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Best Web Sites Like 4chan alternative (Latest UPDATE 2020)

Sites Like 4chan

4chan is an image and bulletin board where you can or anyone can share images and comment anonymously. That is to say, 4chan.org is a website which allows the users to share image-based news and post comments on various topics with no need for registration on the site. You can visit this site, click on any of its board which you feel interested and join, that’s it!

4chan offers a very simple interface for its users. You can anonymously create a thread, post, share, comment. Everything is so easy. As the registration is not mandatory, users post a lot of different stuff on the site. It can be a funny image or can be a provoking comment. Participation in any thread also doesn’t require any registration. Anyone can go and join any thread of his liking and get the updates related to his field of interest.

Topics on 4chan encompass music, literature, politics, food, sports, nature, video games and many other such genres. Very few might know the fact that 4chan was created as an English counterpart to Futaba Channel which is a Japanese imageboard. Futaba was popularly called as 2chan hence 4chan was named accordingly. Because of content created, posted on 4chan and circulated on other social media platforms in the form of Memes or other such formats, 4chan has been a subject of debate and faced controversies many times. But all this has eventually added to its popularity.

You now surely wondering that are there any other similar sites to 4chan? If you can’t or even can access 4chan are there any alternatives to 4chan? The answer is Yes, Of course.

For those numerous searches on search engines of the Internet, we have got answers. If you are here, maybe you too, are one of those who are seeking imageboard sites similar to 4chan. This is your destination then. Following list is presented to help you find 4chan alternatives.

Best Web Sites Like 4chan alternative (Latest 2020)

Sites Like 4chan
Sites Like 4chan

Below are some options for 4chan Alternative:

Pixoto – Sites Like 4chan:

Pixoto is a site similar to 4chan and an opportunity for showing the talent within you. It has a user-friendly simplistic interface. Though it doesn’t work exactly like the Pixoto, you are allowed to post your images or participate in the photography contest by Pixoto. Even Pixoto allows you to organize a contest. The votes got from the viewers will decide the winner and will get a prize for his photos.

Your photos go around the globe. They are loved by millions. The website is free to be joined. You have to register in order to take part in the photography competition. Then you can participate in a contest of photos related to a category. The contests are organised and winners are selected in a healthy and fair manner.


All the websites which include chan in their names are visited by the users more. This may be the reason for the sites to include chan and show their similarity with 4chan.

Imagechan is also an image-board platform. It allows users to anonymously post images within a variety of topics and categories. The user can later see how many views his image has got. By registering on the site, the user also gets a feature of rating the images. You can go to a specific category and watch out for your desired images. There are various sections like Random images, Popular images, Favourites, etc.

The problem of ads will persist here. Though, they will stay aside and will not bother you while you enjoy the site contents. Posting images without registering is the factor behind the increasing number of users of this site.

Reddit – 4chan alternative:

Though Reddit is more known for its threads and discussion forums, here too, you can post images or image-bulletins and let the world enjoy it. So, this is also an alternative to 4chan.

Reddit also allows posting without registration. Topics are almost all under the Sun. You are totally free to choose a topic of your interest and jump into the thread. Upload images, comment and discuss others’ images. Rating is also a special feature of Reddit.


This site is considered a nice option for NSFW boards. Many boards related to Travelling, Healthcare, etc. are there. You can join and get updates about your favourite topics and threads. The site is from Finland. But allows users to use the translated version in other languages.

Just like 4chan, this site too offers a variety of topics on which a user can post images. This site too, do not ask for registration and lets you post and enjoy image-bulletin anonymously.

Zerochan – Websites Like 4chan:

Though the name is again similar to 4chan, this site is neither owned nor is affiliated to 4chan. You can consider it as a good alternative site for 4chan as it has the same features and categories too, are same as 4chan.

Zerochan has a bundle of entertainment for you containing anime, manga series. Games, nature, books and other options are also available. The difference to point out between Zerochan and 4chan is Zerochan requires registration.

The Booru Project:

You can visit booru.org, create your own subdomain without spending a penny. Registration is required but after that, you have the whole new world to explore. The Booru Project allows you to create threads and post images. When you do so, users across the globe can easily find your images according to the thread topics.

Sections like Gelbooru for anime imageboard, Safebooru for safe images, Top booru for top imageboards are there for the users. You can create and join boorus absolutely free of cost. You can clearly see the site’s similarity with 4chan and will easily consider this site as an alternative to 4chan.

Hispachan – Sites Like 4chan:

As you already know from its name, this site is the Spanish counterpart of the English 4chan. This site is similar to 4chan. The option of translation is always there so that you can enjoy it in your language.

Hispachan, too keeps its users anonymous and never asks for registration when it comes to posting images in a lot of different categories. These include movies, anime, politics, sports, food, art, travelling, news and many more. Creative activities such as posting funny and new images are always encouraged here. It offers a distinctive feature of blending imageboard and text board together.


Digg is yet another website like 4chan. This is the site where you will find not only images but also videos posted from all over the world. It provides you news from various parts of the world related to politics, environment, science and technology, sports, the latest happenings in the entertainment world and other such. As it allows user to have video content with images and news, this site stands distinct in our list.

7chan – 4chan Alternative Site: 

As we have seen many websites like 4chan, we have come up to the last in our list. Again, 7chan is not related to 4chan in any way. The common things are just that both have ‘chan’ in their names (key to popularity) and both serve the same purpose. 7chan is an image-board website. Like the other ‘chan’ websites, it offers image-bulletins from numerous genres, in several different categories and on a lot of different topics.

You don’t need to register yourself for taking part in the activities on this site. The image boards are categorized as video games, comics and cartoons, flash, culture, movies, weapons, sports, etc.

7chan’s unique feature is that it provides tools like Quoting another post, edit your post, option to delete a post, changing fonts and a lot more. This makes 7chan a must-visit site in the list of sites similar to 4chan.

To sum it up 4chan alternative 

So, now you know many sites like 4chan. The sites above mentioned carry out the same task which the 4chan has been doing. Imageboard sites are quite popular for their image content as well as the factor that these sites do not ask for registration to enjoy their image boards, uploading your own images, commenting and doing other such stuff there. Another thing is that they are absolutely free. You don’t have to link your other social media accounts here.

The feature of instantly joining any thread without revealing your name or email ID, posting images, commenting or just enjoying image-bulletin, memes and photos from your desired category and on your favourite topic has made these ‘chan’ sites reach to the millions of hearts from all corners of the world.


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