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How to Move Columns in Excel

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Software

Microsoft Excel is a Spreadsheet that was developed by Microsoft for Windows, iOS,macOS, and Android.

It features graphing tools, pivot tables, calculation, and the macro programming language which is also called Visual Basic for Application.

Its a widely used spreadsheet around the world, since version 5 launched in 1993. It has replaced Lotus1-2-3 as the top industry standard for the spreadsheet. Excel forms part of the Microsoft suite.

How to Move Columns in Excel

How to Move Columns in Excel

Some of the main features of Ms-Excel :

  • Basic Operation

Excel has the basic feature of all spreadsheets. It is made up of Columns and Rows. Columns are named alphabetic which is used to organized manipulations like all the arithmetic operations. It has functions like answering the Statistical, Engineering, and financial needs.

It also has programming aspects like Visual Basic for Application, in which the user uses a wide variety of numerical methods, for example solving differential equations of mathematical physics.

  • Functions

Excel 2016 has 500 plus functions, out of 360 existed prior to Excel 2010. Microsoft classifies these functions into 14   categories. Of the 484 current functions, 386 can be called from VBA as a method of the object that is “Worksheet Function”.

  • Macro Programming

Windows version of Excel supports the programming through the Microsoft Visual for Application (VBA) which is the version of a programming language of Visual Basic.

  • Charts

Excel supports the charts graph and the histogram which is generated from the specific groups of cells. Graphic component generated can be inserted in the current sheet or can be placed in a separate object.

  • Add-ins:

There are additional features available by using the add-ins.

  • Solver Add-in :

Tools that are used for optimization and equation solving.

  • Euro Currency Tools :

this tool is used for conversion and formatting for the euro currency.

  • Analysis ToolPak :

It provides data analysis tools for statistical and engineering analysis.

Analysis ToolPak for VBA: VBA function for Analysis ToolPak.

Now we will learn How to Move or Copy the Columns.

When someone moves or copy the columns, Excel moves or copies all the data that contain which includes formulas and their results values, cell format, and hidden cells.

If the cell contains a formula, the cell reference is not altered. Therefore, the contents of the moved or copied cells and of any cells that point to them might display the #REF error value. If that happens, you will have to adjust its reference manually.

The Cut command or the copy command to move or copy selected cells, columns, and rows, but you can also move or copy them by using the mouse.

How One Can Move Column in Excel

  •  Select the column which you won’t move.
  •  Then hold on to the Shift Key from the keyboard.
  • Then move the cursor to the edge of the selection. It will show the icon in four directional arrow icon.
  •  Now click on the edge with the left button of the mouse while holding the shift key.
  • Move it to the column where u want the column to shifted.
  • Now leave the mouse button when seen a bold line to the edge of the column where you insert it.
  •  Now leave the Shift key.


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