Home Software What is CPI Mouse? All about CPI and DPI.

What is CPI Mouse? All about CPI and DPI.

What is CPI Mouse

When going for buying a new mouse for your PC, you might have encountered the terms CPI or DPI.

What is CPI Mouse? All about CPI and DPI.

What is CPI Mouse
What is CPI Mouse

What is CPI?

CPI is an abbreviated form for Counts Per Inch. The movement of the mouse of your computer is expressed in CPI. So, if you are going to buy a new mouse, you will hear the term CPI.

The number of steps the mouse reports when you move it one inch on the computer screen. Previously, the term DPI, which stands for Dots Per Inch, was in use. Though, both the terms were used to refer to the sensitivity of the mouse, in technology both mean different.

If talking about the mouse and its sensitivity, both terms are correct. They are expressing the same functioning capacity of mice but from a different point of view.

But the DPI was made quite popular by the companies while selling their products for playing PC games. The gaming fans always searched for high sensitivity in order to more efficient use of mouse while playing PC games.

While CPI is what you look for when looking for a mouse to play, DPI is a concept used when referring to the world of printing.

As you know now, CPI and DPI both are used to refer to the sensitivity of mice. CPI indicator tells how far the cursor will go on the screen when it is moved on the table. Let’s say if a mouse is moving 1 inch or 2.5 cm on the table and its CPI is said to be 50, then it means the cursor on the screen is moving by 50 pixels.

If a mouse has a CPI of 400, it means that the mouse reports 400 steps per inch. In other words, in 1 inch of movement, it will result in 400 pings in the monitor.

The higher the CPI, the mouse movements are more sensitive. For example, if CPI is 100 to 10000 the mouse makes 100 to 10000 steps per inch. Less sensitivity means you have to move the mouse more in order to move the cursor on the monitor screen to go from a point to another.

Gaming brands in old days have marketed their mice on the basis of DPI. Higher DPI made game players fall for it. But the real player is the mouse sensor. CPI of a mouse has certain limits.

So, you have to focus on the sensor rather than the CPI numbers. Without going for a very less number of mouse resolutions or too high, if you will have 800 to 1600 one, then it is fine.

The sensor counts how many pixels are put in one inch of the surface on which your mouse is. This is known as optical resolution.

So, the optical and laser sensors have become standard on mice now, DPI term was associated with them, which is used by major manufacturers but DPI and CPI are used interchangeably to mean the same thing and that is mouse sensitivity.

After knowing CPI and DPI now you will be getting the point that what you have to search for when next time you will go to buy a new mouse.


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