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What are HR Policies (Human Resource Policies)

HR Policies

In the worldwide work sector, there is an intermediate between employee and work organization is a human resource department that always tries to manage employee-related matters. The motive of the human resource team is to manage smooth work operations while professionally solving employee issues.

Among you, many users may not know about many human resource policies that are standard and apply to most companies. But no need to worry, because here you will get introduced to some basic human resource policies which are commonly applicable in worldwide working places.

The motive of this article is to provide you with all the basic information about human resource policies as well as to explain to you all the essential details about important aspects of the human resource department.

What are HR Policies (Human Resource Policies)

What are HR Policies (Human Resource Policies)
What are HR Policies (Human Resource Policies)

Main Content:

  1. Some Important Key Points About Human Resource Policies.
  2. List of Human Resource Policies.
  3. Human Resource Management Policies.
  4. List of HR Policies in an Organization.
  5. Human Resource Policies and Procedures Manual.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. FAQ.

Some Important Key Points About Human Resource Policies.

  • In every organization main role of human resources is to provide broad management between employees and the organization. In human resource management, some policies are included that help to promote and conduct work-related manners such as disciplinary procedure, organizational obligations, and employee expectations.
  • Human resources create a basis for the employee handbook.
  • Keeping a healthy work environment is the main responsibility of the human resource department.
  • Human resources have an intermediary between the organization and employees to maintain good relations with them.
  • About to provide guidelines to supervisors as well as employee is the responsibility of the Human resource department.
  • Human resource departments time to time communicate with employees to give them information about company goals, mission, short term as well as long term plans.
  • Legal matter relate to company as well employees handling is the responsibility of human resource department.
  • Employee conditions establishing is the responsibility of human resource department.

All the above mentioned are some important key points on which human resource department works smoothly, while we can call them as a important factors relate with human resource.

List of Human Resource Policies. (Types of Personnel Policies)

Here we are going to discuss about some basic as well as important human resource policies, among them some are world widely mostly used. Lets check them all one by one;

  • Health and Safety related policy.
  • Meal and break policy.
  • Payout Policy and Timekeeping.
  • Employee attendance as well as punctuality policy.
  • Work off, Leave and Work Shift policy.
  • Non-harassment and non-discrimination policy.
  • Confidential matter related policy.
  • Personal device and social media policy.
  • Sexual harassment policy.
  • Employment classification policy.
  • Drug, Alcohol related policy.
  • Human Resource policy for remote place workers.
  • Dress Code Policy.
  • Maternity and Paternity Leaves Policy.
  • Probation and Confirmation policy.
  • Termination and Job Leaving Policy.

Lets go to see one by one all of them by descriptive information so that your vision will be more clear about them.

 Human Resource Management Policies

  • Health and Safety Related Human Resource Policy.

As per the employee related legal instructions on workplace there are some health related policies are available in human resource management.

On workplace if any employee get injured or he/she need immediately medical treatment then, human resource allow them to take good treatment.

Apart from that in case of bad health issue situation, there is mandatory criteria by which human resource allow leave to employee until they not get cure totally.

On workplace handling of employee security related matter is under the human resource department, where they have to assure employee about their personal security as well time to time human resource management have to check all security related arrangement.

We can say this is one of the most important policy which is mostly under to human resource department world widely.

  • Meal and Break Policy.

In to every organization there are some breaks are available during the work like break for meal, short break in case of urgency, If employee health is not well then rest break etc.

Human resource management handling all these kinds of breaks policy through which they try to manage work span while apart from that they have main focus to resolve employee problems.

At the time joining of work, by human resource team all these things goes to clear to their employee. In to that they mention specific timing for meal as well as schedule about break during the work.

In case if any company/organization offers perk, like meal facility to their employee, then such things go to handle by human resource department. Here human resource department try to manage work schedule between work span and break.

  • Payout Policy with Timekeeping.

In to whole month, employee work record maintaining like task are involved in to human resource management. Here human resource team tries to keep that record carefully, apart from that employees extra work hours are also mentioned in to that record.

As per the maintained records about employee work per month, human resource department send details to account department so that payout process should be on going.

In case if any employee is either terminate or he/she left the job then it is responsibility of human resource team to notify that thing to account department, so that payout related matter can be handle carefully by account department.

So here we can say that human resource policy is relate with work timekeeping as well as they have closely involved in to payout related matter.

  • Employee Attendance as well as Punctuality Policy.

Maintaining of every day attendance of employees are so important task on workplace, where that record go to maintain by human resource team.

Apart from that, without keeping some manners and ethics related with work, no organization can achieve their goal while this thing can harm work structure.

Here punctuality is so important thing during the work on work place, while employee should follow some work protocol. Both of that things are managed by human resource team on every workplace.

These all things are the part of human resource policy, while to executing them is the main responsibility of human resource team.

  • Work off, Leave and Work Shift policy.

Some companies/Organizations gives either one day or two days work off we can say it, leave from work in a week.

Such kinds of work off are considered as paid leaves which are part of human resource policy, by which companies want to give rest to their employee once or twice in a week.

Apart from that if there are some other paid leaves are offered for employees in a year as per the human resource policy, which can be used by employees for a whole year as per their need.

Work shift management task is under human resource team by which they arrange work shift for the whole day.

All these things mentioned up till now are involved in to human resource policy through which human resource team try to balance work in to company/organization.

  • Non-harassment and non-discrimination policy.

In any specific company, there may have many employees who may be different from each other on the basis of complexion, designation, education, religion, financial status, etc.

In to all of that situation as per the human resource policy, not only single employee but also a group of employees can’t discriminate between each other on the basis of mentioned things above.

While any organization/company can not terminate any employee by the discrimination, due to his/her specific religion, Complexion, etc.

In another scenario, in every workplace as per the human resource policy, no employee can harass another one on the basis of his/her designation, work rights, gender, etc.

In all of those cases, human resource policy is so strict and straightforward where if anyone gets guilty then he/she may be either can be terminate or punish as per the law.

If someone is found guilty in anyone matter as mentioned above, then it is the responsibility of the human resource team to take action against them as per the policy or law.

Here human resource team can file case against that specific employee or group of employee to law authority.

  • Confidential matter related policy.

As per the human resource policy, and can a company/organization tries to monitor their confidential matter.

Like no employee can reveal some vital important matter with outside people relate with their work and company. Also, employees can not share any confidential data of their company with any other company, person, or group.

In case if any employee is found guilty of such a matter, then the human resource team can take action against them as per policy. This is the main and essential policy of human resources which is applicable everywhere in the workplace around the world.

The main intention of such policy is that to keep a balance work culture by keeping confidential some work-related strategies.

Such policy gives last long benefits to any company via human resource. While employee learn about how to work by following some ethics and work related confidential protocol.

  • Personal device and social media policy.

Some company follows strict work culture for that they set up some prohibitions on the usage of personal devices on workplace about the smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.

In that case, an employee can’t bring their own devices to the workplace, at that time they need to keep their device in a locker, which is provided by the company.

Usage of social media networking sites for personal purposes is strictly prohibited in most workplaces. Due to that employees can’t focus on their main work as well as it is one kinda act of misbehavior in the workplace.

Somewhere such things are effects on work-related performance and productivity.

Above mentioned both important things are regulated and monitored by the human resource team into the company. Where human resource team tries to check from time to time about all these kinds of activities. While about notify such things to employee are the main responsibility of human resource team.

  •  Sexual Harassment Policy.

In to company or organizations, there may have male employees as well as female employees. In some cases it is possible about sexual harassment matters can create in the workplace, which is a punishable act as per law.

Also, such incidences create a bad impact on the workplace environment, while employees can feel insecure in the workplace due to such kinds of activity.

To control such activity in the workplace there is strict action is included in human resource policy, while a guilty person not only gets terminate from the job but also/can get punished by law.

So it is the main key aspect of human resource policy which is nowadays you can see everywhere going to apply strictly. Some companies are as much strict about this policy that you can see notice banners in their offices relate to this policy.

  • Employment Classification Policy.

We can say it main essential policy in human resources were without it, you can’t imagine management in human resources.

Employment classification exact meaning is, in every company, there are various designations are available, for that category wise employee hiring process go to complete by human resource team.

Here human resource conducting interview as per the available post while completing the whole process until they get fulfill all the vacancies.

All the responsibility about post-wise hiring candidates is on the human resource department while human resources classify all the posts and candidates as per candidate eligibility.

Hiring, training, and management work shift allotment all three major tasks are under employee classification where human resources take care of all of these three task-related processes stepwise.

Once employees get hired, human resources allot them training shifts and after completion of training successfully, it is human resource duty to place them into the specific shifts for their work as per employee designation.

  • Drug, Alcohol-related policy.

That employee who is addicted to some bad addiction like drugs and alcohol, they are not only disturbed work environment but also they can do any kind of criminal activity.

Also as per the ethics and work manners, it is the all-time worst thing about hiring addicted employees at work, who like to keep continue their bad addiction in the workplace.

To control such activity by an employee in the workplace, all companies/organizations try to monitor these things with the help of the human resource department.

Human resource team clearly mentioning all their work-related protocol into an employee handbook or offer letter, also from time to time human resource team notify employees about all these things.

Someone who found in to such kind of bad activity they may have terminate from company or they can be punished as per the law.

  • Human Resource Policy About Remote Place Workers.

If any company wants to send their employee for work into remote areas like outside from their current workplace or city that some human resource policies are available.

Sometimes an employee can express their wish to work in another city in that case as per human resource policy company gives some allowances to employees for their accommodation and food. As per human resources, a policy the company gives traveling allowances additionally to such employees.

  • Dress Code policy.

If any organization or company have set their specific dress code for employee, in that case human resource team notifies such things to employees.

Some time either company provide specific dress to the employee, while in other case employee purchasing dress by their side for that they get later on reimbursement by company.

Every time when any company sets a dress code into a workplace that time it is the human resource department to manage all things related to this task and make aware an employee about this matter.

  • Maternity and Paternity Leaves Policy.

As we all know that in the workplace there have male as well as female employees work together. In most countries, the law is so strict in the case of female pregnancy matter if any female employee is pregnant and then it is mandatory to give her paid leaves for 26 weeks.

As per law and human resource policy it is considered as maternity leaves, while no organization/company can’t refuse to a female employee about maternity leaves. Worldwide there may have been some difference in the period of maternity leaves but it is strictly applicable for every company.

In another case, if any male employee becomes a father then he can get paid leaves from the company/organization to visit his child and wife. It is called paternity leaves, while in most of the countries such kind of paid leave facility is available in their human resource policy.

Any male employee whose wife is alone during the pregnancy then such employee can get paid leave to take care of his wife before and after of baby’s birth.

Both of this maternity and paternity leave can get see in toaday’s date human resource policy in to major countries of the world.

  • Probation and Confirmation policy.

When any new employee goes to hire into a company/organization at that time as per human resource policy, that employee needs to complete a probation period.

Probationary periods are going to be set by the company and manage by the human resource department, so that company can check potential, stability, and dedication about work into employees.

The probation period varies from company to company like somewhere you can get see 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year probation period. The probation period is a specific time in that employees have to prove them for the responsibilities given them as per their work profile.

In the probationary period company have all rights to discontinue an employee from work if he/she does not work properly or is unable to handle work responsibility as per the expectations of the respected company/organization.

Employees those are complete the probationary period successfully get confirmation from the human resource department as they can continue their work ahead with that specific company.

Someone who has completed their probation period means they have proved themselves as an ability to work on that designation which is given them by the company.

Such employees can work as per their choice of duration in that specific workplace. All these activities are under the human resource department who not only helps an employee to complete their probation period but also they focus on the resolution of every small issue of the employee in the workplace.

  • Termination and Job Leaving Policy.

Up till now, we have discussed various types of matters by which any employee can get terminate from their job.

Incidences like fraud document’s submission, Bad behavior on workplace, Sexual harassment with colleague, Drugs/Alcohol addiction matter on the workplace, Extremely misbehavior with senior or higher authority, Unable about to handle given responsibility as per designation, etc. Can be the possible reason behind termination from work.

According to Human resource policy, any company/organization has all rights to terminates such kinds of employees, whose activities are similar as mentioned above.

In another scenario, if any employee wants to give resignation from their work post, that time as per the human resource policy there may have already applied notice period for such employee into most of the companies.

Notice period duration may vary as per the company like somewhere it can get to see between 1 month to 6 months.

So after resignation that specific employee have to complete there notice as per given them by work place. It is the part of human resource policy, which can get to see on many workplaces.

List of Hr Policies in an Organization

  • Wages.
  • Employment Contracts.
  • Maternity and Paternity Leaves.
  • Security for Employee from Sexual Harassment Matter.
  • Termination of Employment.
  • Clauses in employment with restrictions.
  • Adaptive Work Culture.
  • Weekly Work off and Public Holiday Off.
  • Future Fund (Employee Provident Fund)
  • Security Deposit.

Human Resource Policies And Procedures Manual

You can see here standard format about Human resource policies and procedures manual, for that you have to visit below given link;


There are several key aspects/points are available in human resource policies, among them some are considered as an essential policy for human resources. As an employee, you should aware of each and every aspect available in human resource policy in your workplace for that you can get this article information as a reference. It will surely help you to get understand the exact human resource policy, while it can be helpful for you on every work profile.

Frequently Asked Questions on Human Resource Policy – FAQ.

Q. What are the main types of Human Resource Policy?

Ans: 1. General Human Resource Policy 2. Implied Policies 3. Originated Policies 4. Written and Specific Policies 5. Imposed Policy 6. Appealed Policies.

Q. Which department handling employees hiring and training management responsibilities in the company/organization?

Ans: Human Resource Department.

Q. Can the human resource department terminate any employee as per their policy for bad behavior in the workplace?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Are there maternity and paternity leave facilities under the human resource policy?

Ans: Yes.

Q. In a company/Organization who has a right about issuing an employee offer letter as per their policy?

Ans: Human Resource Department.

Q. What are the HR Policies for Employees?

Ans: 1. Code of Conduct 2. Working Hours Policy 2. Leave Policy 3. Performance Management and Appraisal 4. Perks and Benefits 5. Intellectual Property 6. Interpersonal Relationships 7. Probation and Confirmation Policy 8. Employment Exit Policy(Resignation, Notice Period, Termination, etc.)

Q. What are the HR Policies of the Company?

Ans: 1. Hiring, Selection, and Appointment 2. Training Management 3. Performance Assessment of Employee 4. Harassment and Discrimination Policy 5. Diversity Policy 6. Employee Support, Development, and Management. 7. Work Culture, Work Profile Introduction. 8. Offer Letter, Experience Letter, Reimbursement policy 9. Payout Administration. 10. Timekeeping, Leaves, Work Shift Record, and Management.

Q. Which HR Policies are so important?

Ans: 1. Sexual harassment Policy 2. Non-Discrimination Policy 3. Employment classification Policy 4. At-will Employment policy. 5. Personal Security and Health Safety Policy 6. Timekeeping and Pay Policy. 7. Work off, Leave Policy 8. Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy etc.

Q. What are the best HR Policies and Practices?

Ans: 1. Selective Hiring – Selection of Right People 2. Training about relevant skills 3. Performance-based fair compensation 4. Making available easily accessible information 5. Security providing to Employee 6. Managing good relations with employees at a professional level.


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