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Is Kodi dead?

In the user’s minds, so much confusion about the most famous open source media player ‘Kodi software, whether it is available for work or not. The big conflict about Kodi is his addons as Kodi is providing Movies and TV series content that’s all as usual pulling into copyright infringement.

Is Kodi dead?

But for users, no need to worry as Kodi developers every time giving assurance about their service as well as they are providing every time new addons in their software. Besides that Kodi developer community seeking prosecution to make their service more trustworthy among users.


We are going to share some aspects with you which will surely clear all your doubts about Kodi, like what is the existence of this software in today’s date, Moreover that you must see some amazing recent Kodi addons it will make your decision like how much Kodi service is use worthy or not

Conflict about Official Kodi addons

As we all know Kodi is providing services with many official addons including entertainment, skins and themes, screensavers, weather, etc and they have rights to all of that addons, For example, see some below official addons

  1. you tube
  2. Tubi
  3. film Rise
  4. Zattoo box
  5. News on
  6. Daily Motion
  7. Buzzr Live
  8. Disney+, etc.

Kodi has Some other official add-ons too, But among them, some addons are regionally restricted. And that things make conflict about Kodi. Users frequently try to access those addons on Kodi but due to regional restrictions, they couldn’t reach a destination such things make doubt in users’ minds like whether Kodi is really in service or not.

Unofficial Kodi addons

some top unofficial addons are also available on Kodi we have mentioned below them

  1. covenant
  2. seren
  3. Exodus
  4. Gaia
  5. Venom
  6. Exodus Redux
  7. Real Debrid
  8. Premiumizer, etc.

Using unofficial addons may contain system viruses like malware, their performance can be less reliable or they can be concluded as pirated content due to that reasons users do not prefer that addons get in use. Many such kinds of addons had been concluded as third-party add-ons and they were killed off on Kodi or no longer in use.

Using some Kodi addons may get you into legal trouble due to infringement of copyrights. Most of the time people get advice during the use of Kodi, like users should use VPN (Virtual Private Network) for safety.


So the conclusion of this article is if you want to use Kodi addons you must start using with VPN like IPVanish for secure browsing. Also, Kodi is not dead it’s still in service you need to take some caution as Kodi provides some official as well as unofficial add-ons too.

Dispute on Kodi still as it is as well as every month Kodi introducing new addons for their users so it is clear that Kodi still working on all platform like Windows, Mac, iOS as well as android platform. Just be careful during use and go ahead.


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