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AI Productivity Tools

Artificial Intelligence tools and their magic is driving the world by storm. Every day we are seeing new tools coming out and solving different potential problems in this world, in different areas of industry. The tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Midjourney have already amazed the world by showing the potential of AI and showing future possibilities.

AI tools can help in several areas, like programming, creative writing, answering your questions, and even improving your productivity and efficiency. So, when AI can help you do your work in minutes instead of hours, why not bring AI tools to your team and work together efficiently, with more productivity?

After going through several AI tools for months, we have come up with the best AI tools, for better productivity. Please understand that we are not in any way ranking the tools in the order. The order is random, and the tools are simply amazing. Enjoy the exploration, and don’t forget to try out these tools.

P.S: You will love them!

AI Productivity Tools


ChatGPT, an AI conversational chatbot built by OpenAI had taken the world by storm. Since it went public, in just 5 days it reached a million users (for obvious reasons), and as of now, there are billions of users using ChatGPT.

This tool can help you with a variety of tasks. It can answer your questions, help you in coding, write creative content, write professional emails, or even guide you through something, and the list just goes on.

For example, some companies may use ChatGPT for getting some information, for help in programming, or even to write some content, etc. Someone could use ChatGPT to write, or plan their social media posts, or even write creative scripts or articles/blogs or even poems. So, there are a variety of use cases for ChatGPT.

We personally use ChatGPT for a variety of tasks, like helping in coding or coming up with some creative ideas, and we can say that it is exceptionally powerful, and can boost your productivity drastically if used in the correct way.

You should definitely try out ChatGPT if you haven’t tried it so far. It can improve your productivity and efficiency to a great extent, and save you time and effort if used correctly.


If you are spending hours or even days working on creating a presentation on a daily or a regular basis, and you are searching for an AI tool, which can help you in creating great and creative presentations, then your search is over, with Gamma, which is an AI-powered tool, which can help you in creating presentations, in very less time. It can also help you in creating documents, or webpages.

This is not just a random suggestion, but we have used Gamma several times and found it fascinating. When you are using Gamma, you just have to write in a proper prompt, which describes how your presentation should be and just continue. After that, you get some outlines made by Gamma for the presentation. You just need to verify and make some modifications (if applicable) and just continue. After this, you just need to select the theme, and Voila! Let AI do the rest of the work.

We have used Gamma and we have found that it gives good presentations. If not getting the perfect presentation on the first go, you can edit it afterward. At least you get a draft for your Presentation in the first minute of the creation, and that’s I think an incredible thing.


We know that ChatGPT is an amazing AI tool, but what if we want that ChatGPT should be there with us on the website that we are visiting? If this is what you think, you should be using Merlin. Merlin is an extension for the Google Chrome browser and is extremely easy to use.

With Merlin, you can get a summary of YouTube videos, and also, when you are doing your normal Google search, on the side, you also get ChatGPT response for that query with Merlin. This can save our potential time, allowing us to focus on what is more important.

Along with that, Merlin can be there with you on the website that you visit. All you need to do is just press Ctrl + M(or Cmd + M), and Merlin should pop up on the screen, and you should be able to chat with it.

If you haven’t used Merlin yet, you should try it out. It is available as a Google Chrome Extension. Just add it to your Chrome browser, create an account, and done. You can then start using Merlin.


The notion is a great Note taking and productivity app, which has been around for some years, and millions of people have been using it for various reasons. The thing is that they have incorporated AI into Notion, making it even more powerful.

Actually, on Notion, you can organize all your stuff, including your notes, your tasks, and your plans, and even collaborate with others to get even more things done. Notion is a tool that can be used by students, content creators, working professionals, or even business professionals, in order to stay productive, organized, and focus first on the important things.

We have been using Notion, and after using it, we can say that this tool alone can eliminate a lot of other tools related to task management, or note-taking. With AI in action, we can do many things, like writing a blog post, brainstorming new ideas, or even summarizing some content into Notion.

If you haven’t tried Notion AI yet, you should give it a try once, and experience the power and potential of AI in the workspace. 


When it comes to content writers, marketers, bloggers, or even script writers, or anyone who wants to create great quality content effortlessly, copy.ai can be a great option to go with. Copy.ai is an AI-powered writing platform, which can help you in writing better, faster, and more efficiently. It can help you with various tasks, like text generation, writing an article/blog, content optimization, etc.

Copy.ai can help you save your time and effort, by automating the repetitive and research-based tasks for writing and providing high-quality content quickly and easily. If you haven’t tried the copy.ai tool, you should give it a try at least once, and see the potential the tool has got in helping you in your writing tasks, from blogs, articles, scripts, and emails, to creative ads, social media content, etc. copy.ai can help you a lot.


SurferSEO is a tool, which can help you with feedback on your content so that you can make the necessary changes, and get your writing improved. So, we can say that when it comes to blogging Search Engine Optimization, the SurferSEO tool is the perfect AI productivity tool available.

With the tool, we can make sure that our content is good, and we can quickly make the necessary changes as specified by the tool, to make the writing even better. If the same thing you were to do manually, it may take several hours to go through the content and make it better as per the requirement, and maybe you would end up making it not so better.

Surfer allows you to go through the pages which are already ranked, and get the list of the essential keywords so that you can use them in your content. With the interface so easy to use, and with Artificial Intelligence in action, this tool becomes a great choice for SEO.


Well, how does it feel when you realize that you had forgotten something really important? For me, it’s a mixture of guilt and frustration. When something like this happens to us, we think that if someone could have reminded us, we could have done this! Well, now you don’t need to worry, because someone is here to remind you, and that too on WhatsApp.

Whalfred is something you might want to try in this case. We can directly set reminders through WhatsApp using Whalfred, and then, we get WhatsApp messages as a reminder. Setting reminders is as easy as messaging your friend(except that you need to follow a format for messages). But yes, it is very helpful.

I have been using Whalfred, and it has helped me a lot in times when I have actually forgotten something, and it has reminded me in time. If you haven’t tried Whalfred yet, you should give it a try. You need to visit their website first for creating an account, and then you can directly use it from WhatsApp for setting, getting, and controlling reminders.


There are many incredible AI tools, which can help us in a variety of use cases, saving our time, and efforts, making us more productive and efficient, and ultimately making our lives easier. The AI tools that we have covered here are all incredible in their own tasks and can help you a lot. If you haven’t tried any of the above tools, you can just at least try them to understand the potential of AI tools, and where is the world going.

Other than the above-mentioned tools, there are a lot of other tools that you can explore, and use to maximize your productivity or simplify your tasks.

Again, the tools that we have mentioned in the article are in completely random order, and not ranked in any way. They are amazing in their own tasks.

FAQs related to AI Productivity Tools

Q: Can AI tools help improve productivity?

Ans: Yes, there are a lot of AI tools that can help you improve your productivity in different terms. You can try checking out some tools like ChatGPT, Notion, etc.

Q: How can AI tools help improve performance and productivity?

Ans: There are many AI tools that can help you a lot in your work and studies. The AI tools help reduce or eliminate the repetitive or boring tasks involved in your work or studies, allowing you to have more time to focus on something which is really important.

Q: Can you provide examples of AI tools that can be used for improving productivity?

Ans: Yes. There are many such AI tools that can help a lot. For example, you can use ChatGPT, or Bard, or Notion AI. Other than that, there are a number of other AI tools that can be used.


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