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Difference between iPhone and iPad

iPhone or iPad

If you have decided to switch to apple, or you want to upgrade your device to the newer ones, but you are confused because you have a lot to choose from. Apart from this, there are chances that you might get confused because both the iPhone and iPad are packed with a lot of features, so, what to buy?

If you are confused and are searching for a comparison between those two devices, so that you can make up your choices clear, or if you are just curious and want to know the difference between the two, we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to have a look at the difference between the iPhone and the iPad.

Difference between iPhone and iPad

The difference in terms of size –

Well, if I were to keep an iPhone and an iPad in front of you, the very first difference that you would be able to spot very easily, is the difference in their size. The iPad is way larger than an iPhone. However, there are many different models to choose from for an iPad, and they come up with different specifications and different sizes. But essentially, the iPad is visibly larger than an iPhone.

So, what you choose to get truly depends on your requirements. Like if you are concerned with the size, and you want a small, handy device, which fits in your pocket (I literally mean a pocket here), you can go with an iPhone. On the other hand, if you are concerned about the screen size, and want a bigger screen, you can just go with the iPad. The iPad can be considered a laptop replacement since it has a comparatively bigger screen.

The difference in terms of an operating system (which generally people won’t even care about)

Well, if you look at an iPhone, and an iPad, both the devices use different operating systems, which are essentially software that lets you access different things on the device, in non–technical terms.

So, an iPhone comes with the iOS operating system, whereas an iPad comes with the iPadOS operating system. The difference between iOS and iPadOS is… in the name! Well, that’s a funny part, but the thing is that the iPadOS is essentially building on the same foundation as iOS, but it has got some powerful capabilities for a larger display of the iPad.

The difference in terms of making phone calls –

Whether you should get an iPhone or an iPad depends on your requirements. If your major use with the device is going to be phone calls, you should probably go with an iPhone. With iPad, you get some options, like the ones with WIFI, and the ones with the cellular calling as well. But, if your primary use of the mobile device is going to be calling, you should consider getting an iPhone.

As specified earlier, when buying an iPad, you get the option for only WiFi or cellular. Along with this, there is going to be a price difference as well. However, you can make and receive phone calls on the iPad (without cellular) as well, but for that, you need an iPhone. So, if the primary concern is phone calls, then the iPhone should be a choice.

Differences in terms of messaging

Well, this difference won’t seem much bothering, but it can be. Actually, both the devices have the capability to send and receive text messages. On the iPhone, we can use the iMessage app to send and receive messages, which is a free service, using your data plan. In fact, sending and receiving regular messages is also possible with an iPhone.

But, when it comes to an iPad, things are different. With an iPad, it is only possible to send and receive iMessages, not the regular messages. This essentially means that using an iPad, you can only communicate through text messages with the other people, who are using an iPad, or an iPhone. If this bothers you, you should probably go with an iPhone. However, we can make use of other messaging services like WhatsApp, etc.

Differences in terms of App Compatibility

Well, though the iPhone and the iPad use different(though similar) operating systems, they have the same app store for downloading apps. On an iPad, you can run any of the applications that are designed for the iPhone, as well as the iPad. On the other hand, with an iPhone, you can only run applications that are designed for an iPhone, which simply means that an iPhone cannot run apps that are designed for an iPad.

Differences in terms of Pricing

When it comes to the pricing of the devices, you would be able to see a huge difference between the pricing of an iPad, and an iPhone. An iPhone is way more expensive than an iPad. So, you can also consider the price as one of the parameters in buying an iPhone or an iPad.

So, iPhone or iPad?

Well, above, we saw some differences considering some different terms, like size, pricing, apps, phone calls, etc. Now, what you want to purchase is totally up to you. We do not recommend anything, but on the basis of your requirements, you can decide to go with some particular device.

For example, you can go with an iPhone, if you are in search of a small, handy device, which is powerful, fits in your pocket, and you need access to the cellular network essentially, and also in terms of messaging. On the other hand, if you want a relatively bigger screen, for media consumption, for more productivity, and for some other reasons, you can consider getting an iPad.

However, we do not recommend buying any of these products, and this is just an informational article, explaining the difference between both the device types.
We hope that you are happy with the differences explained above.

FAQ About Difference between iPhone and iPad

Q: What an iPad can do, but an iPhone cannot?

Ans: Well, there are many different things that we can do with an iPad, but not with an iPhone, like –
Apple Pencil can be used with an iPad.
The iPad has a bigger screen.
The iPad can run the applications that are designed for the iPad, as well as the iPhone.
And numerous other things.

Q: What is more expensive, an iPhone, or an iPad?

Ans: There is a huge difference between the pricing of an iPhone and an iPad. The iPhone is way more expensive than an iPad.

Q: What should I buy, iPhone or an iPad?

Ans: Well, that is totally up to what are your requirements for buying a device. You can compare both the devices from various angles, and then come to a decision for buying the correct device, that meets your requirements.

Q: What is an iPad used for?

Ans: Essentially, the iPad, is designed for consuming various types of media, like watching videos, movies, and reading books, also you can play some games on it, and it can do many other things related to productivity at work.

Q: Can you have an iPad without an iPhone?

Ans: Yes, you can use the iPad as a standalone device, or you can make it work with your computer. You can also use the iPad with an iPhone so that it can do much more.


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