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How to Refresh Tata Sky

How to Refresh Tata Sky

Entertainment is an indivisible part of our life, At a relaxed time or on weekend we usually try to watch movies or our favorite TV shows. As per government rules and norms nowadays set up box installation is mandatory due to that reason we use different types of service providers to set up boxes, Among all of the Tata Sky is the most convenient and reliable service provider for many years.

During the use of Tata Sky set up box service users face some technical issues like Digi card issue as well as channels not appear very well, sometimes users have been unknown about to refresh Tata sky service, Related to this issue we are sharing very helpful information with you if you are a Tata sky user then this information will be surely beneficial for you.

How to Refresh Tata Sky

We are going to explain to you how can you refresh your Tata sky service after recharge to overcome the minor technical errors.

Refresh Tata Sky with the use of the Mobile App

You can refresh your Tata sky setup box with the help of a Smartphone for that you must download the Tata sky app on your smartphone, You can get Tata sky mobile app on Android as well as the iOS store easily. After done installation of the Tata Sky app on your phone then you have to follow the below-given steps.

  1. You need to open Tata Sky mobile app first then do log in with the help of your existing Tata sky customer-id
  2. After done successfully log in you will be entered into the Tata sky app, You can see an account icon on the right side at the top in-app, you need to tap on the account option there
  3. Now you can see the ‘Help & FAQs’ option, tap on it and you will get the ‘Raise request’ option.
  4. You have to tap on the ‘Raise Request’ option you will get here option like a new request form, You have to choose serially options like Nature of request and then be unable to view the service. After that, you will get the ‘Refresh’ option just do it and within some seconds your Set box will refresh.

Refresh Tata Sky by Giving Missed Calls

You can refresh your Tata Sky set up box service by giving missed calls for that you need to do given below task.

  1. You need to give missed call from your Tata sky account registered mobile number then wait for around 3 minutes, your setup box will be refreshed.
  2. After doing the above task if the still set up box doesn’t get refreshed then you should give missed call on Tata sky toll-free helpline number – 18002086633 from your Tata Sky account registered mobile number. During the call you will get a refresh option for that you have to press 1, Your setup box will refresh within some seconds.

In this way, you can refresh your Tata Sky set up box service by giving missed calls.

Refresh Tata Sky by SMS Method

You can refresh the Tata Sky setup box by the SMS method. You have to do the given below tasks.

  1. In Your message box Type ‘SR’ and send it to 56633, Soft refresh will have been done on your setup box.
  2. You can do Heavy refresh also If in case some channels still not working then just Type ‘HR’ in your message box and send it to 56633, Heavy refresh will have been done on your setup box.

Refresh Tata sky by the WhatsApp method.

Users can refresh their Tata Sky setup box with the help of WhatsApp, You have to use below given task

  1. You need to save the first Tata Sky WhatsApp number into your contact list by the name Tata Sky
  2. Open your WhatsApp and go into Tata Sky WhatsApp number, Make sure your set up box on now
  3. Now Type and send a “Refresh” message in the Tata Sky number
  4. You will get a reply message from Tata Sky on WhatsApp and within a few seconds refresh action will have been done and you would be able to watch TV channels now.

You can use any one method as we mentioned above and refresh your Tata Sky set up the box. Hope you have very well understood now and you will use any suitable method to refresh your setup box.


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