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How To Make Computer Faster & Increase Laptop Speed

There are several reasons why your computer crashes run slow or act strangely.

If you always think about:

  • How to make computer faster windows 7 or Windows 10?
  • Why my laptop is very slow?
  • How to increase computer speed?

How To Make Computer Faster

How To Make Computer Faster & Increase Laptop Speed

Then,  maybe you’re the careless type or you’ve been doing things unintentionally. That it had a negative impact on computer or laptop performance and security. so today I will let you some reasons why your computer Slow. and how to increase laptop or computer speed.

You have to match digital trash being stored on your hard drive.

Your PC needs empty space on its drive to work more efficiently. I’d recommend giving your PC a minimum of ten to fifteen percent free space.

Go through your folders and get rid of any photos videos or any other files, that you no longer need.

if you’re indecisive on what to remove just need the number to an external drive for now.

For example, there’s no need to have photos of your pets on your computer. if you have them stored elsewhere.

Also, uninstall any programs that you no longer use.

You’re installing malware adware and other junk on your system.

Before downloading and installing any new software that you’re not familiar with, do some research first to avoid possible gateways for malware or ransomware. Scam the installer with your preferred security software; in addition, use a website like a virus total for an added layer of security.

While installing also is sure to uncheck any boxes to avoid installing extra junk on your system.

You don’t install software updates.

The system updates may have bug fixes, that can make your computer run faster along with new features and patches to make your PC more secure.

The other software on your PC also needs to be updated for the same reasons. Issues related to a specific program can also affect the overall performance of your computer. in addition to updating your software make sure that you’re ready the latest drivers as well.

You let dust & filth build up everywhere inside your computer.

All this build up inside your case can cause. your PC to run hard. Hard computers can run slower and possibly lead to failure.

Every six to eight months grab a can of compressed air and use it to blow the dust and built out of your computer. giving extra attention to your PC fans, doing this helps to ensure that your computer stays running cool.

We have too many programs that low during startup.

This can bog down the bid process and make your computer runs slower. to disable start-up programs on windows ten go to your task manager start-up tab and disable all the ones that are not necessary.

You can also disable programs from loading at startup on Mac, Linux and older versions of windows.

How To Make Computer Faster windows 7 or windows 10

You’ve never upgraded your hardware.

If you easy hardware upgrades most people can do include increasing your ram getting a better GPO or you could switch out your hard drive for a faster solid state drive.

After doing any or all of these you should notice that your computer is quite a bit faster.

Your computer security is not very good.

Other than having high-quality security software installed on your PC. many people when logging on to the computer four counts online are still using terrible passwords like one two three four five six or the word password as the password.

Doing so put your so-called password-protected computer and accounts at risk.

For the various password cracking tools that work on windows mac and Linux X. guessing your password is not too difficult to figure out.

you should try to create more complex passwords ten eighteen characters in length that you can remember using upper lower case letters numbers and special characters.

You never power off for restart your computer

There’s some debate whether this is necessary will clear this up right now. it is necessary, here’s why restarting your computer clears out your computer’s memory and shuts down every process.

That was running give your system a fresh start when it relates, in addition, this can help solve ram leakage issues soccer crashes and broken installations.

You’re running an insecure operating system.

With windows, mac, and the various links distributions only their newer versions are fully supported with security and feature updates.

For example, if you’re running Windows XP support ended on April 8 of 2014.

Microsoft did make an exception to their end of support rule last year. when The wanna cry ransomware was running wild.

They did issue a security patch for XP users the oldest operating system supported by Microsoft right now is windows seven.

Stop fixing security issues on that system on January 14 of 2020 if possible upgrade to an operating system that is still supported.

Hopefully, by following these tips this can help to mend the relationship between you and your digital friend. otherwise, it just may be time to move on and get yourself a new computer.

You’ve never backed up your hard drive or solid-state drive.

There are only so many guarantees in life one of them is that your drive will fail. Only just a matter of when options to back up your data include the various cloud services. Like Dropbox, one drive, Google drive, and others.

You can also use an external hard drive or network attached storage which is often referred to as a NASPA. ox redundancy is key should have at least one onsite and one offsite location for back up.

If you’re only backup location is in your home or office re PC is located at either one burns down they are left with no backup plan.


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