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The Best Free Software 2022 Most Popular List for your computer

Most Useful Free Software For Computer 2022

In this article, I will tell you The best free software 2022 programs for your computer that are actually great. While you can install and use them on your computer very easily.

Though these all are common software while you may get introduced with them already, here you will get to know basic information about them like how much they can be beneficial for you. Such kind of information you will get to read through this article.

Except anyone’s software, the rest of the all software on the given list are free to install and use, while you can install them without any hassle on your personal computer. 

The Best Free Software 2022 Most Popular List for your computer

The best free software

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The Best Free Software 2022.

List of Most Popular Free Software For Your Computer.

  1. Waterfox
  2. Shoebox
  3. Google Earth Pro
  4. Darktable
  5. qBittorent
  6. Skype
  7. Google Chrome Browser
  8. Mozilla Firefox
  9. Gmail
  10. Adobe Photoshop Express
  11. Open Office Apache
  12. Antivirus Software
  13. PDF Tools
  14. Microsoft One Drive


Waterfox is an open-source web browser based on Firefox. Waterfox Contains many features with the purpose of having a speedy and ethical user-focused browser.

When Firefox Quantum was released late last year many long-time Firefox users were upset. when many of their add-ons no longer work. Waterfox maintains support for legacy extensions that are no longer supported by the firebox. With the open water, your first notice looks very similar to Firefox with most of the same features.

You can even import all of your bookmarks themes and add-ons that you’re using in Firefox.

Speaking of add-ons they can be accessed the same way by selecting the menu icon in the upper right and selecting Add-ons.

It will send you to this page to get more add-ons. their tabs on the left to see the extensions installed in your teens will show up in the appearance tab.

Waterfox is available on windows, Mac, Linux and Android.


Shoebox which they free unlimited photo storage service that is similar to Google photos.

You can back up all your photos automatically with a shoebox from your computer phone or tablet, by default your photos are stored as private so you don’t have to worry about others accessing your photos unless you want them to.

The software so easy to use that almost anybody could figure out how to use it all the familiar options to explore your collection are located in the left pane

shoebox gives you unlimited photo backup with a resolution up to ten point six megapixels and allows you fifteen minutes of video back up on the free plan.

For five dollars per month on their pro plan, your photos are stored in their original resolution and you can get up to ten hours of video back up.

If you’re looking for another option for backing up your photos shoebox is available on Windows, Mac iOS, and Android.

Google earth pro

Google earth pro is a virtual globe program up until a few years ago used to cost three hundred ninety-nine dollars.

but now it’s completely free the best way to tell you about it is to show you.

The software is a lot like using Google maps but with more powerful features. When you watch Google earth you should be zoomed out to navigate on the right of their controls to look around move around and zoom in and out.

Just like Google maps you’ll find the keyboard and mouse controls could be more user-friendly, zoom in and out use the page up and page down keys on your keyboard or you could use the scroll wheel on your mouse if you have one.

Google earth pro is available on windows mac and you can even get it for a couple of the distros of Linux.


Darktable is a free and open-source photography workflow application and raw developer. the program allows you to develop and enhance brought images this is done non-destructively your original image is never modified.

You can also manage your digital negatives in a database by using different metadata attributes Darktable is available for windows mac analytics.


qBittorrent is a free and open-source BitTorrent client compared to many alternatives such as You torrent its lightweight so I won’t use much of your CPU. There are no ads and you don’t have to pay extra for add-ons or extensions it also supports many extensions including magnet links.

It has a clean-looking interface. If you need further help using qBittorrent their forums are a great place to get answers to your questions. qBittorrent is available on windows, mac, and Linux.


It is one of the best applications which are most popular for video calls, nowadays in various countries of the world, Skype is mostly going to use for official video conferencing.

Skype offers some basic features for their user like you can chat as well as connect via video call through this application. It is totally free to use, while if you want to make normal calls via Skype to another country person for that Skype apply low rate for international calling.

You must have a Skype on your computer if you need to attend meetings through video conferencing on daily basis or one or more time in a week.

Google Chrome Browser.

It is one of the best and well known browser around the world, which works very fast and easy to access various websites. You can get chrome application as a inbuilt to Android operating system devices, while on iOS devices you need to download their application separately.

As per the user’s review, Google Chrome is the most popular browser while in to desktop devices most of the time users prefer to set this browser as a default browser.

It is a must essential browser for your computer, whenever you need to search for something with the help of the internet that time Chrome browser can be always useful for you.

Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox is also another best option into the browser list, while if you want to keep an alternate browser on your computer then you can give preference to this browser.

The user interface of Mozilla Firefox is very much catchy, while it helping to users for searching information with great speed. By default Mozilla Firefox blocks third-party cookies and social trackers.

It can be reliable and the best browser software for you to use on your computer.


As we all know that Google is the most famous and worldwide service-providing tech giant company that gives service to a different platform. Gmail is also the Google-owned mailing service platform, which has a worldwide user who happily uses Google mailing service.

If you are a registered user of Gmail, then you may need to access your mail through the Gmail program. To do that task you can always need Gmail software.

So Gmail is another must essential software for your PC while you can download that on every operating system computer.

Adobe Photoshop Express.

If you want to edit photos by giving them some best effects then Adobe Photoshop can be the best option for you. This software contains various types of tools with the help of them you can give effects to the original photo, while apart from that with the help of editing tools you can do desired changes in your photos.

For someone who needs to edit photos professionally, Adobe Photoshop Express may prove great software. It is free to use with some basic tools while users can upgrade tools options to enhance their user experience on Adobe.

On your computer, it is one more essential software which you can get download and use it as per your need.

Open Office Apache

Open Office Apache is an office suite software, where you can get a word processor, spreadsheet, graphic editor, presentation program, equation editor, etc. like features into one platform.

The writing feature of this office suite software is very much compatible and friendly to use on all computers, where you can write and edit your content easily. There are file saving options already given in to the software with the help of that you can save your content on your computer. Page Layout of the writing field is much more impressive, where you can get almost all writing tools.

For users who need to create words content or someone who are a writer as a professional for all of the Open Office Apache can be the best software. You can download this office suite from the official website while it can be all-time essential software for your computer.

Antivirus Software.

Here you will get to overlook some best antivirus software among them anyone must have to be installed in your computer. To keep the secure computer from harmful viruses, junk and corrupted files antivirus software helps in a great way.

Though antivirus software is not totally free because you need to purchase them to act on your computer, while every time after one year you need to renew it by secret code key. Here antivirus details are mentioned because they are must need on every computer to keep your system secure from junk, corrupted files as well as from some harmful viruses.

  • Net Protector
  • Norton.
  • BullGuard.
  • McAfee.
  • Bitdefender
  • MalwareBytes.
  • Trend Micro etc.

PDF Tools.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  2. Foxit Reader.
  3. Google Drive.
  4. Slim PDF
  5. Expert PDF Reader

With the help of anyone software as mentioned above, you can easily view and read PDF documents on your computer. So as per your choice and need you can try to download anyone suitable program on your PC.

Microsoft One Drive

One Drive is a cloud-based service providing platform owned by Microsoft. If you want to store your important data securely to get back up later on, then One Drive can be the best option for Windows computer users.

You can store all your important data into One Drive by online process, while due to any reason if your same data goes to loses from the computer then you can restore it safely from One Drive to your computer.

One Drive offers up to a 5GB storage option online for its users. If you want to save your important data on cloud based platform then you can download this program on your computer.


If you want to use free software on your personal computer then  many types of software are available there, while they are totally free to install and use. To get to know the best free computer software in 2022 you may get a reference to this article information.

In this way, you have read about some basic but most essential software for computer into this article. You may know about them already but never tried it, but now as per your need, you can download and use them, because all of them are all-time worthful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Free Software For Computer

Q. Is there free software available for computers?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Which instant messenger software is free to use on a Computer?

Ans: WhatsApp (Web-Based service), Telegram, Skype, etc.

Q. Can we use Skype software for free on the computer?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Does antivirus software free to use on Computers?

Ans: You can install antivirus at free of cost but to activate it for scanning your computer, you need to purchase a code key. Some antivirus software gives a one-month free trial for using their service so we can’t say every antivirus software is available totally on the purchase based.

Q. Does VLC Media Player software free to install and use on a computer?

Ans: Yes.


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