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Advantages and disadvantages of email

Advantages and disadvantages of using email

Today in this article, we will talk about the most convenient communication method, which is email. We all have been using email as a mode of communication for a long period but do we know what the advantages and disadvantages of using the service are.

Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of email service:

Advantages and disadvantages of email

Advantages of using email:

No cost to pay: The first and the biggest advantage of using email is that there is no minimum fee or monthly subscription. Once you are logged in, you are free to go.

User-Friendly: The service is pretty much easy to use for everybody. After creating an account, one can easily send and receive messages. Besides this, contacts and data storage are also easily accessible.

Speedy: Sending and receiving email is as fast as a blink of an eye. Sending and receiving emails is the fastest form of written communication, and it hardly takes a second to perform the task.

Global: The most important advantage of using email is that it is a global service. One can send email from anywhere to a person sitting in any corner of the world, the only requirement is an internet connection.

Good for the environment and planet: If looked at from a different angle by using email as a primary mode of communication we are actually saving paper which is good for the environment and the planet too.

All under one place: Using email is not only fast in terms of sending and receiving messages, but it also saves us some time when it comes to accessing old information. Storing data online means that you will end up creating fewer folders and cabinets for important files.

Advantages and disadvantages of email

Disadvantages of using email:

Lacks personal touch:  Using email is one of the best modes of communication and it is pretty much quick. Still, it lacks the personal touch which is sometimes required while doing a particular conversation. When it comes to personal relationships, emails cannot resist in front of handwritten letters, which shows feelings and emotional touch.

Information Overload: Sometimes, you cannot effectively use the email service as lots of people send lots of information on the platform. This not only adds up to clutter but also wastes time as we have to go through each of the emails to find out the important one.

Misinformation: There are times when people send emails without going through the content of the mail thoroughly. Such type of content creates misinformation and leads to unwanted situations, including misinterpretation of the message.

The pressure to Reply: Once you receive a mail and go through the information, there will always be a pressure to reply to the desired response to the sender.

Spam: Unless you have anti-spam software, there are chances that you may receive some emails, including those with unwanted content that will not only waste your time but will be harmful to your system.

Wastage of time: Users using the email service are quite in a habit to check for new emails, again and again, this actually wastes a lot of time and decreases productivity at work.

Virus: Some emails also carry certain viruses which will not only be, but will be a risk for your hardware.

So these were the advantages and disadvantages of using email service as the mode of communication. In today’s article, we have discussed every aspect that includes both positive and negative sides of using the platform as one of the primary modes of communication.


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