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How to Refresh Safari On iPhone

Best Way to Refresh Safari on iPhone

If you go to search for a browser to use, then you will get many more browsers options on different stores, but every browser is not that efficient and fast. In that case, it is always better to use the default browser on your device, the same way Safari is the default browser on iOS platform. As an iPhone user if you need to refresh the Safari browser, then you will get to know information about that in this article.

Sometime during the use of Safari browser if a web page gets stuck due to poor internet connection or any other issue that time you will need to either refresh your browser or close and reopen it. But here this article’s motive is to provide you with information about refreshing the Safari browser without closing it.

In another case, if sometimes you need to load any website’s URL on Safari browser and that website not going to open and taking loading for much more time then you will need to load it again. Here you will get to know also about it like if you want to reload any specific website on the Safari browser then how can you do that by easy way.

How to Refresh Safari On iPhone

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  2. Possible Reasons Behind Safari Not Open The Web Page
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How to Refresh a Page On iPhone

If you are an iOS smartphone user i.e  iPhone and want to refresh a page on it then what essential you can try to refresh the web page there about that whole information you will get to know here. Below given simple relevant steps will explain to you how you can complete the page refreshing process on the Safari browser, let’s see them all.

  • At first you will need to launch Safari browser on your iPhone.
  • After launching the Safari browser you will need to either type a website link into the search field or you can copy and paste a link there into the website search field.
  • Once you have given the website URL there, next you will need to find reload/refresh icon within the browser.
  • Now, finally you will need to tap on reload/refresh icon so that you can go for the page refreshing process.
  • Once you have done the above activities you will be able to refresh the web page or reload that specific website.

All the above-mentioned process is very much easy and anyone can do this whenever they need to refresh/reload the webpage on their Safari browser.

Possible Reasons Behind Safari Not Open The Web Page.

Sometimes after doing a refreshing page-related activity on Safari then also this browser does not open the page. Due to that, either browser can show you an error message which appears on your iPhone screen. While in other cases browser may take so long time to open the page and you go totally unable to open that website on the browser.

Such type of issue comes during the use of browser due to various kinds of reasons, among them all possible reasons are as per given below.

  • Wrong URL/ Invalid website address.
  • Blocked website loading on Browser.
  • DNS settings need to change.
  • Poor Internet connection.
  • iPhone not connected with internet.
  • Website data and cache stored in to Safari Browser.
  • Too many redirects occurred.
  • Safari browser not updated.
  • Not established secure server connection.
  • Device may got hang.

As per given the above anyone can be the possible reason if there is a web page not opening on your iPhone after done page refreshing process.


Normally when everything is ok then you can easily reload/refresh the web page on the safari browser with the help of the refresh page icon. But if you have already tried the refresh page option then also the web page does not go to open on Safari browser then there may some possible reasons behind it, here in this article such possible reasons are mentioned you can read them. While among them anyone can be the possible reason behind not opening the page on the Safari browser.

In this way, you have read detailed information about the web page refreshing/loading related information into this article. While you have introduced some possible reasons behind not opening the page on this browser, among them anyone can be responsible due to that you may unable to load the website.

Hope you have well understood all of this information and somewhere this will helpful for you. Try to share this information with other people so that they can get benefits from it. Thanks for being with us.

Frequently asked questions on how to refresh safari on iPhone

Q. How to reload safari on iPhone?

Ans: On the Safari browser you will get to see the refresh page icon, you will need to tap on that so that the web page will go to refresh. In this way, you can reload safari on your iPhone.

Q. Does the safari browser take so long time to refresh the page over it? If this web browser takes a long time to load then what can be possible there?

Ans: Normally when you tap on the refresh page icon, that time Safari browser starts the page refreshing process quickly. If page loading takes so long time then there may be any other kind of another issue over there, so you need to check for that.

Q. Does due to poor internet connection, Safari browser refreshing/reloading process goes to be failed?

Ans: Yes.

Q. If the website URL is wrong while on iPhone going to try refreshing/reloading the web page on Safari, then does it works?

Ans: No, it will not work because the wrong URL is not helpful to open the webpage.

Q. If iPhone got to hang and the safari browser unable to open the web page then does it possible to solve this issue by the use of a refresh icon?

Ans: No. You will need to switch off and restart your phone then only this issue can be resolved.


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