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Vehicle CCTV WebFleet solutions

Many businesses are based on transport through different vehicles, like trucks, cars, etc. In order to monitor the vehicles, improve the vehicle performance, support drivers, and save fuel as well.

The company, WebFleet is a leading company, in terms of fleet management, and vehicle telematics. It is committed to helping businesses in relation to fleet management software and vehicle telematics.

In this article, we are going to have a look at vehicle tracking solutions & fleet management software at the Webfleet CCTV camera, or the Fleet dash Camera, which is of great use, and a kind of multipurpose thing.

It is basically a digital camera that can be driver facing, and road facing, which can be used to monitor and support drivers, and it can be used for several other things, like determining the events of rash drive, carelessness from the driver in the vehicle, and much more.

There are some consumer cameras, which are comparatively lesser in cost, but due to restrained functionalities, they are no longer suitable to be used.

On the other hand, the commercial fleet dash cameras are reliable, and they are meant to be used for professional means.

Vehicle CCTV Webfleet Solutions

Basically, the Fleet dash cameras are majorly used by a variety of businesses, to monitor and maintain their vehicles. The service helps in a variety of ways, like helping save fuel, monitoring and supporting the driver, getting the exact location of the vehicle, and much more.

So, if you are someone, who runs some business, which relies much on the transport through vehicles, and wants vehicle tracking solutions to manage, monitor, and improve your services, you can simply consider using the Fleet dash cameras, from the Webfleet.

Or even if you have a private vehicle, you can simply install the Fleet dash Camera in the vehicle, so that you can monitor, and improve the usage of the car.

The Cam 50 uses Artificial Intelligence technology, to classify and notify about any critical events, related to the driver’s behavior, like as the driver is using a mobile phone, or the driver is smoking, etc. which basically defines something, that can be prone to accidents, and hazardous events. Through these, the risk of getting into an accident can be avoided.

Also, with the help of the Fleet Dash camera, the owners or administrators can keep a remote watch on the vehicle, and the driver, and have a close look at all the events during the journey. They can also support the driver when needed at times.

Also, they can get much information about the vehicle, and the driver’s behavior, as and when needed.

The Webfleet Fleet dash camera helps you

Well, the fleet dash camera helps the individuals, and/or the organization, in many ways –

  • Helps prevent and reduce accidents on the road, and also reduces the risk of getting involved in some accidents.
  • Uses Artificial intelligence technology, to classify and notify about the critical events related to the driver’s behavior in the transport, like rash driving, smoking by the Driver, the driver using a mobile phone, or any other kind of activity, that can create a distraction in the driving, and can result into an accident.
  • Helps the administrator and the owner’s monitor and support the drivers remotely.
  • It provides safety and security.
  • The vehicle can be tracked through a variety of devices, like smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • One can get detailed information about the events and behavior in relation to the vehicle and driver.

Key features of vehicle CCTV Webfleet solutions

Well, as of now, you might have known about what are the different uses of the fleet dash camera. Now, we are going to address some related key features to the product. Let’s have a look at them now –

Get the complete details

One can get complete details about the vehicles, like the GPS location of the vehicle, information about the driver, and the speed details.

Also, clear HD footage is also available in real-time, so that one can monitor the driver’s behavior in real-time. This gives you real-time insight into the events that are going on in the journey, that too, remotely.

Real-time feedback about the critical events on the road, and related to the driver

Artificial Intelligence technology is used by the Cam 50, to classify and notify about critical and risky events on the road. The fleet camera notifies the driver with audio and visual alerts.

Automatic upload of events

The events related to the driving, and some other events, are automatically uploaded from the device and are displayed in the Webfleet.

On-demand retrieval of footage

It is possible to display some footage from the historic trips to review.

Live to a stream of footage

One can view live video from the driver-facing camera, or the road-facing camera as and when needed.

This can be of help to monitor and support the driver in different situations.


So, the Vehicle CCTV Webfleet solutions can be a pretty amazing service, to help monitor, support, and improve vehicle performance, and avoid the risks related to involvement in some accidents.

There are many other useful features, that can help in different means, relating to driver behaviors, and some other critical events, and also it can help businesses.

The Vehicle CCTV Webfleet solutions can be a choice for some businesses, or individuals, with the requirements to manage, monitor, support, and improve their vehicle performance, and businesses.

We do not recommend any product or service related to fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions. This article is just for information purposes.

FAQ About Vehicle CCTV Webfleet Solutions

Q: What is a Fleet dash camera?

Ans: The fleet cameras are digital cameras that are installed in the cabin of some commercial motor vehicles. They are often mounted on windshields, and they are used to record different activities by the driver, and on the road in front of the vehicle.

Q: How does the Web fleet dash camera work?

Ans: The Cam 50 uses Artificial Intelligence technology, through which it can classify and notify about the events related to the driver and the road events in front of the vehicle.

Q: What are the features of Vehicle CCTV Webfleet solutions?

Ans: There are many features, like live streaming of the video, recognizing critical events, like smoking, using a mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt, or any other activity which can create distractions in driving, uploading the footage from device to the WebFleet, and many others.


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