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Online Video Streaming Sites – Best Video Streaming Services

Online Video Streaming Sites

If you’re just wanting other sources to watch TV movies or any other video content you have a lot of choices. Today in this article I will tell you the top ten Best video streaming services and tell you the best Online Video Streaming Sites. Many of which can be accessed on smart TV or other streaming devices like Roku Amazon, fire apple TV, and many others.

You can also use many of the Best Streaming Video Services on your personal computer or on a mobile phone or tablet. These will be standalone services that don’t require a cable or satellite accounts. So read about best movie streaming service for new releases.

Online video streaming sites
Online video streaming sites

Online Video Streaming Sites – Best Video Streaming Services


YouTube the video-sharing site founded in two thousand five.

It can be a great place to learn and you can find videos on here that can keep you entertained.


Netflix is a great streaming video service. With its great selection of TV shows and movies know their competitors even close to matching what Netflix has to offer.

The quality and quantity of their original TV shows as a whole are superior to the competition and are definitely better than what can be found on the major over the air broadcasters in the United States.

Pricing will vary depending on your region.


Amazon video service offers TV shows and films for rent or purchase.

It also offers TV shows and movies that are included at no cost if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

Some of the original series that are worth watching include sneaky Pete, the man in the high castle, and Goliath.

The only complaint I have with Amazon video is that the Roku app is very buggy, other than that it’s a great service.


There are many choices including the affirmation who live with live TV direct TV now, Tubo TV, Play Station TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV is now available in select US cities.

Channel line-ups will vary and pricing for the services will range between twenty dollars and seventy dollars per month.

Choosing the plan that is right for you will depend on your viewing preferences.

So it’s best to look at the channel line-ups before selecting a service.

Online Video Streaming Sites


Vevo is best described as a streaming service for music videos. You’ll find many of your favorite music artists on here new and old.

You can start with several generous to choose from including pop hip hop country and several others.

In their mid-section, you can find a playlist to match your current mindset.

If you only want to watch news videos. check out the recently added video section and they have a watch party feature which is cool. it allows you to build playlists with your friends you can chat and watch videos with each other at the same time.

Vevo is free and does have a great selection of music videos.


Hulu is a joint venture with Disney ABC, fox, NBC universal, and the Turner broadcasting system.

You’ll find many of the latest TV shows on the service with a wide variety of movies.

They also have original series that is worth watching.

Plans on who started five ninety-nine per month with commercials to remove the ads the cost is extra.


If you are interested to watch french movies or TV-series then French Stream is the best choice for you…

here is the best collection of the best french movie.


HBO now and showtime these two services both offer high-quality original series, along with a large library of movies.

HBO now has several great shows. that include Westward, big little lies, curb your enthusiasm, and the game of thrones.

That service will cost you fourteen ninety-nine per month.

Showtime’s original Sears include ray Donovan, homeland, Peaks, and billions.

The service is usually ten ninety-nine per month. if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can add on Showtime through Amazon video four-eight ninety-nine per month.


123moviesweb.net is one of the popular movies streaming website which offers almost similar features to Solarmovie. As per visitors’, feedback 123moviesweb is a top-rated website to watch movies online for free.

This website provides you lots of movies latest to classic without registration. It has a good, clear and smooth interface to navigate within the site so that users can access every movie of this website very easily.

Movies are categorized as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi, Documentaries, Horror, and lots more. Users can register an account for free if they want to watch movies. 123moviesweb doesn’t store any movies on their servers all the movies are linked and hosted on third-party servers and websites.


Crunchyroll is a popular source to watch Anime and Manga.

In addition to the more than eight hundred animated shows. they also feature over two hundred live-action dramas direct from Asia.

Crunchyroll is free and they do offer premium memberships. that can give you more benefits and features that include no ads.

Best Video Streaming Services


If you want to watch movies online for free, then Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. This free streaming service offers a wide assortment of TV shows and movies. that they continuously rotate in and out of their line-up.

In the TV section, you’ll find all classics like all in the family and newer shows like heroes reborn.

They also feature original content that can’t be found elsewhere.

The movie selection is just okay, there are blockbusters like three hundred and others. but for the most part, you’ll find that many of these movies not to be worth your time to watch.

Crackle does offer a decent variety of videos. but does require some patience having to sit through lots of commercials.


Curiosity stream delivers documentaries and Sears about science technology history and nature.

They even feature original content and recently won an Emmy Award for Stephen Hawking’s favorite places.

Curiosity stream is a great place to learn. and only cost two dollars and ninety-nine cents per month.


If you enjoy watching others play video games. you can find thousands of streams at any time of the most popular games.

Which is free but does contain ads.

Which prime which is included with Amazon prime, gives you ad-free viewing and you get other stuff as well.

Do you feel another streaming video service should have made this list? it so let me know in the comments.


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