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What’s the Difference between Email and Gmail

Email vs Gmail

For some decades all over the world, message platform is available for communication, World has connected through the internet so its obvious thing invention moved in this direction also, as people can easily send each other messages through the internet but at the initial stage of mobile and internet peoples knows only either ’email’ facility or message sending through mobile.

Subsequently, different types of service providers had started providing email services like yahoo mail, Rediff mail, Gmail, etc, Users sometimes get confused about Gmail and email so here we are going to explain everything about this and the basic differences between them.

What’s the Difference between Email and Gmail

  • What is ‘Email’ and ‘Gmail

First, you need to understand what is ‘Email’ and ‘Gmail, email is the electronic message which either you can send or receive with the help of the internet. Through email service, you can send text, graphics, images, videos,s or documents. Gmail is an electronic message providing service of Google where Service related all rights and authentication reserved to the google. With the help of Gmail, you can either send or receive electronic messages and its most popular and world widely used mail service.

  • Difference between ‘Email’ and ‘Gmail’

Let’s get understand the difference between email and Gmail, you have to understand some basic things which can explain to you how they differ from each other.

1. Basic Features

email is a method or service to send or receive electronic messages and to provide this service various types of service providers are available. the email had invented for communication through digital platforms as all over the world users use this platform, Gmail is the service provider for mail, Google is the owner of Gmail and with the help of Gmail world widely you can easily send or receive messages so like as Gmail there are other mail service provider also available like yahoo, Rediffmail, etc Gmail is one of them. In short, we can say Google is a client and provider of mail service.

2. Main Basic difference

email is a facility which had invented for communication through electronic messages, and Gmail is a mail service providing a platform where the same thing users do is as a google client.

3. Web Policy/Protocol of email and gmail

An email message is currently defined as a request for comments document i.e “RFC 5322” and it’s specified in the internet message format (IMF), Where Gmail is the free electronic message sending or receiving platform which can be used on either on desktop or via third party application or Gmail application via POP or IMAP protocols.

4. Main vital purpose

The purpose of email service is just for sending or receiving electronic messages with the help of the internet, But Gmail provides mail service with extra benefits like mail reminder, virus protection, spam filtering, etc.

5. Sync Time

email sync time is every four hours per day whereas Gmail’s maximum sync time is one hour per day. Also in email service users can set sync time on selected days or in weeks but Gmail doesn’t have this facility.

6. Advertisement

Actually, the advertisement doesn’t involve email service but Gmail is involved with an advertisement for commercial as well as promotional way of different products and services.

7. Transfer format

with the help of email service users can either send or receive text, graphics, images, or video but in Gmail users can send or receive electronic messages only.

So in this way we can differ email and Gmail though there is not the very specific difference between them it’s very important to get understand the basic concept between them, we hope after reading this information all your doubts have been cleared and next time you will not be confused between email and Gmail.


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