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Cool Things To Buy On Amazon – Best Products That Make Life Better

Today, I am telling you Cool Things To Buy On Amazon. These gadgets can make life easier, in fact, it is the smart way to live life.

Cool Things To Buy On Amazon
Cool Things To Buy On Amazon – Best Products That Make Life Better

Cool Things To Buy On Amazon – Best Products That Make Life Better

Let’s check out the list.

No.1 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon – Amazon Fire Sticks

It is the best gadget for those who love to watch TV. Amazon has launched its own gadget which works on WIFI based internet and portable like USB Devices. Just connect it to your TV in HDMI Slots and watch TV Serials, Movies, Crickets and much more.


  1. HDMI Connect
  2. WIFI Connectivity
  3. Comes with YouTube application in a build.
  4. Watch all TV Shows and Cricket online.
  5. Voice Remote

Enjoy Cricket and TV Shows online on TV with Amazon Fire Stick. Convert your simple LED TV into Smart LED TV.

You need the only Internet with WIFI service to use this device. You can buy it online at Amazon, as it is its own gadget.

No.2 Tactical Flashlight

The tactical flashlight can be The most important tool in your everyday carry toolbox.


  1. Brighter, Reliable & Shock resistance
  2. Powerful but lightweight construction
  3. High-light intensity
  4. Long-lasting batteries
  5. Flashlight output is often specified in lumens,

It depends on the quality of Tactical Flashlight… If you want more details then please check out Best tactical flashlights to buy list.

No.3 Cool Gadget To Buy On Amazon – Amazon Echo

It is the wireless gadget works on voice control system; it makes calls, play songs, book cabs, flights, trains, and so much more for you. Amazon Echo comes with an inbuilt speaker and has a look of a mini speaker. Amazon Echo works on wireless internet service, just connect to your WIFI and just say “ALEXA” to Amazon Echo and it will give you the result.

ALEXA is the name given to voice of Amazon Echo, same as SIRI in Apple Gadgets. It works the same as SIRI but in the form of a portable device. You need the ALEXA App to make calls or message.


  1. Voice Response
  2. Make Calls and send messages hands-free
  3. Play music and book cabs
  4. Gives weather updates
  5. All online voice control service

You can use it in home and office, just keep it on a flat surface and ask “ALEXA” and start your services. You can buy it online from Amazon.

No.4 Cool Thing to Buy On Amazon- Shower Speaker

Another great and unique gadget you can buy from an Amazon is known as a shower speaker. Well, if you know the device then you might already get what we are talking about and if no then you don’t need to worries since we are going to clear the matters.

It is one of the best gadgets for the people who love listening to music on showering time. This device helps you to make your shower experience enjoyable and relatable.

Although shower speaker comes in multiple feature and design for more convenience, you can collect a waterproof shower speaker. So that you can use it any indoor and outdoor wet place without the fear that the device becomes ruin at the contact of water.


  1. Most of the shower speaker has Bluetooth feature
  2. The device generally small in size
  3. Available in both batteries and rechargeable function
  4. Maximum shower speaker has portability

More 5 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon

No. 5 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon – Google Pixel 2

It is the new version of Google Pixel Mobile, It is the smartphone launched by Google itself with the operating system Android version 8. As it is made by Google it has updates of Android and has many functions which are missing in many other companies’ phones.

Google Pixel 2 comes with speed of 4GB RAM, storage of 64GB and Unlimited storage capacity on Google online Storage (Google Drive). So capture and backup your data on Google Drive as much as you want to store memories.

It has 12MP back camera with autofocus and touches focus to capture the perfect portrait mode photo. And the 8MP front camera for perfect selfies. It has the feature of low light to take perfect photos of the night.


  1. 5 inch AMOLED capacitive Display with a resolution of 1081×1920 pixels.
  2. 4GB Ram
  3. 64GB Storage
  4. Corning Gorilla Glass-5
  5. Android 8
  6. Qualcomm Snapdragon
  7. 12MP Back Camera & 8MP Front Camera.
  8. Finger sensor & Water Resistant.

It is the best mobile to buy if your budget is not an issue.

No. 6 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon – 6 Go Pro Hero 5

It is a sports camera mainly used for capturing sports activities. The 4k camera with 12MP and highest resolution compared to other Handy cameras. It has many features to record videos and capture photos while doing any action or activities.

Go Pro Hero 5 is completely waterproof, so you can capture underwater actions with the resistance of 30ft. you can shoot in time-lapse mode and also slow motion mode. So record, capture and shoot with just one click.


  1. 12MP with the resolution of 4k
  2. Shoot 4k videos with 30fps, 1080p with 120fps
  3. 2-inch Touchscreen
  4. Shoot while driving, bike riding, Mount Climbing, and etc.

Have fun and record your all enjoyable memories of Go Pro Hero 5 and Store and share anytime and anywhere.

No.7 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon – Anti-theft Alarm Device Tracker (ITAG)

Keep your all Valuable things safe with anti-theft alarm device tracker. It is also a remote for iPhone and Android Mobile camera to capture self-portrait or selfies. And also has a GPS system which shows your device or object last location on the map.

It is the coolest and useful gadget for everyone. It gives the alarm when the tagged object leaves the particular safe area which nearly 75ft.


  1. Track objects location
  2. Remote for mobile camera
  3. Anti-theft alarm
  4. Easy to handle
  5. Safety for valuable objects.

You can buy it online from available online stores like Amazon and Flipkart.

Best Products That Make Life Better

No.8 Best Gadget To Buy On Amazon – Flexible USB LED Light

It is the gadget for a late night worker, who works on the computer or do studies in the night. This LED light helps you to give brightness in particular without disturbing others with a brightness of the light. It is a very soft light which does not irritate your eyes or others.

Flexible LED Light comes with USB Input so you can plug in any power device with USB Slots like Laptop or USB Charging Adaptor.


  1. Flexible to turn its neck where you want.
  2. Soft n Bright Light
  3. USB Input

You can buy it online or any computer retailer shops.

No.9 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon – Amazon Kindle

Get ready for the new generation of reading; E-book reading is the future of reading. Amazon Kindle is the E-Book reader which comes with pre-loaded books in starter pack of kindle by Amazon. It has WIFI connectivity for downloading new books or magazines and search newspaper online.

Amazon Kindle Display 6-7 inches with anti-glare coating and resolution of 300pi. It helps you to read on a bright sunny day with clear display. And a battery life of a week and you don’t get disturbed while reading because it doesn’t have any SIM slot, so no notification to distract.


  1. 6 & 7-inch display with anti-glare
  2. WIFI connectivity
  3. 4GB Storage
  4. Battery last long for weeks

So enjoy reading thousands of books. You can buy it from Amazon, as it is own product of Amazon.

No.10 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon – Solar Kit

It is the new generation kids; the solar kit is a brain stimulant toy for kids. Encourage their creativity with this toy. It can keep kids brain busy in creativity. This kit comes with solar cell and motor and also all assemblies.

Kids can make 6 different types of toys from this kit. Children enjoy playing with it but also adult can too enjoy this toy.

Note: Solar Kit is manufacture for kids above 10+ ages.

No. 11 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon – FITBIT

It is the health calculating Gadget, which tracks your daily activities and your health issues. FITBIT is a gadget look-alike watch; just wear it on your wrist and it starts working. It is a combo of watch and health calculator, it is a touch screen watch swipe up or down to change the mode.


  1. Counts Heart bits (Pulse)
  2. All day activities & Sleeps
  3. Calories
  4. Notification of smartphone
  5. Shows time

FITBIT is the stylish and useful gadget for those who are health conscious, you can be fit n fine with help of FITBIT.

No. 12 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon – VR BOX (Virtual Reality Glasses)

Nowadays, It is the most famous gadget in youths. It is the portable mini 3d theater of your smartphone. It makes you feel the movie not like reel but like real. VR BOX comes with attached headphones or you can connect your headset to it feel real.

VR Box has changed the concept of watching the movie or videos. Place your mobile in a given box and put it on eyes and experience the 3d world of Movies. It makes you feel like sitting in a theater and watching a 3D Movie.

You can buy VR BOX online as there are many sites with many options like Amazon and flip kart. There are many companies which sales VR BOX at different prices.

You can buy this gadget online as it is available in many options on sites like Amazon, flip kart and on its Official site.

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