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Best VPN Solutions for Enterprise and Small Business

You might have heard about VPN, or Virtual Private Network, which helps you create a private network across a public internet connection. This helps you gain anonymity and privacy, since it masks your IP(Internet Protocol) address, and encrypts your connection, which makes it difficult for third parties to trace your activities online.

Best VPN Solutions for Enterprise and Small Business

VPN is not just required by some individuals, but it may be also required for some small businesses, and enterprises, so, in this article, we are going to explore some VPN solutions, that can be best suitable for small businesses, and enterprises.

What is a VPN?

Before we even dive into the different VPN solutions that we are going to discuss, let’s have a brief talk about what is a VPN.
Well, some people might have the misconception that VPN is used for just some hidden activities, or some ill purposes, but VPN can be a requirement for many people and organizations. Using a VPN protects the user by encrypting their data, and by masking their IP address, making it difficult for the third parties to track their activity online.

You may consider the VPN as a tunnel between you(your device) and the internet. So, the idea is that nobody can see what you are doing, except you and the person you are interacting with, and sending the data to, not even your ISP(Internet Service Provider).

Why may a business or enterprise need a VPN?

Well, that’s a perfectly valid question – why may a business or enterprise need a VPN? Well, someone from your organization is using an unsecured Wi-Fi network, anyone else who is using the same network, may see what they are doing, and may get access to their private information.
Here are some of the advantages of using a VPN for business or enterprise –

  • Enhanced Security: VPN secures the users’ online activity by masking the IP address, and encrypting the data.
  • Anonymity and Privacy: By masking the IP address of the user’s device, VPNs provide a layer of anonymity and privacy, preventing their online activity tracking by third parties.
  • Geographical Flexibility: By using a VPN, users can use the services or resources that are otherwise not available in the region. This can be beneficial for businesses that operate in multiple regions.
  • Encrypted Communication: When using a VPN, it establishes a secure connection between devices, preventing any unauthorized access or data leaks.

So, there are many direct and indirect advantages of using a VPN for enterprise and small businesses.

Best VPN solutions for enterprise and small business

Now, let’s have a look at some of the best VPN solutions for enterprise and small businesses. Please note that the order in which these VPN services are listed does not define their ranking. We are not trying to rank them in any way, and they are arranged in completely random order.
First of all, here is a quick list of the VPN provider services that we are going to discuss, and then we will try to have a look at them in brief one by one –

  • NordLayer
  • ExpressVPN
  • Twingate
  • GoodAccess
  • Cisco AnyConnect
  • Google Cloud VPN
  • Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect
  • Perimeter 81
  • SurfShark
  • TorGuard

Now that we have included a comprehensive list of the VPN services that we are going to look at in this article, let’s have a look at them one by one, and then you can use any of the services as per your requirements. Please note that this article is just for informational purposes.


If you have some idea about the VPN companies in the market, you might already be familiar with the name Nord, and NordVPN.
The company behind this is NordSec, and they have the NordVPN service for its consumers, and for the businesses, there is NordLayer.

NordLayer is the Business VPN along with multi-layer protection, all coordinated in a centralized dashboard. It is one of the best and leading VPNs available for businesses and enterprises. It allows the individuals to connect to the corporate resources on site, using an encrypted tunnel, and providing site-to-site and dedicated IP address.

Also, the NordLayer comes up with some business-level management functions including the integration into single sign-on solutions, centralized billing, and team permission management.


ExpressVPN is also among the big players in the VPN market. Their product is solid, and it also offers a business billing option. The thing is that it doesn’t actually offer a business-level product, but it offers discounts for the companies who wish to buy in volumes.
So, as an option and a big player in the VPN market, you can also consider using ExpressVPN.


Twingate is a cybersecurity company, which helps organizations provide remote access to corporate resources for remote employees so that productivity is not compromised. With Twingate, it is very easy to deploy Zero trust network access, making it easy to use, and very very secure.

The company aims at solving problems related to remote working, and they have a setup on the cloud, which makes things even easier, just with a little learning curve. It is a service deployed on the cloud, and the users can connect to some corporate resource via its FQDN or IP address, without needing any user interaction. It also supports twin tunneling and intelligent routing to reduce the burden on the network of some organizations and ensures fast and reliable connection.


GoodAccess provides a cloud-based VPN service solution for businesses and enterprises. This service is 100% SaaS, which provides remote access to the resources, which helps protect the users, network, and application.

The service allows businesses and enterprises to quickly establish a VPN connection through a dedicated gateway which can be chosen through various global locations. There are many useful features provided by GoodAccess for businesses and enterprises, due to which, it can become a choice for the businesses and enterprises, and it can be included in the list.

Cisco AnyConnect

If you are already into business, then most probably Cisco is not a new name for you. Cisco is already a big player in services related to remote working. There are many products made available by Cisco for businesses and enterprises, and one such product is AnyConnect, which is Cisco’s policy-driven VPN tool.

The tool is designed to secure the remote users’ network access across different wired, wireless, and VPN connections. The service secures access to the network from any device, at any time, and from any location. It also offers complete visibility for who is accessing the organization network using a single management agent.

Google Cloud VPN

You must be familiar with Google, and Google Cloud as well. If you are already into business, you might be familiar with the Google Cloud. Google offers a number of security solutions under the Google cloud for organizations and individuals.

Cloud VPN is Google’s VPN service, which provides Fast, reliable, and secure connection between remote users and their organization’s network. Google offers two types of VPNs – High Availability VPN, and Classic VPN. Both these VPNs connect a user to their network through an IPsec connection. It encrypts the traffic at one end and then decrypts it when it reaches its destination, which simply means that the information sent is fully private and so secure that even the service provider cannot read the users’ data.

Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect

Palo Alto Networks is one of the big players that provide cybersecurity solutions at the business/enterprise level. From Palo Alto Networks, the VPN solution available is GlobalProtect, which can be used to deliver a secure platform for remote workers and mobile devices.

Through this service, businesses are also allowed to see who is actually accessing an organization’s network, which is again an important feature.

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is another leading network security provider that aims to provide scalable cloud-based solutions for businesses and enterprises, usually for hybrid workforces. It helps in establishing easy Zero Trust network access, Firewall As a Service(FWaaS), a Secure Service Edge (SSE) platform, and a Secure Web Gateway(SWG), which would enable organizations to protect their cloud environments.

It helps encrypt all the traffic to protect the business data from any kind of unauthorized access, preventing the data breach. It uses a zero-trust approach in order to restrict access over the network.


SurfShark also does offer some plans for some small businesses, which want to buy in volume for their employees, in order to enhance their security and privacy. The key to using this platform is the simplicity to use this platform. It is so simple to set, that anyone can easily set up the VPN connection with proper instructions.


TorGuard VPN service helps secure your device giving you the anonymity you need, and so that you can access the internet hassle-free, and securely. It does offer plans for both individuals and businesses, making it a suitable choice for both individuals and small businesses.


In this article, we talked about some of the best VPN solutions for enterprises and small businesses. There are many VPN providers, and you may choose the one that fits your requirements. The order in which the companies are mentioned doesn’t actually define their ranking, it’s completely random.

I hope that you can get information about different best VPN services for small businesses and enterprises.


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