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These days technology trying to search for some effective options for conventional energy sources through which not only conventional energy source usage can be minimized, but another motive behind that is to stop pollution by harmful gas emissions from cars and other vehicles. Solar energy is the best and most renewable energy source with the use of that some car companies have launched their top solar car model into the market. You may not be aware of such things then here you will get to know about them.

You will be introduced here to the solar car manufacturers, and solar car prices apart from that you will get to know about some famous countries like Japan, the USA, and India solar cars and their company names.

The motive behind this article is to provide you with the importance of clean and renewable solar energy with the use of that you will not only be able to keep clean your environment but also somewhere you will save other conventional energies like crude oil. Such kind of information can be helpful for you as well as for other people too if you share this important information with them.

Top Solar Car

Main Content:

  1. Worldwide Top Solar Car and Solar Car Companies List.
  2. Country-wise Solar Car.
  3. Solar Car Price.
  4. Benefits of Solar Car.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. FAQ.

Worldwide Top Solar Car and Solar Car Companies List.

As we know this can be the best achievement for science if after some years when there use of solar car will be common thing and every user will prefer to use such kind of car. In all aspects use of solar cars will beneficial like you will drive car with the help of solar energy which are renewable and clean.

These days some car manufacturer have launched their solar car model and in next some days these car model will be introduced into public. Among them some Top solar car name you can read as per given below.

  • Toyota Prius
  • C – Max Energi ( Ford Solar Car)
  • Lightyear Car.
  • Sion Solar Car( Sono Motors)
  • Stella Ersa.
  • Sonata Hybrid (Hyundai Solar Car)
  • Cybertruck (Tesla Solar Car)
  • Aptera Solar Car – Aptera Paradigm( Aptera Motors)
  • Karma Revero (Karma Solar Car)
  • BMW i3 (BMW Solar Car)
  • Squad Solar Charging Car (Squad Mobility)
  • Humble One (Humble Motors)

Country wise Solar Car

Here you will get to know about the country-wise top solar car, in this list, some popular countries solar-powered car name has mentioned, according to given below you can read them all.

Solar Car Japan.

  • KAITON 2
  • OWL
  • Tokai Challenger

Solar Car USA.

  • Daedalus
  • Eos
  • Aptera Paradigm

Solar Car Australia

  • Solar Spirit 3
  • Sunswift V

Solar Car Manufacturer From World Other Country

Solar Car in India

  • Electro – X
  • Solar Mobil

Solar Car Canada

  • Schulich Delta.

Solar Car Germany.

  • Solar World GT
  • Sion
  • Power Core Suncruiser
  • ThyssenKrupp SunRiser
  • Bochum Open World

Solar Car Netherlands

  • Stella
  • Stella Vie
  • Lightyear One.
  • Twente One
  • Stella Lux

Solar Car Switzerland

  • Solar Taxi
  • Cate Car
  • Icare

In this way you have read different countries manufactured some best and top solar car model names. Most of the models in them have already participated in Bridgestone world solar car challenge competition. The main motive behind such an event is to show, that how much solar energy is efficient and that awareness should spread to worldwide people.

In the future, if all major countries will take positive Initio then world widely you will get to see the solar car on every road while such things can create a positive impact on the environment because solar energy is renewable as well as clean and pollution-free.

Solar Car Price

Though solar car is efficient, clean and pollution free but every time it is not possible to buy solar car for everyone’s, the main reason behind to such things is their cost. To manufacture solar powered car need some accessories whose cost is high in to market. Here you will get to read exact cost of top solar car their details are as per given below.

  • Sion Car – $31,000
  • Toyota Prius – $24,525
  • C-Max Energi – Up to $50,000 Expected price.
  • Aptera Paradigm – Up to $45,000 approximately.
  • Lightyear One – $170,000
  • BMW i3 – $44,450
  • Sonata Hybrid Car – $27,750
  • Karma Revero – $146,600
  • Humble One – $109,000
  • Stella – $137,332

Tesla Solar Car Price

  • Cybertruck with single motor – $39,900 (Rear wheel drive model)
  • Cybertruck with dual motor – $49,900( All wheel model)
  • Cybertruck with three motor – $69,000(All wheel model)

Benefits of Solar Car

Up till now, you have read various types of solar cars name also you got information about such kind of solar cars manufacturing companies as well as with the price of these cars. Now before purchasing such kind of solar car, you should know the exact benefits of them, this will clear all your doubts before going ahead. As per given below you will get to know all the benefits of solar cars;

  1. Saving of Natural Resources: As we all know that fuel, LPG, Coal, etc. all are natural resources while when you use fuel cars that time such energy resources go to consume and world widely they are limited. One day such resources can be finished. But when you choose a solar car at that time with the help of solar panels, solar energy goes to convert into electric energy and solar energy is Abundant in our atmosphere. That’s why the solar car option can be the best option to save natural resources.
  2. Free of Cost Energy Source: Solar car works with the help of solar panel where photovoltaic cells convert solar energy in to electric energy while the car runs on electric energy. As we knows that solar energy is abundant and free in our environment so when you go with the solar car option that time you will not need spend money on an energy source.
  3. No Harmful Gases Emission into Environment: Solar energy is clean and renewable energy while when you use a solar cars that time there are no harmful gas emissions happening in nature. So if you are keeping your environment pollution-free by the use of solar cars then nothing can be the best thing than that.
  4. Innovative Future with Modern Technology: Ever been no one can think or focus on this thing that one-day solar energy will become a resource for the automobile sector. But it is possible now and everything is innovative and environmentally friendly. We can say solar energy cars can create an ideal for all when everyone will start to use solar cars and other solar vehicles. All manufactured solar cars are works on modern technology without emission of any kind of harmful gases what can be best than this.


Most of the tech giant countries in the world have launched their solar cars model, while all of that cars are already demonstrated. When you want to know about top solar cars with their exact price and manufacturer details, then this article is enough to give you helpful references about that.

In this way, you have read information about all important and different kinds of aspects relevant to the top sun-powered car. Hope you have well understood as well as like this information, share this information with other people, Thanks for being with us.

Frequently asked questions about Top Solar Car- FAQ.

Q. What is the name of the MIT solar car?

Ans: Nimbus.

Q. Give some solar car companies’ names?

Ans: Tesla, Sono Motors, Aptera Motors, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, Karma Automotive, Squad Mobility, Ford, etc.

Q. Give the name of some famous and top solar panel cars?

Ans: Stella, Sonata Hybrid, Cybertruck, C-Max Energi, Humble One, Squad Solar Charging Car, Tokai Challenger, Lightyear Car, etc.

Q. Is it beneficial to purchase a solar vehicle like a solar car?

Ans: Solar is renewable energy while it is clean energy so nowadays it is a good option to behave a solar car. It can be beneficial because you will no need to spend money on fuel while there is no harmful emission from such kinds of cars.

Q. Give some solar car names with their price?

Ans: BMW i3 – $44,450, Cyber truck with single rear wheel – $39,900, Sona Motors Sion Car – $31,000.

Q. Give some countries’ names who made solar cars up till now?

Ans: To date, most of the vehicle giant manufacturers have successfully made and launched their solar car model. They all belong from countries like the USA, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, India, Australia, Brazil, Italy, China, Slovenia, New Zealand, Switzerland, etc.

Q. What is the name of solar cars which are made by Japan?

Ans: Kaiton 2 and OWL.

Q. What is the name of the first solar car in the world? When it was demonstrated the first time?

Ans: Sun mobile is the first solar car in the world which was demonstrated first time in the year 1955.

Q. Give the name of solar cars which are manufactured by an automobile company in the Netherland?

Ans: 1. Stella 2. Lightyear One 3. Stella Vie 4. Stella Lux 5. Twente One

Q. What is the name of the solar car made by Tesla?

Ans: Cybertruck.


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