of the best VPN for those who want to unblock all sites, which are restricted to their country. Around 91 major countries have 7490 servers, which you can access with the help of this VPN service.

113 prime locations preferences have already been added from the Cyber Ghost developer, while you can download this VPN app from iOS and Google play store. Apart from that on Windows, Linux, and the MAC desktop platforms, you can connect with this VPN service.

Added features you can get from Cyber Ghost VPN is like, you can use this VPN service via Gaming platform like Play station & X Box series. Also, they are compatible with Google Chrome as well as the Firefox extension.

Through one platform of Cyber Ghost VPN service, you can access worldwide servers, while it is fast, reliable, secure and so easy to use. This VPN service is based in Romania country while it is operated from Bucharest city. Almost with all continent and their countries VPN servers you can get on Cyber Ghost. If you are searching for a more interesting and easy VPN platform then Cyber Ghost can be the best option for you.

Best Rated Games Unblocking VPN Service 7 – Hotspot Shield

If you want to get a fast, secure, and reliable VPN to stream online entertainment platforms like Netflix then Hotspot Shield can be the best option for you. The best thing about the Hotspot shield is that you can unblock some exciting games with the help of this VPN service.

Sometimes prestigious organizations like schools, offices, and hospitals have blocked some game sites for that specific location so users can not access such sites from that location. In that scenario with the help of Hotspot Shield VPN, you can easily unblock such sites by getting connected to another server. This thing can make your time more enjoyable by offering you your favorite game-playing option.

To stream Netflix, world widely Hotspot Shield is recommended for VPN service, while you get this VPN server almost on all kinds of operating devices like Android, iOS, etc. While talking about the desktop platform, then you can that on Windows and MAC.

Nowadays Smart Tv also gives the option to connect with Hotspot Shield VPN, Apart from that they have a VPN router service also available.

So now it is so easy to access blocked sites and servers from your current location with the help of Hotspot Shield. The main reason behind that is through Hotspot Shield you can access more than 80 countries with around 1800 servers. Nothing can be the best thing than that, because one VPN service can give you everything.


VPN services are generally used to unblock some servers and websites which are blocked in your current location. Through VPN you can connect with worldwide servers while most of the VPN services are easy, secure, and reliable. You can connect with all major countries’ servers while you can play some blocked games also with the help of a VPN. Such VPN services are available nowadays on all famous operating system stores like on iOS, Android, etc.

Frequently asked question on Best VPN Services – FAQ.

Q. Give the names of some best VPN services which are mostly used by users?

Ans: Express VPN, IP Vanish, Hotspot Shield, Cyber Ghost, Private Internet Access, Nord VPN, etc.

Q. What is the best VPN service to the unblocked game top-rated blocked game?

Ans: Hotspot Shield.

Q. What are the best VPN services?

Ans: Surfshark, CyberGhost VPN, ZenMate VPN, Namecheap VPN, Ivacy, TunnelBear, IP Vanish, Vypr VPN etc.

Q. What are the best VPN services for iPhones?

Ans: IP Vanish, Express VPN, Surfshark, Nord VPN etc.

Q. Does the VPN service is paid or free to use?

Ans: Most of the VPN service is free to use, but some VPN service application gives additional features, to get them you need to purchase their premium membership.


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