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Windows 10 Activation after Free Upgrade Period

Windows 10 is the latest and fastest operating system of Microsoft Corporation. Like Windows 7 and 8 you cannot stop the update of Windows 10.

There are lots of methods to stop update win 10. Do whatever you want, but anyhow the update will start automatically. It’s good to update Windows to stay up to date. After updating you need to activate the windows again. In this article, we show the process of Windows 10 Activation after Free Upgrade Period.

Windows 10 Activation after Free Upgrade Period...

Windows 10 Activation

As you already know, if you currently have a valid license, you will have to use the Microsoft tool to update to Windows 10. Once this is done, you will have activated in Microsoft’s servers that copy and linked to your Microsoft account. Exclusively for the PC where you have made the update.

Some users cannot have the final version of Windows 10 activated, even if they have updated and performed all the steps correctly. It may happen because currently, Microsoft servers do not support all types of product keys. These are the licenses that may be affected:

The first group of users that could be affected by this is those who have acquired a license of “system builders.” It is very likely to have if you purchased some web page selling video game keys and software.

Currently, Microsoft servers like the tools they have published. They cannot validate update keys that would serve to update. Whatever your situation, Microsoft recommends to all users who have a valid license and encounter any problem when activating Windows 10.

If you have more problems, contact the technical support service. You can go to “Services and Applications.” Through that, you have the chance to talk through chat with a technician from Microsoft Answer Tech. They help you with your problem, and even make a call or request to call you.

Windows insider program

Keep in mind that if you have updated with the tool provided by Microsoft, although the validation cannot be completed, you still keep that license. The problem is not yours, but the servers and tools that Microsoft uses to verify these licenses. So, never try to do anything other than contact Microsoft as I just explained. Wait for them to add these types of products to your lists.

Windows Insider program members can use the tool published by Microsoft to download an ISO and burn it to a DVD. Also, you can directly create a bootable USB with which to install Windows 10 from scratch. If you choose this program, you probably do not have a valid license from the previous OS. So, you can set up Windows 10 directly and when you request an activation key, give Skip. Once inside, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Start menu and click on Settings.
  • Choose Update and Security.
  • Inside, go to the Windows Update category, and select “Advanced Options” below.
  • You’ll see a section called “Get Insider Compilations.”

Final thought,

That is to say; Windows Insider members will be required to update the Builds as they are published. If someone stays in a previous one, they will lose system activation. While you are using the last one published you will not have anything to worry about.



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