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When it comes to online shopping, one name that we all are familiar with is Amazon. A lot of users use Amazon for online shopping daily. But just imagine that some portion of your payment goes to charity from Amazon! isn’t it amazing? This means we can do charity by just shopping on Amazon. Well, this is totally possible, using AmazonSmile. In this article, we are going to discuss all you need to know about what is AmazonSmile Prime. In short, it is a platform by Amazon, where you can buy stuff just like you do on Amazon, just the difference is that when you make a purchase from AmazonSmile, some portion of the paid amount goes to charity.

What is AmazonSmile Prime?

Amazon is already known for its philanthropic activities in the United States, and in 2013, Amazon launched AmazonSmile, so that customers can support their favorite charities. Through this platform, customers can make purchases just like they normally do from Amazon, and now, some portion of their payment goes to charity. So, with no extra effort, customers can help charities of their own choice. However, Amazon wind down the AmazonSmile by February 20, 2023, since the program hadn’t grown to create the impact that they had hoped during the launch. But Amazon still continues to invest in the areas where they can see meaningful change.

How to access AmazonSmile Prime?

If you are someone who is interested in using AmazonSmile to make an impact through charity for your favorite organization, you can do so by following the below-given set of steps –

  • First of all, open your favorite browser.
  • On the search bar, search for smile.amazon.com
  • You can also bookmark this site so that later you can return here and start shopping at AmazonSmile.
  • If you are a Prime member, your information will link to Amazon Prime, but the shopping needs to be done from smile.amazon.com

Here, you can create your Wishlist, and shop through smile.amazon.com, so that some portion of your payment goes to your favorite charity. This way, you can perform charity by just paying for the product that you wanted to buy. This is a great initiative by Amazon, to help customers help the charity, by buying products from their platform. This makes it a great way for the customers to give back to charity and support the causes that they care about. It’s very easy to use, and also, it doesn’t cost the customer anything extra.

How does AmazonSmile work?

Well, now let’s have a quick look at how AmazonSmile works. It’s very simple to use first of all. You just need to log in with your account on smile.amazon.com. After you log in with your Amazon account, you can see a screen, for selecting a charitable organization. From here, you can select one from the spotlight charities, or even you can pick up on your own charitable organization, that you want to help. You can also create a bookmark for this site, so that you can easily return here for shopping, and every time you shop from here, you are helping your favorite charity.

What charities can be supported on AmazonSmile?

On AmazonSmile, there are over 1 million charities that you can choose from, and help them every time you shop on smile.amazon.com. You can find charities for a variety of different causes, which include education, healthcare, environment, etc. Every time you shop from smile.amazon.com, some portion of your payment is donated to your favorite charity, through Amazon.

Are there any Fees to use AmazonSmile?

Well, often there can be a question when it comes to AmazonSmile, that is there any extra fees to use AmazonSmile? well, let me tell you that you do not have to pay any extra amount to use AmazonSmile. You just have to shop using smile.amazon.com, and when you make a purchase, some portion of your payment is donated to your favorite charity, through Amazon. So, in short, there are no extra fees required to use AmazonSmile. You can just help your favorite charity, and the cause that you care for, and help without paying anything extra, and just getting the product.

How much does Amazon Donate from our transaction?

Now, when you know that Amazon donates some portion of your transaction to charity, so now the question is how much? how much does Amazon donate from your paid amount? As far as we know, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products, to the charity of your choice. This simply means that if you spend $100 on some eligible product on AmazonSmile, then Amazon will donate $0.5 to the charity of your choice.

How to track your donations on AmazonSmile?

If you are someone who purchases frequently from Amazon, you are someone who has a habit of regularly tracking the products and offers. If you have been shopping with AmazonSmile for some time, and want to track your donations, it is a very simple procedure. You can easily see how much money you have donated to the charity of your choice, and also what products are that you have purchased, which supported the charity.

How to know if I am shopping from Amazon or AmazonSmile?

Very often, when we are used to shopping with Amazon, it may be often confusing whether one is using Amazon, or AmazonSmile to shop. Maybe you might want to shop from AmazonSmile, and unknowingly, you might end up shopping from Amazon instead. If you want to know how can you know that you are shopping from Amazon, let’s discuss this.

  • First of all, you can make sure that you visit smile.amazon.com so that you are shopping from AmazonSmile.
  • Also, when you shop using AmazonSmile, you can see a “Smile” logo next to the products which are eligible under the program. When you click on that logo, you are taken to a page, where you can add the product to the cart. When you make the purchase, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase price, to the charity of your choice.

FAQs related to AmazonSmile Prime

Q: When was AmazonSmile launched?

Ans: Amazon launched AmazonSmile in 2013, as a way for Amazon customers to give back to their favorite charities. when someone shops through AmazonSmile for eligible products, a portion of the purchased price, to the charity of the customer’s choice.

Q: How much has AmazonSmile donated so far?

Ans: Since its launch, AmazonSmile has donated over $200 Million to different charities, including charities related to healthcare, environment, education, etc.

Q: Did Amazon shut down the AmazonSmile program?

Ans: Yes, AmazonSmile was winded down by Amazon in February 2023.


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