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HR (Human Resources) Policies of Amazon

HR Policies of Amazon

Many people are familiar with the term “Human Resources”, which is simply a department in a company, that is responsible for managing all the aspects of employee relations, like payrolls, employee benefits, hiring employees, and firing them.

The HR or Human resources department plays a major role in the organization, and having a strong HR team is essential for a company. It is responsible to make sure that the employees of the company are doing great and are happy.

Amazon, which you have probably heard of, is one of the greatest, one of the most successful, and innovative companies related to E-commerce and cloud computing. It has widespread business across several countries in this world. In this article, we are going to understand the Human Resources Policies of the company Amazon.

So, this article focuses on the HR Policies of Amazon, and clearly, it’s one of the strong HR policies. We will try to discuss some of the points from the policy, and then we will also try to make sense of what it means. Also, while we are going through the policies, you might find that some policies may be country-wise, and so, they may differ in some cases.

But just understand right in the beginning, that Amazon’s HR policies are something that makes it one of the biggest, and most innovative companies on the Earth. So, let’s get to the policies.

HR (Human Resources) Policies of Amazon

Hr Policies of Amazon
HR Policies of Amazon

Main Content:

  • Key Points Related to Amazon Human Resource Policy Set Up.
  • Human Resource Strategy of Amazon.
  • Why Amazon’s HR policy is important?
  • Conclusion.
  • FAQ.

Key Points Related to Amazon Human Resource Policy Set Up.

As we all know Amazon has a long chain of retail sectors that is spread up into all the major countries of the world.

While they have many workplaces in every country it is so important thing here to get to know about some key points by which they have been able to apply country-wise human resource policy.

Let us see what are the vital points and try to understand them very well.

  • Hiring( Recruitment Process and Selection)
  • Workforce Training Management.
  • Employee Performance Assessment.
  • Reward Management.
  • Ethical and Legal Matter.
  • Diversity and Work Span Balance.
  • Employee Relation.
  • Customer-Centric Approach.
  • Speculations about the Future.
  • Employee Satisfaction.
  • Pay to Quit

Let’s have a look at the points in brief one by one, to get a clear idea about these different strategies related to Human Resources.

Hiring Process at Amazon

As a retail giant, Amazon never believes in entertaining anyone as their hiring policy is so strict. While during the new employee hiring, they never use conventional methods.

Rather most of the time, they go through the phone through conversations, online interviews, etc.

In the end, once they think the candidate is good, then a face-to-face interview round will be conducted by the Amazon human resource team.

In this way, Amazon tries to save the cost that goes spent on the conventional method of hiring. The best thing about the human resource policy of Amazon is that they never go to check more about candidates’ experience.

For talent and work, the potential is enough for the candidates. We can say that probably, Amazon has one of the most strict recruitment policies and strategies, and they are always trying to raise the bar, Jeff Bezos has a quote – “I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone rather than hire a wrong person”. From this quote, you can understand how stricter the Amazon recruitment process is going to be. This is just right from the beginning of Amazon, and they are always trying to make the place better for work, fun, and both.

How the recruitment process would depend on what is the profile, as it’s different for some Software developers, or Web developers, or warehouse workers, so you can rather go into details of that if you want to.

Workforce Training Management

Training is a vital part of human resources, and through that future productivity can be predicted and analyzed. Once the employee is a part of the Company, they have to undergo some training to understand different things that they are going to work on, while they are in the organization. Also, one thing is that the employees are put to work on day one, which means they get their hands on some project when they enter the organization.

So, Amazon’s Human Resource team tries to focus on developing skills and work potential in their employee. For that, their human resource team works hard to give the best process knowledge to every employee.

During the training span, Amazon’s human resource team pays attention to providing detailed information about their business operations-related aspects.

In that way, they want to introduce every employee to future goals while they try to focus on employee skills management.

So far to handle such big responsibilities skills and dedication both are so important, and that’s what their human resource team tries to manage.

Through those efforts, Amazon’s human resource department tries to make their employee able and multi-skillful during the training.

Amazon has a program called “Career Choice Program”, and it is a program, which helps low-level workers prepare for high-paying careers. After the associate has joined the company for around one year, the Amazon Career Choice program would pay their 95% Tuition fees, so that they can earn their certificates and some degrees in areas of high demand.

Also, for the employees who are underperforming, a program is designed which gives them additional coaching and training, so that they can be retained. This improves the opportunities that the employees of Amazon have.

Employee Performance Assessment

As a multinational leading retail brand, Amazon believes in monitoring their employees from time to time, for which, they conduct assessments.

There are several purposes behind such kinds of assessments. The employee that they find more skillful and productive towards work is also considered for a good position in the company. The employees who are true to their work and are of great benefit to the company are also honored by the HR team.

Amazon’s human resource team gives rewards to that employee who have achieved their goals as well as consistently giving good work performance.

It happens in all domains that are under Amazon, in that way, they try to motivate their employee for bigger results in the future.

On the other hand, if some employees are underperforming, then the HR team tries to solve this issue on a professional level, maybe through additional training, coaching, or help. They try to expand their work potential by using different kinds of strategies.

Reward Management

Every year Amazon’s higher authority and human resource team does arrange a meeting, just to check the whole year’s performance of their employees. As per the result of employee assessment company offers rewards to their skillful and hardworking employees.

Apart from that time to time those employees who give their best to the company, for, compensation and other perks are offered as per the human resource policy.

Ethical and Legal Matters

Every company makes sure that the employees have working rights and financial security. The legal matters in Amazon are taken care of by the Human Resources team.

Ethics are so important when any company wants to achieve long-term goals, if ethics are maintained, then employees can be involved in multiple activities related to their work, rather than wasting their work potential on wasteful things. Without work ethics, even short-term goals and projects can get disrupted, so Amazon’s human resource policy is strict about that.

They never allow and believe in wasting their employees’ skills and potential on the wrong things, hence they always try to get employee assessments. Also, they give a reward to successful goal achievers with them.

Diversity and Work Span Balance.

As we all know Amazon is a multinational retail company that works in all the major countries of the world. So they have multiple employees, and among them, some are from various backgrounds.

In that scenario their language, complexion, culture, etc are different. To manage them all under one roof is a quite hard task while professionally setting them all is the whole responsibility of the human resource department.

Amazon’s human resource team tries to work on local backgrounds in every country, while they handle their native employee who comes from that specific location.

In the case of global human resource policy, some issues like global relocation, repatriation, and offshoring they try to manage best at their level.

If I need to say about workspan balance, Amazon is famous and tries to resolve their employee’s issues on a priority basis through the human resource team.

All these activities somewhere help to increase company productivity, and that may be the reason behind to successful journey of this retail giant company.

Employee Relation

Amazon thinks that employee happiness is more important, which is why they try to maintain a superior degree of transparency. The employees are motivated at every step toward their careers.

Here employee can put their ideas without any kind of hesitation, if they are worthy then the human resource team surely convey that to a higher authority.

For them, every employee is the strength of the company. Amazon’s human resource team tries to handle them all on a professional level, by keeping good relations with them.

Customer-Centric Approach

For Amazon, the Customer is the God, so everything that they do is very much done taking the customer into the center point. From the employee’s thoughts to the products, everything is customer-centric.

As per the company target, their human resource team policies have been set up, and during the training time always such kinds of aims they reveal to employees.
According to that, the human resource department tries to motivate their employee to boost their sales, it is called the customer-centric approach.

Pay To Quit

While it may seem weird to many, Amazon offers its fulfillment center employees with a $2000 bonus, if they decide to quit. Also, this bonus increases every year by $1000, until it is capped at $5000. The offer also reads – “Please don’t take this offer, we want you to stay”, or some similar message, but the idea is, that any employee who is not willing to stay in the company is bad for both him and the company. Well, from this, you can easily understand how transparent Amazon is with its employees, they want the employees to reconsider what they want every year, by providing a bonus if they quit.

Why Amazon’s HR policy is important?

Amazon’s Human Resource policy is very important in many terms, and it can provide many lessons to many organizations to come for years. If you are someone who is going to be a part of Amazon soon, these HR policies will help you a lot, and even if you are trying to build an HR policy for your organization, Amazon HR policies are going to be something of great inspiration.

Here are some of the points from the Amazon HR policies that you can think of –

  • Amazon HR policies focus on recruiting the best talent suitable for them in pretty unconventional ways and even try to retain the underperforming employees, through training and coaching.
  • Amazon HR policies focus on Employee growth, by giving them such an environment, where work is fun, and innovation is driven. It is most important for the growth of the Company, its stakeholders, and its employees.
  • Amazon HR policies make the employees innovation-focused. There, the employees have a chance to speak up their ideas to the higher authority, if the idea is great enough.
  • Amazon HR department always makes sure that its employees are happily working, and satisfied, so it regularly evaluates the employees and solves any issues that bother them.
  • Amazon as a brand is focused on Diversity in its workplace. It is one of the best places to work in terms of diversity.

So, Amazon’s HR Policies are very important to be understood, because they tell us a lot about their work culture, how they treat their employees, what’s the goal, and what’s the growth if you join the organization. Along with that, if you are someone who’s trying to build an HR policy for their own company, Amazon’s HR policy can be a huge inspiration for many.


As a multinational company, you may get to see some of Amazon’s human resource policies are the same as other companies. However, they have some basic differences in their hiring process as well as with employee relations. Amazon always tries to convey its goal as a customer-centric approach toward employees through its human resource management.

So these all are some important aspects of Amazon’s human resource policies work everywhere around the world.

Hope you have understood them as well as somewhere this information will be helpful for you in the future. Try to share this important with others, Thanks for being with us. Also, if you think of something that we didn’t mention here, you may comment on it, which would help other readers to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions on ‘Amazon Human Resource Policy’- FAQ.

Q. What is the hiring process for Amazon?

Ans: Amazon does not believe in the cost of conventional hiring methods, either they arrange interviews via phone or online methods. Face-to-face rounds are conducted for those candidates only, who are successful in completing their initial interview rounds. That’s the basic difference between Amazon and other companies in the hiring process.

Q. Is there an employee performance assessment that has been added to the human resource policies of Amazon?

Ans: Yes.

Q. What is the meaning of a customer-centric approach in Amazon’s human resource policy?

Ans: Amazon provides an excellent platform for connecting sellers and buyers. It is encouraged to increase sales.

Q. What is the best thing about Amazon’s human resource policy?

Ans: The Human resources policy of Amazon is strict, but it also shows that they take good care of their employees, who are consistent in their performance and improve their skills from time to time.

Q. Are there rewards and good compensation available in Amazon as per their human resource policies?

Ans: Yes and they are so strict about compensation, while they try to motivate their employees by offering them good rewards.


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