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How to Write Leave Application for Office for Personal Reason

Casual Leave Application for Office

Sometimes due to personal reasons, we can’t continue our work and situation create like need to take leave from our work. You may be an employee of any company/organization, but to take a leave from work you need to get sanctioned that by a professional manner. Here either you can send a mail application regarding leave to the company or you can submit a handwritten application.

In both cases, either sending by mail application or submitting a handwritten application for leave, you must know the basic structure of such kind of leave application. Throughout this article information, you will get to know about this topic, like how to write down well-structured applications to apply for a leave.

The basic motive of this article is to provide you with detailed information about the leave application form as well as make you aware of some vital points which are always essential in such a kind of application letter.

How to Write Leave Application for Office for Personal Reason

Leave Application for Office for Personal Reason
Leave Application for Office for Personal Reason

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  1. Leave Application Format for Office
  2. Examples or Sample Leave Letter for Personal Reason
  3. Conclusion.
  4. FAQ.

Leave Application Format for Office

We are going to discuss here some important aspects which are so essential and necessarily required in to leave application. All of them are as given below;

  • Generally every application letter start with the word ‘To’, which indicates that you have to write this application for someone. It may be ahead of person from any organization/company or someone who have all rights about that company/organization like the manager, chairman, etc.
  • Next you need to write the specific designation of that person to whom you need to submit the application. It will be exact below the ‘To’ word.
  • Below that you need to mention the company name, where you need to mention that specific company name whose you have an employee.
  • Then mention company address, exact below to the company name.
  • ‘Subject’ is the important section in a leave application, that’s why you always need to mention specific reasons carefully in the subject.
  • Below the subject section you need to mention the specific date on which day you are going to submit the application.
  • Main body of application letter starts from words like ‘Respected Sir/ Madam’, Dear Madam/Sir etc.
  • Generally application letter purpose varies as per the requirement but there should reflect a request and respect behind to write such types of application. As here our topic is related with leave from office, so you must show well enough respect with doing request to next person by your application.
  • Into the main body of the application letter you need to mention your personal reason for what you need to leave. As a professional, your reason behind taking leave should be genuine, true. It should not be weird reason by that next person will either get confused or doubtful about you.
  • In a brief as an employee you can provide some professional details into the application letter like your employee ID number, designation, etc.
  • In the application letter no need to mention personal information in a descriptive manner, if it is essential to mention then try to provide that information in limited words.
  • You should finish your leave application by mentioning the words ‘Your Sincerely’, ‘Yours Faithfully’ etc. Below that word you have to write your full name, then contact details, employee ID number, and designation one by one under it.

These all are some helpful key points with the help of them you can construct any kind of application letter, next you will get to read some examples about leave application for office due to some personal reason.

Examples or Sample Leave Letter for Personal Reason

  1. Application Letter 1 – Leave Application for Child Care
  2. Application Letter 2 – Leave Application Due to Childbirth.
  3. Example of Application Letter 3 – Leave Application for sister wedding program.

Example 1 – Leave Application for Child Care

The HR Manager Sir,
Infinity IT Services.
Green Valley Corporate Offices, Berlin(Germany).

Subject:- Leave Application for some serious personal reasons.

Date: 14/08/2017

Respected Sir,

With full of respect about you, this is I Mr. John smith want to inform you that my 3 years old daughter is suffering from high fever with some viral infections. As per the medical reports it has been diagnosed that, she needs medical treatment under observation until the next week. As a father, I will need to stay there with my wife, for that I need a minimum of 8 days of leave from the office from the date of 14/08/2017. Here I want to assure you that once I will be free from this responsibility I will join the office on regular basis as before. I am sure that my leave application will accept by your end, and the company will allow my leaves for that days as I have mentioned here in the application. Thanks so much

Yours Sincerely,
John W Smith,
Signature: ———–
IT Operation Assistant, Infinity IT Services
Employee ID Number: ———-
Contact Number: —————–

Example 2 – Leave Application for Child Birth

The Manager,
Havells Global Pvt Ltd.
Edinburgh Square, Birmingham(England)

Subject:- Leave Application for The Personal Reason.
Date:- 09/05/2014.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect I Mr. Michael Butler want to inform you gladly that last night I became a father, as my wife has delivered a baby boy. My child is healthy and comfortable but due to some medical complications, my wife needs some treatment under the medical team observation for the next 5 days. I have a doubled responsibility now about my child as well as my wife, doctors have suggested I stay there in the hospital. It is so crucial time in my life where I have to prove husband and father too. With humble request I am submitting this application to you, allow me 5 days’ leave so that I will be able to take care of my family. I promise you once my family will come at home I will return back on work. With hope and faith, I will wait for your reply, I am sure you will accept my leave application and allow me 5 days’ leaves. Thanks so much

Yours Faithfully,
Michael P Butler,
Signature: ————–
Team Head, Production Division, Havells Global Pvt Ltd.
Employee ID Number: ————–
Contact Details: ——————-

Example 3 – Leave Application for Sister Marriage

The Human Resource Manager,
Mega-Tech Info system Pvt Ltd.
Opposite Richfeel Mall, New Jersey(USA).

Subject: Personal Reason Leave Application.
Date: 11/03/2016.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, Silvia Campbell would like to inform you that my younger sister’s marriage program has been scheduled for next week on the date of 13/03/2016. I have to complete many tasks related to this occasion, while I will need to contribute there on each and every responsibility. Due to such kind of personal reason, I will not able to come at the office for next 10 days. With humble request, I am submitting this application letter to you, hope my leave application will accept from your side. Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

Silvia Jason Campbell,
Signature: ———————
Sales Auditor, Mega-Tech Info system Pvt Ltd.
Employee ID Number: ————————
Contact Details:———————————–

Note:- All the company names, addresses, and person names are mentioned in the examples are given just for the examples. This information isn’t related to any existing persons, places, companies, or organizations. If you found any kind of similarity with actuality, then it will be just a coincidence.


All the information and examples provided here are related to leaving the application from the office due to personal reasons. There are various types of personal reasons for you can write an application for leave to the office. But the main things are essential for such type of applications that there should be request and respect mention in to there.

In this way, you have read important information for leave application from office due to personal reasons. While some examples are also given here related to such types of applications, hope you have well understood all of this information. Somewhere this information will be so helpful for you whenever you will need to write such kinds of applications. Try to share this information with others so that they can get benefits from this information, Thanks for being with us…

Frequently asked questions on leave Application from office due to personal reasons. – FAQ.

Q. Can we mention the personal reasons in the subject section of the leave application?

Ans: Yes, but apart from that in another way you can mention in the subject section as an ‘Application for Leave Due to Personal Reason’.

Q. Is it so hard to write an application for leave because of personal reasons?

Ans: No.

Q. Which things should be indicated in the application letter for leave due to personal reasons?

Ans: Request, Humbleness, and True reason should be reflected in to leave related application for a personal reason.

Q. To whom we can write an application letter for leave due to personal reasons?

Ans: To The Company Manager, Human Resource Manager, Senior Person into the company like process head, Process Manager, Chairman, School Principal, etc.

Q. Is it necessary to mention the employee ID number in to leave application letter due to personal reasons?

Ans: Actually it is not a necessary thing but if you are mentioning such things it shows discipline and seriousness about the profession.


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