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Useful Steps to Do an Essay for IELTS

IELTS is the most popular international English test. As a rule, it is required if you apply for a job or studying in an English speaking country.

It tests all aspects of English comprehension and usage, including writing skills. In particular, the second task in the writing section is an essay. Many people fear it most of all.

If you are among them, this article is for you. Here you’ll know everything about writing an exceptional essay for the IELTS test.

IELTS Essay Writing
IELTS Essay Writing

What Do We Know about the IELTS Essay?

The essay for an IELTS test varies from year to year. However, some essential features never change:

  1. The recommended time for completing an essay equals forty minutes. No one forbids you to spend more time, but you’ll have to cut it off other parts of a test.
  2. The minimal and optimal length of an essay is 250 words. They will count all words without exceptions.
  3. The mark for an essay is 66% of the total score for the writing section.
  4. There are four main parameters to be estimated in the essay: task response, coherence & cohesion, lexical resource, and grammar. Task response means how an essay corresponds with a given topic. If you manage to disclose an issue and deliver arguments that support your position, you will be OK. The second parameter means how the sentences bond with each other, how you can carry the main idea through the text. Use linking words and proper logical transitions to score a good mark. The third parameter reflects the usage of words. If you can pick the right word, a word that is obligatory for a vocabulary level, you will pass this part. The last parameter is the simplest: do not commit mistakes, use proper tenses, and apply punctuation.
  5. The main types of essays used in the IELTS task are opinion essay, discussion, agreement/disagreement, advantage/disadvantage, solution, or a direct question.

These are the main facts about the IELTS essay. If you are not sure about your skills, you can always improve them in many ways. For instance, use online assistance.

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An Optimal Strategy for Writing an IELTS Essay

The circumstances of writing an IELTS essay are tough. You are without any assistance. You have limited time. However, there is a way out of such a situation. The only trick is doing everything fast:

  • Understand your topic or assignment. If you manage to do it, consider half of the work done. Pay attention to the issues listed in the task.
  • Be original. If you understand what you are expected to write, make it in your special way. Avoid universal truths and popular opinions about particular issues. Of course, it does not mean you have to justify the crimes or promote sociopathic truths. Try to find an original but still adequate approach to the problem.
  • Ask yourself questions about the topic. Give answers. These answers will form the main idea pool in your essay. Combine similar ideas. Try to bond all the ideas with a thesis statement. This statement is key to your success. Sound it and give the supporting points. That is how you get your essay.
  • Everybody expects you to give your personal opinion. You are not forbidden to use quotes or borrow some ideas (with proper citing). If you need to give evidence or examples, take them from your life.
  • Manage your time. You do not have much, and you need to devote it to consideration, writing, and proofreading. If you think over an idea or sentence for too long, better leave some blank space and get back to it later.

As you can see, the optimal strategy for writing an IELTS essay does not differ much from regular essay writing. It will be an excellent move to train a little bit. Try to write some essays on common topics to see how much time you need.

Universal Truths about IELTS Essay Writing

As usual, students worry much during the tests. There is no surprise. It is complicated, not cheap to take, and affects the future directly. However, this is not a reason to commit some unnecessary and stupid mistakes:

  • Remember about the structure and use of paragraphs. Divide your paper into three parts (introduction, body, conclusion) and paragraphs. Devote one paragraph for each idea or argument. Use proper logical connections and in-text references, as well. If your essay is an entire text, it is less interesting to read and more complicated to understand.
  • Rich vocabulary does not mean complicated sentences. They must be simple and not overloaded. If you are not sure about a tense or grammatical construction, you are going to use, better avoid it. Let a paper be more straightforward but without mistakes.
  • Use proper language style in your essay. It is not penny press to use obsolete or informal language even if you put the whole soul into your expressions and feelings.

Mind these simple rules when you get your IELTS writing assignment. With these recommendations, you are less likely to fail the test. Be confident and know that everything is possible for you

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