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Top 10+ Marathi movie download site List 2021 For Best Entertainment

Hi, Bro, are you looking for a free Marathi movie download site list?

If yes!

Then, bro, you are in the right place.

Here you will get all the Best Marathi movie download site lists.

Marathi movie download site

Friends, I am sure that we all interested to watch movies offline than watching Movies online.

Because while watching online movies not only consume a lot of data but also wastage a lot of time.

One more thing we can watch offline movies whenever we want without any hesitation.

And also new films that released in theatres.

What about old Marathi movies?

It’s very difficult to find old Marathi movie on Marathi streaming sites like Youtube, Hotstar, Netflix, and many others.

It is right?

Yes, it’s right.

Marathi movie download site

Then how can I find the old Marathi movie?

Don’t worry BRO…

Here I have mentioned all the Marathi movie download site list.

In these Marathi movie download sites, you can get both old Marathi movie as well as new Marathi movie ones.

So let’s jump over…

Marathi Movie Download Site List

For downloading a Marathi movie we normally search Movies name in google and visit sites to download these movies.

But many times we go on some worst downloading websites with fake download links, lots of advertisements, etc.

It causes a lot of trouble to us, also wastage of time to finding good Marathi movie download site.

So I have selected some Marathi movie download site that is useful and trusted.

So guys, let’s start.


Yuppflix is also a good site to Watch both Marathi, Hindi, and English movies.

Marathi movie download website list

The best part I liked about Yuppflix is you can request which movie you want in the Request Movie section.

And you can also download all the Marathi movies requested by users in the Requested movies section.

On this site lots of free Marathi movies collection for very old movies.

The best part about this website is it easy to surf through your browser.


I mentioned Yesmovies top the list because it has both new Marathi movies and old ones too.

Marathi movie download site

Here you can find Hindi and English movies too.

They also have lots of options to choose the quality of the film while watching.

Here you also find worldwide new release movies.

So that’s it for Yesmovies now head over to another.

The best thing about this site there is an option to request movies online.


Marathi movie download site

Netflix is the world’s leading service for watching TV episodes and movies on your favorite device whenever you want.

It is another great website to watch Marathi movies online with a paid chip plan.

Here you can find all the new movies in HD format.

Now Netflix head over to another site.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the best site to watch Marathi movies at a very low cost.

Marathi movie download site

It has an awesome feature that not only lets you watch movies but also can search for movies according to your keyword.

Follow the below procedure for a watch from Amazon Prime Video:-

  • Log in to your Amazon Prime Video Account.
  • First search for the movie you want to watch.
  • Enjoy the Marathi Movies

In my opinion Amazon Prime Video best service in Indian at a very cheap price.


Ha Ha Ha… Well before writing about this site, I knew that who didn’t know about YouTube.Marathi movie download site Free

YouTube is the biggest platform for watching videos, songs, Movies, TV episodes online for free.

But still, if you don’t know… How?

…you can search for your favorite Marathi movies on YouTube and if the movie is available you can watch it online or also you can download too.

And bro, you can be streaming movies Online too.

yupptv :-

yupptv.in is another good site for watching both Marathi, Hindi, and other top language movies.

The interface is a bit the same as Other sites with the best free service.

You can find yupptv a new movie as well as old too.

Also Read: YouTube watch free movies online without downloading


In all of this list, Hotstar is one of the best sites among all of the above but there has a cap that you can watch old Marathi movies here.

Hotstar Marathi movies

Old movies mean after 3-5 months or more of the movie release.

You can save your movie to watch offline any time you want or I have written a guide on how to download Hotstar videos you can follow that.

Conclusion for Marathi movie download site list

I have told you all the information about downloading Marathi and Hindi movies.

If you like this guide then do share with your friends because sharing is caring.😉

Marathi movie download site

If you found any problem regarding this post just comment down so that I can help you out.


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