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Character.ai Alternative & Competitors

If you are someone who loves to explore AI tools, you might have come across an AI tool, called character.ai, which is one of the most amazing, and a great tool to spend time with. I mean just imagine how it would be to talk to some fictional character that you have in your mind. Or if you want to talk to some of your favorite characters, real or imaginary?

Character.ai Alternative & Competitors

With character.ai, it is now kind of possible to create some characters from your mind and talk to them. While the Character.ai website is super amazing, you might want to look for some alternatives, and in this article, we are going to look for some alternatives to character.ai, so that you can explore them.

What is Character.ai?

First of all, if you are not quite familiar with what Character.ai is, you should know about it, so it will help you more while searching for alternatives to Character.ai on the internet.

In the world of chatbots, you can understand character.ai as a tool, which lets you create some characters on the site, which you can talk to. That Character may be dead, alive, or even imaginary. If you go to the website character.ai, you will find some of the characters that have been made on the website, like when I went on Character.ai, I saw people had created characters like Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Socrates, and a ton of other characters that I am not at all familiar, but I guess you get the concept right? You are creating some characters that you want to talk to, and then you talk to them.

When you create a character here, you can chat with it, or even you can create a group(room), in which there are certain characters, which whom you would chat. But understand that whatever you say with the characters is completely made up, like whatever they say is completely made up, because like it’s a kind of persona, so it’s imaginary, but it appears so real.

Alternatives of character.ai

So with this, now let’s look for some alternatives to character.ai. We will first list the alternatives, and then we will discuss some of the alternatives in greater detail. So, here is the list –

  • Candy AI
  • Anima
  • Replika
  • DreamGF
  • ChatFAI
  • nsfwcharacter.ai
  • moemate.ai
  • Crushon AI
  • Kuki AI
  • Muah AI
  • Make your own

This is not a so much comprehensive list, but just some of the alternatives to character.ai. At the end of the article, we will also try to demonstrate how you can make your character, that too on AI tools like ChatGPT, so that you can have interactions with them on ChatGPT, and you can fundamentally understand how this character thing works.

Candy AI

If you search for Candy AI, you will find that this service tends to provide an AI girlfriend experience. Basically on the platform, you can find an immersive experience talking to characters, and creating new characters. It holds the idea of providing unrestricted and creative space to develop characters.

The characters on the platform tend to offer very human-like conversations, which makes the platform very much preferred. Whether you are in for a deep conversation, role play, or even chatting through some voice messages, you can count on the AI companions from Candy AI.

When you visit the website of Candy AI, you will be asked about your interests (male or female), and then you can find some AI companions to chat with. While it’s fun, it can be addictive, because it seems too real, that someone might get addicted to the experience.

If you want to try the platform, you may visit the link here.


If you are searching for a platform on which you get a virtual AI friend, which can be found on multiple platforms, like iOS, Android, and the web, and aims to provide you with an AI friend, to help people build and improve their communication and relationship skills. The AI companion can provide a friendly chat and even a roleplay experience to the users.

If you want to try the platform, you may try it here.


When it comes to AI companions, Replika is another name amongst many names. It has been used by many people and has been there for a long time now. The totally AI chatbot makes it feel so real, that many people have been spotted to have it as an AI companion for them, and have been spotted to be possessed with them.

So, the concept is to provide you with your own AI companion, which is like for you, which can talk with you, with whom you can share your feelings, and a lot more than that.

If you want to access Replika, you may access it here.


As the name says, this AI tool would help you create the girlfriend of your dreams. Here, you would be able to interact with AI-generated girlfriends, in a pretty realistic and personalized way, even more than what you can expect from an AI.

Here, you can create your desired Girlfriend, you can design it the way you want, from tattoos, and faces, to clothes. There is a lot more to do with this than just chatting with your AI-generated girlfriend.

But be with caution, because it can be super addictive, and it is not a real, but a virtual experience, which has its consequences.
If you want to try DreamGF, you may try it here.


ChatFAI is another AI tool, which lets you chat with your favorite characters from movies, TV serials, books, and more. But note that this is all AI made up, but the conversations that are done here feel so real and immersive as if it was done with real-life humans. So, if you are feeling like talking to some fictional character in your mind, or you want to talk to some historical figure, you can do it with ChatFAI.

If you want to access ChatFAI, you may do it here.


If you have used the character.ai platform, and you are interested in accessing some content that is NSFW, then you might want to take a look at this nsfwcharacter.ai website. It allows you to create any character, with no limits or filters. I think I don’t need to explain it further, those who can get it already got it.

Again, not so surprising that the conversations here seem so real and immersive, that it can be addicting for somebody.

If you want to access nsfwcharacter.ai, you can try it here.


Moemate is an AI tool, which lets you talk to existing AI characters, and create the characters that you want to talk to. However, there is a lot to do with this app. You can also create new characters, and models, with their image creation tool, and it also includes NSFW characters to chat with.

So, this tool can be considered as an alternative to character.ai, and if you want to try this out, you may try it here.

Crushon AI

As a great alternative to character.ai, with an ability to NSFW characters, stands the Crushon AI tool. If you want to try a platform like character.ai, but with no filters or limits, you can count on Crushon AI. While it allows you to create and interact with characters, with no limits, it could be addictive.

The key features of Crushon AI include interactive chats, including NSFW, and customizable AI characters. If you want to try this out, you may try it here.

Kuki AI

Kuki is another amazing chatbot, and a great alternative to character.ai, in some terms. Kuki is an AI bot designed to make friends with humans in the metaverse. It was formerly known as Mitsuku, it was created by Pandorabots. The thing is that you get to chat with the AI bot Kuki, when you sign in / up. It’s an award-winning AI brain, which you should try once, and it will try to entertain you.

There is a lot to do with Kuki, for one case study, Kuki was used as an AI influencer for the big brand H&M. You can try the Kuki AI bot here.

Muah AI

As the name says, Muah AI is another example of an alternative to character.ai, with further capabilities of uncensored characters. This website lets you engage with your AI-powered companion in friendly chats, even exchange photos, and have real-time phone calls with your AI companion.

If you want to try this website, you can try it here, but please be cautious, because all the responses here are AI-generated, but it seems so real and immersive, that it can be addicting.

Make your own

While the above options provide some great alternatives to character.ai, you may find some things, like let’s say you don’t want that NSFW flavor, or you don’t want to pay for something, so with just a little effort, you can make your character, with whom you can chat with, and you don’t have to pay anything for that. I am talking about ChatGPT.

On ChatGPT, with just a prompt, you can create your desired character, and chat with it. However, you won’t get some fancy functionality due to obvious guardrails, but yeah if you want to chat with some historical figure or a fictional character, you would be able to do that. Here is an example –

The prompt that was given to ChatGPT is very superficial, but you can understand that just giving a prompt, telling ChatGPT to act like some character, acted like that. But obviously, there are certain guardrails, so you can’t go beyond a level.


In this article, we talked about some good alternatives to character.ai. While character.ai is a good AI tool, you might want to sometimes search for alternatives to character.ai, and this is what we discussed here. Some of the tools that we discussed above, allow the NSFW functionality, so please be cautious while you are using it since it can be addictive.

We are not promoting the use of any AI tool here, and this article is intended to provide information to you.

FAQs related to character AI alternatives

Q: What is character.ai?

Ans: character.ai is an AI-based tool, which lets you create and interact with AI-generated characters from books, movies, and more. They can be fictional, or historic, or even something from your mind.

Q: Is there an AI without an NSFW filter?

Ans: If you want some alternatives of character.ai without an NSFW filter, you might want to go with DreamGF, Muah AI, or nsfwcharacter.ai, etc.

Q: Which chatbot has no NSFW filter?

Ans: There are many chatbots with no NSFW filter, like Crushon AI, nsfwcharacter.ai, and more.


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