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Philips vs Vizio

When it comes to buying some products related to consumer electronics, you need to consider many different things, which makes this buying choice a not-so-simple task. There are a handful of companies, which are providing their own set of features, and specifications. Two very popular brands that you might already be familiar with, are Philips and Vizio, which is why you are here reading this article.

Philips vs Vizio

In this article, we are going to have a brief comparison between Philips and Vizio, considering some different parameters, which would eventually help you make an informed decision when you buy any consumer electronics product. Particularly, we will go with the Television situation, since it can be very competitive to consider whether you should buy a Philips or a Vizio Television. So, without any delay, let’s quickly jump into the details.

What is Philips?

Well, there is a very low probability that you are not already familiar with the name “Philips”. Well, Philips is a renowned name in the Consumer Electronics sector, and it’s a Dutch Multinational Conglomerate corporation that was founded in 1891, so already the company is older than any of us here.

Philips has a wide variety of products, in areas of personal care, sound and vision, health, and other consumer electronics products.

What is Vizio?

Vizio is another popular name in the area of consumer electronic products, and you already probably know about that. It particularly focuses on products like Television and Soundbars. The company was founded in 2002 and is famous for its modern designs.

While focusing particularly on the products like the Television, and the sound bars, this company can be considered as a great competitor in that area.

Philips vs Vizio – key points of differences

Now, we will finally move towards the key points of differences between Philips and Vizio. First of all, here is a short table talking about the key differences, which, we are going to talk about in detail later.

PriceBudget-friendly with various models and sizes high-end with fewer models and sizes

Aspect Vizio TV Philips
Smart TV platform SmartCast platform, Compatible with voice commands Smart TV platform, integrated with Chromecast
Picture Quality Good brightness, rich colors Has innovative algorithms for image processing
Design Thin bezels, sleek look, metal stands Elegant stands, premium finishes, swivel base
Audio Quality Dolby Atmos, DTS Virtual:X, soundbars This comes with crystal clear sound
Connectivity Can connect through Multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, Wi-Fi, Can connect through Multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, Wi-Fi,
User Interface Simple and intuitive interface, easy to navigate User-friendly and customizable interface, fast and responsive
Energy Efficiency Eco mode, automatic backlight dimming, power-saving modes Energy Star-certified, energy-saving technologies
Customer Support Phone, email, online chat, FAQs, manuals Phone, email, online chat, FAQs, manuals
Reputation & Reviews Well-known for quality and affordability, positive reviews Established brand with expertise, mixed reviews

So, now that we have the table briefing the differences, let’s briefly dive into each difference and understand what it has to say.

Smart TV Platform

Well, Smart TV is not a very new concept. Smart TVs have been there for some time now, and both Philips and Vizio TVs are also ahead in the game of Best Smart Televisions.

When we talk about the Vizio Smart Televisions, it uses the SmartCast platform, which is pretty much user-friendly, and it also enables easy access to streaming platforms, and applications, and it even lets us control the television through voice commands.

On the other hand, Philips has its own Smart TV Platform, which is pretty much advanced, and has a bunch of useful features, like Chromecast, and it allows us to connect with other smart devices.

Result: Both brands are great at providing a Smart TV platform for Streaming enthusiasts, as well as gamers. So, it’s a tie between both brands in this case.

Audio Quality

Gone are the days when we had those so-called Idiot boxes, with speakers that almost annoyed our ears, since the new Televisions are coming with groundbreaking audio quality, contributing to a great display, which makes it a cherry on the cake.

When it comes to Vizio Televisions, the audio performance is simply great, since it utilizes Dolby Atmos, and DTS Virtual:X technologies, allowing a surround sound experience, and providing a highly immersive experience.

On the other hand, Philips has audio technologies like Clear sound, and incredible surround, which enables a great and immersive audio experience.

Result: In this case too, both the brands have a great fight, so again a tie.

Super Modern Designs

Remember those heavy and bulky Television sets? They used to take up so much space and sit on a table in our house. Thanks to the modern and sleek Televisions, which can be easily mounted on the wall, and provide even a better experience, than those heavy TV sets(we had to slap them sometimes)

Talking about Vizio Televisions, they are super sleek and modern in their design, and this allows a more immersive viewing experience, and makes it a great fit for your living room.

Philips has also got a premium finish and look, which makes it feel rich in any space.

Result: Again here, both the brands come to a tie.


With time, even the Televisions have become Smart, allowing us multiple options for better connectivity with the Television.

Vizio Televisions do come with some HDMI ports, USB ports, and even Wi-Fi, which eventually allows us to connect with multiple devices, like Gaming Consoles, and streaming devices.

The Philips Televisions also come up with a similar set of ports and connectivity options, so that you can connect with a variety of devices in this case too.

Result: If you have read the point, you know it is a tie

Picture Quality

Well, another important parameter that we consider while buying a Television is of course the Picture Quality, and I should say, that in this case too, both the brands have made a tight situation.

On one side, Vizio is already known for its advanced backlighting technology, which results in great color quality and brightness.

On the other hand, Philips is providing clarity and sharpness to each pixel, thanks to the innovative algorithms for image processing.

Result: In this case too, both the brands have a great fight, which makes it again a tie between both the brands.

User Interface

Well, a key requirement in Smart Televisions is easy navigation. In other words, the user interface should be simple to understand, so the navigation becomes easier.

When it comes to Vizio Televisions, the user interface is pretty much straightforward, allowing anyone to easily interact with the Television.
In the case of Philips too, the user interface is very handy, which makes the Television very easy to use, and navigate.

Result: Well, again a TIE.

Well, Price is an important parameter

Well, undeniably for many people in this world, price is a huge parameter to consider when buying a Television, because television prices range from pocket-friendly to bank-breaking prices.

Talking about Vizio Televisions, it has gained its name for providing Televisions that are featured packed, and also affordable, so you can go with this if you want a budget-friendly choice with features.

On the other hand, Philips comes as a premium brand, with Televisions with advanced features, but the price point is comparatively higher.

Result: Well, I would rather not comment much on this, because it depends on the individual. If you are price conscious, you would go with a Vizio one, but if you don’t care much about the price tag, and need a powerful Television with advanced features, you would go with Philips.

What about Energy Consumption?

Well, now the Televisions are not some energy-eating devices. They have become very smart in terms of Energy consumption and Energy saving, which means it won’t make a hole in both, your pocket, and the planet.

Vizio televisions have got a bunch of energy-saving features, like power saving mode, and even automatic backlight dimming, which helps reduce electricity consumption.

Philips also has energy-saving technologies, which again help reduce electricity consumption.

Result: Well, it’s again a big TIE.

What kind of Customer Support do we have?

Well, that’s a real question, because at times, when we run into some problem, it’s the customer support that is going to save us from this problem. So, let’s talk about that a little bit.

With Vizio, you can get customer support through a variety of channels, like chat, mail, and even call, so that you can reach out to them in the most convenient way according to you.

Philips also provides customer support prioritizing the customer needs and satisfaction, so that the customer can connect with them, and get their queries solved.

Result: Well, both the brands have great customer support for the products after purchase, so again a TIE.


Well, we tried to compare the two great brands in the area of Consumer Electronics, Philips and Vizio. Both brands are great in what they are providing and can be considered highly competitive, as you can see from the above differences.

If the question remains, which one is better, Philips or Vizio? Well, the answer depends on YOU, because both the brands are simply great and very competitive in terms of what they are providing.

You should read the reviews for the products that you are buying because it would tell you a lot about the experiences of the users with that particular product, which would help you a lot when you are buying it.

Anyway, this was just a comparison based on some parameters. You can consider them yourselves, and then buy the best that suits you. We are not concluding that company A is better, or that brand B is better. Both are great in their areas, and you can buy the Television that suits you. This was just an informational comparison. 

FAQs related to Philips vs Vizio

Q: Which brand offers the best Televisions?

Ans: Well, this question is really hard to answer, since there are many big players in the game of Television, providing some groundbreaking features, at some jaw-dropping(and some bank-breaking) prices. The choice depends on what you prefer.

Q: Which Television has Better sound quality, Philips or Vizio?

Ans: Both the brands offer great and clear sound quality for a rich and immersive sound experience, which contributes to the visual quality, so it would be really hard to answer, but you can try to compare the sounds if possible, and then take a decision for yourself.

Q: Which is more affordable, Philips or Vizio?

Ans: From the price point of view, Philips price goes slightly in the premium range with advanced features, while the Vizio Televisions come at an affordable price point with great features, but still, it depends on what features you are asking for, that is going to influence what you would buy.


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