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Everyone has some friends, with whom we spend most of our time, either physically or on Social Media. Talking about Social Media, this connection with friends is kind of different, due to the level of connectivity that can be achieved, which enables us to connect with our friends around the globe. If you are a frequent Twitter user, you might have noticed that some accounts are sharing their “Twitter Interaction Circle“, which is made using Chirpty, which is a web program, which uses Twitter API, and was created by @Duiker101.


In this article, we are going to have a look at what exactly is Chirpty, so that you can have a rough idea about this. Once you follow and read this article completely, you can find everything you need to know about Chirpty.

What is Chirpty?

Well, Chirpty is a web-based tool, which creates an image of the Twitter profiles with whom you engage the most. If you have seen the “Twitter Interaction Circle” uploaded by many people, you might have seen that it has the profile pictures of the Twitter individuals with whom they engage the most. Using this web-based tool is also very easy, and you do not need to even log in to your Twitter Account, or any other login to access this platform because it uses the public data available through the Twitter API.

How to use Chirpty?

Using Chirpty can be a very simple and easy-to-follow process. You just needed to follow the below-given steps, and as mentioned earlier, you don’t even need to login here, to be able to use the service. Let’s have a look at those steps quickly.

  • First of all, on your browser, just visit the website https://www.chirpty.com/, or just click here.
  • You can find an easy-to-use interface, where you just need to enter your username.
  • You can also find if there are any open slots for you to create your “Twitter Interaction Circle”.
  • If you have some open slots, you can enter your username in the given field.
  • Wait for Chirpty to produce your result, and then you can download the image.

Note: If you want to skip the wait, you can make a small payment of $0.99, and skip the queue. 

As you can see, following the above-given steps, you can simply create your Twitter Interaction Circle, using Chirpty. If there are no open slots, you would have to wait. Since they are using the Twitter API, there are some things that are not in their control, so all the users can do is wait.

Actually, Chirpty generates three circles, which are arranged in the order of their proximity, and the first circle has eight accounts, the second one has fifteen, and the third one has sixteen, and they are not editable. The only thing that you can modify is the background color, before downloading it.

Free slots in Chirpty

When you visit the Chirpty website, you would have seen a simple interface, where you just need to enter your username, and hit the generate button. You might also have seen that there are some free slots that open after every interval. Chirpty claims that it is because it is using the Twitter API, and for every 15 minutes, it allows a limited number of requests to the API.

So, one has to wait till the free slots are open again so that the user can generate the Twitter Interaction Circle. But there’s another way out of this. They have something called a Chirpty hopper, where you can skip the wait and queue for just a small amount of $0.99.

Is Chirpty Discontinued?

Chirpty was an amazing service that allowed users to create their Twitter Interaction Circle, and many people used it to do so. Unfortunately, due to some changes in Twitter itself, the service couldn’t continue. If you now visit to Chirpty website, you would see that they have mentioned that “Recent Changes to Twitter mean that Chirpty can’t continue.” However, this service was amazing, which let users create their Twitter Interaction Circle.

You can follow them on X, to get information about more projects like this from them, so that you can stay updated.


In this article, we discussed what is Chirpty, which was an amazing web-based tool, which allowed users to create their Twitter Interaction Circle. It was free and also had something called a Chirpty hopper, through which, the users could skip the queue, and get their Twitter Interaction Circle immediately, for just $0.99.

Unfortunately, due to some changes in Twitter, Chirpty had to discontinue, but it was an amazing service, and many people used it to see who was in their Twitter bubble. We hope that we could help you with the information from this article because this article is solely for providing as much information as possible to our users.

FAQs related to Chirpty

Q: What is Chirpty?

Ans: Chirpty is a web-based tool, which allows the users to create their Twitter Interaction circle. But as of now, the service has been discontinued, due to some changes in Twitter.

Q: Who created Chirpty?

Ans: Chirpty was created by @duiker101, and you can follow @chirpty_team for more project updates like this.

Q: Why was Chirpty Discontinued?

Ans: Chirpty was an amazing service, but was discontinued due to some changes in Twitter.

Q: What did Chirpty do?

Ans: Chirpty lets you create your Twitter Interaction Circle, just through your username, using the publicly available data from Twitter, without you needing to login or create an account or give any other data.


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