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Snapchat Planet Order and Meaning

If you are well connected to the world of Social Media, you must be familiar with a very popular Social Media Platform, called “Snapchat”. This platform is very popular among millions of users, especially among the GenZ people. Snapchat is available for free to download, and it also has a paid subscription with more power-packed features.

If you have been regularly using Snapchat for a while, then you might be noticing that Snapchat regularly adds new features to the paid subscription, which gives access to more features, and more controls, like app customization, marking specific friends as BFFs, and even viewing who rewatched your story, and more.

Snapchat Planet Order and Meaning

You might also have heard about a new feature, called Snapchat Friend Solar System, which simply means that it is assigning a planet to your close friends. Let’s understand this in greater detail so that by the end of this article, you should be familiar with the Snapchat planets thing, and identify how close friends you are to your friends. Let’s get into this!

What is Snapchat?

First of all, very quickly for those who are not familiar with Snapchat, let’s see what is Snapchat. If you are already familiar with Snapchat (which most probably you are), then you can skip this part, and read further about the Friend Solar System.

Snapchat is one of the most popular Social Media Platforms, which is used by Millions of users around the world. This Social Media is mainly used on Mobile phones, and it enables users to upload videos or pictures, which are called “Snaps” more formally. The best thing about Snaps is that they disappear after viewing, which allows you more control, privacy, and transparency.

Just like WhatsApp and many other social media platforms, you can also chat on Snapchat. Here as well, the chats disappear once they have been viewed(you can choose to delete them within 24 hours, or even you can save the chat, but others will know about that)

If you haven’t tried Snapchat, then it is worth giving a try, since it takes sharing videos and photos to the next level, allowing us to use filters and lenses within the application.

What is Snapchat Friend Solar System?

Well, you might already be familiar with our solar system, where there is the Sun, and then there are 8 planets orbiting around the Sun. They are namely – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Well, just like that, if you are a Snapchat Plus Subscriber, then you are the Sun of your Friend’s Solar System. Your Friend Solar System would represent your eight best friends based on the planet assigned to them.

For example, just like Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, your friend who has been assigned with Mercury planet represents the person you have the most streaks with, which also means that the person is your Best friend on Snapchat. Your other close friends will also be assigned a Planet for your Solar System, based on how much you interact with them on Snapchat.

Understanding the Solar System Order

Well, if we try to simply define what is Friend’s Solar System is, then you might find it as a mean that can tell you how close you are to your best friend. But since the Friendmoji comes with just the planet, it becomes quite harder to understand the planet thing. So, let’s try to understand each planet, what’s the position of the planet, and what it means in your context to your friend.

Note: Remember that YOU are the Sun in your Friend’s Solar System.


Just like Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun in our real Solar System, the Mercury planet in your Friend’s Solar System represents your “Closest Friend”. You can identify the Mercury planet with the 5 hearts around it.

So, when some friend is assigned the Mercury Planet, it simply means that the person is your First closest friend.


You might be familiar with the fact that Venus is the second planet in the real Solar System, so in your Friend Solar System, the Venus Planet represents your “Second Closest Friend”, and well, I think you already understand what the “Second Closest Friend” means.

The Planet Venus can be identified as a light brown colored planet, with some pink, yellow, and blue hearts around it.


Well, the third planet in our Solar System is Planet Earth. So, in your Friend Solar System, the Planet Earth represents your “Third Closest Friend”. Well, you can very easily identify the Planet Earth, and it looks the same as the real Planet Earth, with the Moon, and some stars and hearts around.


Mars is the fourth planet in our Solar System, and on your Friend’s Solar System, Mars represents your “Fourth Closest Friend”. You can easily identify the Planet Mars as a Red planet with some pinkish and blue hearts and stars around on the Friendmoji.


Well, you might have guessed as of now, that the planet Jupiter represents the fifth planet in our Solar System, so in your Friend’s Solar System, Jupiter Planet represents your “Fifth closest friend”. The planet Jupiter can be easily identified as a quite orangish planet, with some dark and light orange strips, and some stars around the planet on the Friendmoji.


In our Solar System, Saturn is the Sixth planet, so in your Friend’s Solar System, the planet Saturn represents your “Sixth closest friend”. Well, Saturn must be the easiest to identify, due to the rings that we can see around the planet, and you can also see some stars around in the Friendmoji.


As in our Solar System, Uranus stands as the seventh planet, so in your Friend’s Solar System, Uranus represents your “Seventh Closest Friend”. The Planet Uranus can be easily identified as a Green planet, and it doesn’t have any hearts around.


Neptune is the eighth planet in our Solar System, and so in your Friend Solar System, the planet Neptune represents your “Eighth Closest Friend” in the app solar system. Well, looking at the Friendmoji, it appears that your “Eighth Closest Friend” is not “So close” to you, because if you take a look at the Friendmoji, you can see the person sitting on the planet is just facing towards the Sun(You), with some mild expressions of acquaintance.

How Snapchat Friend Solar System works, and how to use it?

As mentioned earlier, the Friend Solar System is presented as a Snapchat Plus feature, which means that to access the feature, you need to subscribe to Snapchat Plus.

Assuming that you are subscribed, when you open your friend’s profile, you would see a “Best Friend”, or “Friend” badge with a golden outline. The best friend badge would mean that you both are in each other’s top eight friends list. On the other hand, the Friends badge means that you are there in their top eight friends list, but they are not in yours.

Tapping on this badge would show the planet’s status or the friendship position of that particular friend’s Solar System. You should see some planets, which you should easily identify.

Here is how you can identify what planet position you have in the Friend Solar System –

  • Open Snapchat.
  • Open the Friend’s profile on your Snapchat.
  • You can see the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge(if they are close friends of yours).
  • Tapping on the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge would show you the planet that you represent.

For example, if you are Earth in their Snapchat Solar System, it simply means that you are their “Third Closest Friend”. This is how the Snapchat Solar System works, and you can easily access it.


In this article, we saw an interesting Snapchat Plus feature, which is Friend Solar System. This is an interesting feature, with which, you can know how close you are to your Friends, or Best friends. Simply, as there are eight planets in our Solar System, the Snapchat solar system also has 8 planets, which kind of represent how close that particular friend is to you, based on how much you interact with them.

Your close friends are assigned to some planet, which represents how close they are to you. You can also try this feature, but remember that this feature is a Snapchat Plus feature, which means that you need to buy the optional subscription of Snapchat Plus, to enjoy this, and more interesting features.

FAQs related to Snapchat Planet Order

Q: What is the Snapchat Friends Solar System?

Ans: It is one of the premium features of Snapchat, where you can see how close you are to your friends or best friends. This is where your friends are assigned with some planet, which represents how close they are to you.

Q: What does earth in Friendmoji mean?

Ans: The planet Earth means that you are the “Third Closest Friend” in your friend’s Solar System.

Q: What is the order of planets in Snapchat?

Ans: The order is the same as our real solar system, which goes from Mercury(the closest) to Neptune(the farthest).

Q: How many best friends are there on Snapchat?

Ans: There are a total of eight best friends on Snapchat, and some planet is assigned to them based on how much you interact with them.

Q: What does the number one best friend mean?

Ans: Well, the number one best friend simply means that you interact with that person the most.


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