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Best FB Comments for Boys Pic and Girl Picture

Best FB comment for boys pic and girl profile picture

Now day’s on social networking site active member number is so high, Most of the people either like to send created post or upload photos here, as well as their favorite task is to give comment on photos.

Instagram and Facebook where everyone’s love to spend time and share memorable incident with beautiful photos. Someone like to either read or give FB comment on photo, If you the one among them then this article is going to be so interesting for you, Here you are going to read some fb photo comment on social networking site photos, Including Facebook, Instagram etc.

There Are Different Different Comments Commented By Boys And Girls on Profiles. When commenting on guy friends pictures I like to always mention something from the actual picture itself.  I will differentiate those comments below:-

So check out this Best comments for FB or Instagram  and Give me your feedback…

Comment on pic

Best comments for boys pic

Looking Damn Handsome Brother

Billion Dollar Pic Brother

Awesome pictures bro.

Sizzling and smart boy.

Wowooo looking, handsome buddy.

Wow, you weren’t lying when you said you were hitting the gym!

Cool pic bro…

Your photos always awesome

Woohoo, looking handsome buddy!

If you have just logged in ,into your Facebook account and on same time your best friend picture appears on your screen ,which is really beautiful and appreciable then you are going to comment box in that photo. Then this words obviously you are mentioning in to comment box,” Woohoo, looking handsome buddy”.

Looking like Rockstar

You are star of FB

1K Like for your photo

Super nice pic bro

FB Comment

Your photo blasting on FB


Aaaaaahhhh! Teach me how to take Selfie like you

Cool dude

Always smart!

If you are looking your best friend photo after so long time on social networking site, when its recently uploaded , Then you must going into photo comment box and mentioning your opinion like as ,” Always smart!” , As you know already how much smart your friend, but its just one best compliment by your side for him.

Smart Trick:- there is lots of facebook comments bot that Convert Commenters Into Leads with a Facebook Auto Responder. but in this post you will get manual comment thats attract user to your post so, you can add this comment in autoresponder also.

Wow, you are the best at driving!

Nice pic!

You are a real gentleman!

How I love you!

My strong, confident and powerful!


Girls will die for you!

If your friend has been recently visited to some romantic and beautiful places ,where he clicked some really beautiful pic and then posted that pic on Facebook ,First time when you are going through that pic then your reaction can be like as ,” Girls will die for you!”

Best comment on pic for boy

Super look.

Looking like a star, keep shining.

Nice profile pic ever

Look like a pro – bro

Awesome Brother

Reacts Too Much

Fabulous FB pc ever

Amazing Smile

Handsome as always.

Morning with the view of your precious face is always the best!

Sometimes your friend is the lucky guy for you, Whenever you keep him with you for any task ,that will be going complete successfully. In such way when you looking his photo on Facebook at early morning, Your reaction can be into comment box like as,” Morning with the view of your precious face is always the best!”

fb photo comment

Dashing look!!

No words to say… wow wow wow Bro…

Looking damn handsome bro.

Fantastic picture dude

Million dollar pic

Looking like a star.

Killer attitude Bro…


it’s like a superstar… 

Looks Like A Movie Star Brother

Killer Pic Bro… Super hit

Super cool photo bro

Bro Nice pic comment

Smart boy

One and only you bro…

Handsome boy

Really cool pic Bro

Best comment on friend pic on FB

Number one!

Pretty good stuff ahhaaa!

Yeah, my bro!


One and Only you bro

Always Smart!

Innocent look!

Evergreen Charming

look like Rockstar

Wow… Great pic bro


My dream came true!

You are like coming home!

Your smile…wow!


Always the best

You always Looking Rock

You are Rockstar

Beautiful comments for girl

Keep shining.

Your charm is irresistible!!

You look energetic.

You have a great smile.

Cuteness overload!

You have never expected like that your friend can look cute in a specific costume, and suddenly if you have seen his picture on Facebook, then your comment on the photo can be like as. “Cuteness overloaded!”. It’s your compliment as well as a warm hug like a comment from your side to him.

That’s a fantastic pic.

Impressive picture.

Full of Filmy 

You look strong and confident.

FB Comments


You are my perfect man!

You are so kind!

You are the best of the best!

You are my stronghold!

Your charm is irresistible!

Your love is divine!

You are so fearless!

FB pic comments in English

Hey my shirt you promised me to return it soon

What a pic yr

Who is this cute baby

Cuteness overload

Cute baby

You are the strongest of all!

Hi Bro

Best photo ever

Great pic bro

You are so understanding…

Great! You should start modeling.

In school or college events if your friend has been participated in any fashion show or done a ramp walk and that incident photo has posted on Facebook, Instagram, etc., and when you are looking at that pic, your opinion can be like as photo comment box,” Great! You should start modeling.”

Very nice Pic

Oh after a long time

This picture made my day.

You are so handsome!


Long time no see

Best pic bro… Really cool

143 bro

Awesome comments for pics

Comments for Girl Pic on Instagram
Best comment on girl pic to impress her

Comments for Girl Pic on Instagram

Sweetest heart.

You look amazing Darling.

You look, Gorgeous girl…

Damn gorgeous my Lady.

Always perfect in every dress…

Hey, pretty queen!

You light up my life like nobody else.

You are so beautiful.

Such a cool picture.

Comment on Beautiful Girl Photo – Captions for Girls

I love your dressing sense. Nice pic.

So pretty this look.

Pretty stunning shot.

Confidence is beauty.

I smile thinking about you when I’m alone.

Such a Gorgeous capture babe.

This is beyond amazing.

This is called a perfect shot. love you…

Look wow and beautiful.

You look beautiful even when you don’t try.

So a gorgeous amazing pic.

Classy shot and an awesome background too.

Best comments for DP

You cook like no other!

Selfie king of the world

Nice picture

Mind-blowing pic

Really Awesome DP

Girls will die for you

Upload Selfie

Cool DP bro

Best Selfie Ever

Girls made for you brother

This picture is lit!!

That’s a killer pic, Bro!!

Comment on Selfie

Your smile makes me Happy.


Great!! You should start modeling.


That’s a perfect Gentleman’s pic.

Comments for boys pic 100+

Cute pair baby

Partner in crime.

I’m gone mad behind you

Romance king

Crazy Evil.

Your charm is irresistible!!


You’re best and all other is bad

Best on Facebook

With you, I feel like a real lady!

Really Looking cool

Oh! You are the best

Looking nice

Nice biceps, looking, great brother.

I’m so proud of you!

You are my cup of tea!

Looking beautiful comments

Which girl is standing behind you?


You look energetic.

You have a great smile.

Killer attitude Bro…

Impressive picture

Handsome as always.

That’s a fantastic pic.

You look strong and confident.

Great! You should start modeling.

That’s a perfect gentlemen pic.

This picture made my day.

This picture is lit.

That’s a killer pic bro

Your smile makes me happy.

Looking, great brother.

Long Stylish Comments for FB

Pretty good stuff ahhaaa!

If you have seen your friend’s pic on Facebook or Instagram by doing something handy craft work, with plenty of beautiful material collection around him then your reaction to the photo can be like,” Pretty good stuff ahhaaa!”

Studious (Just kidding, don’t take it seriously)

If you are looking at your friend’s photo on Facebook, where he is sitting in a library or at home in a reading pose, then surely your comment on that photo can be like,” Studious(Just kidding, Don’t take it seriously), Because only you knows better how much your friend like to do study.

We know more than anyone that your eyes are never quiet!

If you know very well about how flirty your friend is, who always tries to catch girl’s attention, then if your friend shares his pic on Facebook where girls around him into that pic, then on that pic surely you are going to comment like as,” We know more than anyone that your eyes are never quiet!”

Which girl is standing behind you?

If you have seen your best friend’s pic on Facebook where some girl is behind him, then pulled his legs jokingly you can comment on that pic like as,” Which girl is standing behind you?”

You are the strongest of all!

If you are going through a social media site and suddenly you see your friend’s pic, where he is gathered with some other guys, Among those guys if your friend’s physical appearance is strong then you can give comment on that photo like as,” You are the strongest of all!”

You make me laugh like no other!

Sometimes if you have seen a funny moment pic of your friend on Facebook, where he is doing quite naughty activity, then surely your reaction to that photo can be like as,” You make me laugh like no other!’

Girls made for you brother!

If your friend has clicked his photo of so cool costume and he has a good muscular body appearance then surely your reaction going to be on that Facebook photo like,” Girls made for you brother!”

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