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WhatsApp change number keep chat history

WhatsApp change number

Although it is not a usual process, there are circumstances in which we need to change the phone number.

This step not only warns our contacts of the change but in the case of WhatsApp, we would have to reconfigure the account associated with the new number, thus losing all the information and data related to it. However, WhatsApp has an adjustment that allows us to change the number and continue enjoying our profile in the instant messaging network.

However, for the process to preserve all the information it will be necessary to keep the same phone since it includes files encrypted with personal data, chats, groups, and other related information that is necessary to deal with the change and keep the account as it is. If you are in this situation, it is possible to perform the “transfer” number in the following way.

WhatsApp change number
WhatsApp change number keep chat history

WhatsApp change number keep chat history

First steps –¬†WhatsApp change number

The steps to be taken are extremely simple, so it does not involve any difficulty. First of all and as a precautionary measure, it is necessary to check that the new number we want to use is active. We can do it by making a call or sending an SMS. If you allow it, we are now ready to follow the next steps.

We just have to go to the WhatsApp settings menu, which we will usually find in the upper right part of the smartphone screen. If your phone has touch buttons, you may need to press the menu button to access the aforementioned settings section.


Once inside we just have to access account info and change the number. Next, a screen will appear with an interface like the one we showed you in the screenshot where you were warned about the changes that the adjustment will cause.

Press next and access the screen from which we will confirm the phone number we want to replace for the one we want to use. Once the request is made, the user will have the ability to continue using their previous WhatsApp profile with the new number, including the chat, groups, and information that we would have stored as a result of using the service.

Subsequently, it is only necessary to verify in WhatsApp the new number to start using the service.


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