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Can a Textfree number be traced?

If you are using the Textfree service, or wish to opt for one, and you are worried about whether or not the Textfree number can be traced? Well, you do not need to worry, since we have got you covered. Understanding the need, in this article, we are going to have a look at whether or not can a Textfree number be traced.

Can a Textfree number be traced?

What is Textfree?

Textfree is a service using which, one can make or receive calls and messages. This service is available on Android and iOS, and it requires the internet. It has both free and paid subscription options available.

Using Textfree, one gets a number, which he/she can use as a medium for receiving and/or sending messages and calls from/to other people.

There are many use cases when you would want to use the Textfree service like if you do not want to disclose your real contact number, but you need to provide some contact number to other people, you can use this contact number.

Can a Textfree number be traced?

Well, the answer is that it depends. It may not be possible for some individuals to trace someone on Textfree, but it is still possible for authorities to trace the number, and gather the required information. The thing is that with Textfree, you get a number, which can be used by other people, to contact you.

As mentioned earlier, there can be a lot of use cases for Textfree service. But unfortunately, this also includes some unethical or illegal purposes.

If you use Textfree or other similar services, you might be able to enjoy privacy to some extent, since you are contacting other people without even revealing your real number. But, this does not mean that you would be safe doing something that you were not supposed to do.

So, the companies who are behind the application likely keep the logs of every number that is used. They store some information related to who was using the number For example, the information can include –

  • Account information on signup.
  • Logs related to the use of numbers (logs related to who contacted whom… and what was said)
  • Unique Identifier for the device.
  • When the phone number was registered to the account.
  • The IP address and geolocation of the device, when the app was used.

So, as can be seen, a lot of information related to the user, and the device, is stored by the company for obvious purposes. Even if you are using a fake or temporary email address, or a VPN every time, you may not be completely protected.

The good thing is that the company does not give the data to anyone who asks for it. If this would have happened, it would be a huge data breach, but thankfully, the company doesn’t provide any data to anyone so easily. But, if it is a legal order, they may be compelled, or they have the right to give the information that they have collected.

So, you should be aware that if you are using some third-party application or service for messaging and calling, all the things have been saved, and you cannot remotely delete the information. The company would not give away the identity of the users who are using the phone numbers to anyone(exceptions are there), due to privacy concerns. Most companies with similar services follow similar policies and guidelines.

Can authorities(like police) trace Textfree?

As mentioned earlier, the companies behind these apps won’t just give away the information of the users to anybody. However, if there is a legal order regarding the same, they can give the related information to the authorities, like the Police. So, if someone is using the service for unethical or illegal purposes, the police can trace it, if they wish to go deeper.

So, whenever you are using such services, make sure that you are doing no harm to anybody in any terms, and that you are using that for your own legitimate purposes. Note that being completely anonymous is very difficult, even if you are using some VPN or some fake email.

Can fake number apps be traced?

Well, a straightforward answer to this question is YES! But the process is not so straightforward. Often, these numbers and services are also being used by scammers all over the world, who are somehow able to contact people without revealing their identities.

So, understanding that prevention is better than cure, you should be able to identify the calls as scams, and not fall for them, like some easy money, or lottery, or some refund, or you would have to regret later. But if there is some serious crime, and it has the involvement of these services, law enforcement can figure out all the necessary details by going deeper into the details.
So, it is better if one is using the service for good, and not for harm to anything, or anybody.

How to prevent the Textfree number from getting traced?

There are multiple things that you can do, in order to prevent the Textfree number from getting traced. First of all, you should not be using that number for some unethical purpose. Another way that can help you prevent your Textfree number from getting traced(to some extent) is using VPN. Other than this, you can use some online number generators as a service.

Finally, be aware of who are you sharing your contact number. If you are giving the contact number to only the people you know, then there are very less chances of it being traced.


In this article, we tried to understand a very simple question, can a Textfree number be traced? And the answer is that it depends. Mostly, the company has user information, like account details, device details, IP and geolocation details, and other logs, but the company is not allowed to just give away the details to anyone. But if there is a legal order, then the company has to and has the right to give the information.

There are many use cases for getting subscribed to or using Textfree or similar services. The majority of them are legitimate, but unfortunately, the services are also often used for unethical or illegal purposes.

So, when you are using the Textfree service for messaging and calling, make sure that you are using it for some legitimate purposes, and not for something that can cause harm. We hope that this article was helpful to you.

Frequently asked questions related to Can a Textfree number be traced –

Q: Can you know the user information on Textfree?

Ans: The services like Textfree keep much of your information, like account details, logs, device-related information, and others, but they are not allowed to just give away the information to anyone who asks.

Q: Can Textfree be traced by cops?

Ans: Yes, if there is a legal notice related to the same, the cops can dig deeper into the case, getting the details from the company behind the apps.

Q: Is Textfree an anonymous service?

Ans: When you are using a Textfree number, your actual number is not revealed or shared with anyone, so, people would contact you using your Textfree number, through messages or call. So, we can say that the service is anonymous(to some extent). But if the service is used for some illegal purposes, it can be traced by law enforcement.

Q: Is textfree app safe to use?

Ans: The thing is that there are some concerns related to the complete privacy of the app, since it does not provide end-to-end encryption for text messages, but the messages are safe from start to end since they have control over the encryption.


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