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Why did Spotify log me out?

When it comes to listening to songs, there are many streaming platforms available, and Spotify is one of the very popular, and most favorite streaming platforms for many people in this world. People spend much time listening to songs on Spotify, but sometimes, it can be annoying, that Spotify keeps on logging out. There might be some reasons for why this is happening, and if this is happening to you, it may become a reason for frustration to break out. But, keeping the frustration aside, let’s solve the problem so that you can enjoy the music again.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the possible reasons, why Spotify keeps logging out (like maybe there is some technical issue going on with the service, or maybe your account has got hacked (in the worst condition)), and we would also address what can be done in order to get the things back to normal.

Why did Spotify log me out?

Well, if you are logged out of Spotify, you should not worry. There are many possible ways that you can check if things are really wrong, or they are just wrong with you. Most probably if Spotify keeps logging you out, this can be a sign, that there is some problem with the service, which means that the entire platform seems to be down. In such cases, you can check on some sources, for updates related to the platform.

To check if there is something wrong with the service, you can check the Spotify Status Twitter Account, which provides udrfcxfZpdates related to the current status of Spotify. The information on the status of Spotify is usually in real-time, so, you can have a look at the Spotify Status Twitter account for continuous updates, on checking whether something is wrong with the service.

If you want some help, you can reach out to Spotify customer support, or you can tweet at Spotify Cares Twitter account.

Also, you can check out some third-party services, like a down detector, to check if there are some other people who are experiencing similar problems and reporting them.
Usually, if Spotify is down, you should not worry and keep calm, because if there is no major issue, it comes back in a few moments.

If the issue persists, you might get frustrated and want to reach out to customer support to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. The customer support is for your help, but before you reach out to them, you should probably try some things, which might get the things back to normal. Let’s have a look at some of the fixes you can try –

Try logging in again

If you are logged out from Spotify, the first thing that you might want to try is logging in again. This is a very obvious step that you might have gone through. But sometimes, the problem really might get fixed just by logging in again. However, if the issue persists, you can try some more things.

Reinstalling Spotify

Well, another obvious fix that many people may have gone through is just uninstalling the Spotify application from the device and installing it again on the device. Doing this might get the problems solved. This way, you can also make sure that you have got the latest version of the application from the play store or app store. Again, when you have installed the application, you can try using it, and if the issues persist again, you can try some other fixes.

Update Spotify Application

Well, the version of the Spotify application that you are using on your device might be outdated and needs to be updated. So, you can run to the play store or app store on your device, and get the latest version of the Spotify application. Also, make sure that you have enough memory in your device, for the application. Sometimes, updating the application can fix the problems, but if the issues persist after this as well, you can try some other fixes.

Sign out from all devices

Another thing that you can try doing, is just signing out from all the devices where you are logged in with that account. Doing this would just sign out your account from all the devices. If you have not tried this, you can try signing out from all the devices. For doing this, you have to follow the given set of steps –

  • Go to the Spotify website, and log in there.
  • On your account page, you can sign out everywhere.

After you are done with this, all the devices and webpages where Spotify was being used with your account, are signed out now. Now, you can try changing your password, and log in to the necessary devices again.


After you have tried some of the fixes, the problems must have got solved, and you can enjoy the music and podcasts again. But if the issue still persists, then you can try contacting the customer support for Spotify, and then they can proceed with the necessary steps, in order to solve your problem. After you have contacted customer support, your problem should be resolved. However, you should try some common fixes, like clearing the cache memory, reinstalling the application, etc. to see if the problems get solved. If not, you can contact the customer support for Spotify, and get the problems solved.

FAQ About Spotify log me out

Q: How to remove devices from your Spotify account?

Ans: This can be done from your computer, or mobile phone. If you are on a computer, follow the given steps –
1. Open the Spotify application
2. In the top right corner, you can see your profile. You can click on the down arrow next to your username. From the drop-down, you have to select the Account option.
3. Doing the above step, the account overview page would be opened. You can scroll to the bottom of the page, and you can find the Sign out Everywhere option here. Using this option, you can sign out from all the connected devices(with some exceptions) to your Spotify account.

If you are using your mobile, follow the given steps –
1. Launch the Spotify application on your phone.
2. Go to Spotify settings, which can be found on the home screen.
3. Select Devices from the list of options
4. Click on the Devices menu.
5. Find the device that you want to remove.
6. On the right side of the name of the device, you can find three horizontal dots. You can click on it.
7. Select forget device option.
8. This way, the device would be removed.

Q: How to contact Spotify for help?

Ans: You can contact Spotify for help, through customer support, or through the Spotify Cares Twitter account as well.

Q: How many devices can we use with one Spotify account?

Ans: Well, if you are using the premium account, you can use that account on a number of devices, however, you can have only one active streaming session.


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