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How to get back text that you deleted online

How to get back text that you deleted online

Getting any kind of data deleted completely from your device is frustrating if you need it again someday. If you delete some text by mistake, it is hard to get that text again on your device as there is no trash for the texts that you have already deleted.

So if you have deleted some text mistakenly, and seeking how can you get the text back? We are here to help you.

How to get back text that you deleted online

Here are some ways you can recover the deleted text:

Things you need to know before you do anything after deleting the text:

When you delete any application or file or anything from your device, the deleted file is treated as inactive file and the space which was allocated to it is made ready to be overwritten by some other file or application. So anything you do on your phone after deleting the text or file may result into complete failure during recovery as the memory locations where you want to run the recovery operation can get overwritten.
Recovery can be made possible if the data is not overwritten by some application or file.

Note: There is a great chance that the deleted text won’t get recovered. However, there are some third party applications and softwares available on the internt which claim to help you recover your data to some extent.


  • Ask the person who had sent you the text to send it again
  • Getting messages recovered with some recovery software
  • Restoring the backed up data
  • Some measures to prevent losing messages in future

How to get back the deleted text?

Ask the person who had sent you the text to send it again –

If someone had sent you some important text and you mistakenly got it deleted, you can ask the same person to send the text again without wasting any time so you can react to the message accordingly.

This can be the simplest and no cost way to get the text back. But if the person who sent you the text does not have it now, then it is a thing to worry about.

Getting messages recovered with some recovery software –

The moment you realise that you got some important text deleted, you should stop using your phone . Because it is more likely for the space allocated to the file to get overwritten if you keep using your phone. You should put your phone to Airplane mode, or for more safety, you can swirch off your phone.

Then you have to install and run a data recovery program on your PC and try to recover the data of your mobile device.

There are a number of Softwares available for data recovery management which you can use. You can easily search and download any software on your PC and run for recovery.
Many of these softwares install as a freemium version, which means, you have to upgrade to premium version for complete recovery, however, an initial recovery of some MBs can be done for free as a trial of the software.

However, for a complete recovery, you may have to pay higher prices.

Also, many of the applications which may be recovering all your data for free, may steal all the data from your device and misuse it. So you should not use any third party software that is not trustworthy for recovering your data.

Restoring the backed up data –

This method can work only in case you have backed up your device. If you regularly back up your device, it is more likely that the message is also backed up and you can recover it.

Note that the backed up data can be restored only when you are logging into some new or unrecognised device.

ou can restore the backup of your data by doing following –

  • Firstly, open Google drive on another phone and log in with the same email id with which you have made a back up of the data.
  • Click on the three lines button on the top left to open the menu.
  • Go to the “Backups” option.
  • The backed up data will show up(if the data was backed up).
  • You can restore the data from there.

How to prevent losing messages in future?

You had mistakenly deleted some important text due to which you had to take much efforts to get the text back. Now you would never want to lose any message again and would wish to find something that can prevent losing messages in future.
Well , there are some ways you can manage or save the messages.

Some measures to prevent losing messages in future –

Regularly back up your data

The practice of regularly backing up your data to the cloud or some other storage device or applications can save you from huge loss of data if all of a sudden, your device malfunctions or stops working.
You can restore the data in some other device easily as and when needed.

Using some third party application for saving the messages or notifications
Everyone receives messages as notifications, which can be saved using some third party applications like “Notisave” or “WAMR” etc which can autosave all your notifications. So even if the message got deleted by you or it was deleted by the sender, you can still view it through these third party applications.


Above discussed are some of the ways through which one can recover the deleted messages and also may prevent further loss of messages with the help of some third party applications or by regularly backing up the data.

However, it is not recommended to give any kind of access(like access to notifications, storage, messages etc) to any third party application unless it is trustworthy, approved by some authority(like Google play) for use and works in the way you want. You may use any / all of the methods to restore your deleted messages as per your need . We do not recommend or promote any kind of software and / or application. This is just an informative article.

Frequently asked questions –

How can I see deleted Whatsapp text message?
You cannot view the deleted message with whatsapp. You need some third party application like “Notisave” to save all the incoming messages. Even if the messages are deleted by the sender, you can still view them through the third party application.

How to restore backup with Google Drive?
You have to open Google Drive in another mobile phone and log in with the same account into with which you had created the backup.
Tap the “three horizontal lines” icon and select “Backups”.
The backed up data will appear there. You can restore it from ther into the new device when prompted.

The backed up data will be restored into the new device.

Do the deleted messages vanish immediately after deletion?
The answer is definitely NO. The deleted messages are just delisted from the occupied memory locations and not are no more visible to user while the message content still is present there, till it gets overwritten by some kind of file.
So if you wish to restore what you deleted right now, do not download or save anything or do not do anything that may overwrite the message contents from the memory locations since those locations are ready to be used again for saving file(s).


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