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Search google or type a URL

Search google or type a URL

When any user wants to use the internet that time one thing that is very important that is used should know specific website address or URL, sometimes we search for information with a specific topic regarding the word, Immediately then so many websites come on the screen.

Search google or type a URL

Search engine and URL (Web address) both are vital things during internet surfing because only with the help of them we can get specific desired topic-related information, Like as world widely Google is the most popular search engine that’s why billions of users prefer it.

This article will provide you with all the basic information about search information through google. Also briefly we will explain about URL, In short, if you are a new user then you will get to know how to search for information via Google, For users like you, this information will be very helpful.

What is Google & How to use Google Search

Google is an American information technology company which is providing technical services in the form of a Search engine, which consists of all types of websites it means almost all websites or URLs you can search under the Google search engine platform.

As a user, if you want to search for information related to the desired topic on google, You have to follow given below steps

  1. you simply need to go on your mobile or desktop browser and type www.google.com, Google homepage will appear on your screen
  2. Google is a search engine so users can search any kind of information on Google with the help of available specific web address (URL) or can type a topic related words, So you have to type word or website in the google search box then click on below given ‘search’ option.
  3. You can see various types of websites within a seconds on your screen, You have to click any one website among them which will open in the same window. In this way, you can open many websites on google but every time new website will open with a new tab or window.
  4. If you want to visit any specific website whose web address you know then just type that website address in the google search box and click on search, you will have entered into that website or similar website options you can get after search action finished.
  5. According to your area of interest or need you can search for information on google, surely you will get that.
  6. You can save your favorite website in a bookmark on your browser for that you have to choose that site as a bookmark, Next time when you want to go on the same site you can get that site easily from the bookmark.
  7. Url containing HTTP(Web pages), www (World wide web) and specific site name, the site ends with .com so you should type a correct web address.

What is URL or What is a URL Link

Url means Uniform Resource Locator, it consists of pages (HTTP), file transfer (FTP), email(Mailto), database access(JDBC), and other many applications.

Url or web address is specific information providing destination. Url can be various types according to need and interest like as Education website, Business website, healthcare website, administration, News, etc.

All of this information will help you for surfing the internet and you will easily get all desired information via google. Hope you have understood all provided information very well.


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