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It Is Possible to Succeed in Your Microsoft 98-364 if You Use Practice Tests from Exam-Labs!

It Is Possible to Succeed in Your Microsoft 98-364 if You Use Practice Tests from Exam-Labs!

The Microsoft 98-364 certification exam, also known as Database Fundamentals, is designed to equip the candidates with an understanding of major concepts of database administration and management. The students preparing for this test will develop skills and knowledge in the database management system of SQL Server of Microsoft.

Microsoft 98-364 covers the fundamental concepts of Windows development, database, networking, system administrator, software development, and Windows database.

Microsoft 98-364

Microsoft 98-364

Microsoft 98-364 Real Exam Questions is aimed at those individuals who want to validate their introductory knowledge and skills in databases, including relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server.

The individuals pursuing this Microsoft certification test are advised to be familiar with various concepts of technologies that are core to the credential as well as develop hands-on experience on them. You can gain mastery of these concepts by taking training courses or going through tutorials and practice questions.

You can find a lot of these resources on the official Microsoft webpage. You can also find a lot of prep toolsonthe Exam-Labs website. It is essential to mention that although you need to have a minimum level of hands-on experience before attempting the exam,there are no official prerequisitesfor taking it.

Overview of Microsoft 98-364 Exam

The certification exam covers a wide range of areas, such as the understanding of data storage, database objects, administration of database, and manipulation of data. The test consists of about 40 to 60 questions and the candidates are given a total of 50 minutes for the completion.

The format of the exam questions is basically multiple choice and you are required to score a minimum of 700 points on the scale of 1000. You can take the 98-364 exam in English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Italian. The certification test covers specific subjects that the applicants must study in preparation for the exam.

They include:

  • Core Database Concepts Understanding: 20 – 25%
  • Creation of Database Objects: 20 – 25%
  • Administration of a Database: 10 – 15%
  • Manipulation of Data: 25 – 30%
  • Understanding of Data Storage: 15 – 20%
  • Administering of Database: 10 – 15%

It is essential to reiterate that the percentage associated with each of the topic areas indicates the volume of questions that may be expected from each of them.

This means the topics with a higher percentage are likely to have more questions than those with lower percentage.

It is also important to mention that there are subtopics associated with each of the exam objectives. To start your preparation, it is recommended that you go through the certification page to learn all about the topics.

Overview of Microsoft 98-364 Exam Preparation Tips

Microsoft 98-364 covers a wide range of topics and subtopics. It is an introductory-level test, which means there is a high chance that the individuals taking the exam are the non-technical candidates.

This means you are likely to find the subjects unfamiliar and you may feel quite anxious about preparation and passing this Microsoft test. You don’t have to fret.

There are enough resources that will guide you through the exam objectives and get you ready for success at your first attempt. Let’s look at some tips to help you ace your Microsoft 98-364.

Study the exam objectives

This is the first step to start your exam prep. Go through the topics and understand what is required of you as a student. You can easily break them according to your level of understanding.

Another reason why going through the exam objectives is very critical is that Microsoft can change them at any time without prior notice. By going through them, you will be sure that you acquire the right skills you need for the test.

Get the relevant resource materials

After going through the exam topics, the next step is to get the relevant materials that best explain them. There are numerous resources that you can use to gain mastery of the exam content. There are also training courses that have broken down the subjects to sizeable and understandable chunks.

If you have no clue about the themes covered in the certification test, it is recommended that you take a training course.

The Exam-Labs website is one of the top platforms where you can access the relevant and up-to-date training for your exam prep. You can also get free and premium files with Q&As and guides. There are a lot of useful materials for your dynamic and effective preparation process.

Work through practice questions

This is an integral part of your preparation. Take practice questions to measure your understanding of the topics you have learnt. If you are using Exam-Labs for your training course, you can also use practice questions available on the site.

The great thing about practicing with the resources available on this online platform is that you have access to real questions and you can take them through the exam simulator.

This puts you in the real exam scenario and you will be better equipped for the day of the test. Take time to go through the practice questions and make sure you attain the best scores possible before your scheduled exam.

The next tips we want to give you are for the exam day. Follow the tips below to make the best of your test session.

Arrive at the testing center ahead of exam time

Before your exam date, make sure you visit the testing center to know the distance you have to travel. Not knowing your testing center before your exam date can cause anxiety and you don’t need that. So, take a trip to the center and get familiar with the road. On the day of the exam, arrive early.

Get to the center at least an hour before the testing time to get settled before you take the test.

Don’t spenda lot of allocated time on a question

There is a chance that you will come across questions that you don’t know the answers to right away, don’t dwell on it. Move on to other questions to save time. When you are done with those, return to the unanswered ones.

Another important thing you must do is to answer ALL questions. Don’t leave any question unanswered. You won’t be penalized for wrong answers, so you are better off answering all of them.


As you see, your preparation days can be the toughest ones during the whole attainment process of the MTA certification. The Microsoft 98-364 exam is one of the tests that you should pass with flying colors to obtain this credential.The proper preparation and reliable materials will help you to cope with the possible anxiety and gain confidence in passing the test.


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