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Easiest way to convert mp4 to mov

Convert mp4 to mov

Nowadays, people who are using quick time player are facing some issues in viewing MP4 videos. This may be because quick time player is not created to view MP4 videos. Thus, to open such files in quick time, we need to convert MP4 to MOV format by using MP4 to MOV video converter. Also there are many websites and software that enable its users to change the format of the available audio or video files.

Some of them are available even for free of cost whereas some other require premium version for the full access of features of the software tools. MP4 and MOV files can be summarized as given bellow

Features or specification MP4 MOV
Developed by International Organization for Standardization Apple Inc.
Open format Yes No
Internet media type video/mp4 video/quicktime
Extended From QuickTime File Format and MPEG-4 Part 12 To MPEG-4 Part 12

What parameters should we care about when we are converting MP4 videos to MOV format?

Easiest way to convert mp4 to mov

It can be challenging to change the format of the video files. For this, we require the right software or online tool for getting the best output video format. There are some parameters we should take care about while converting the MP4 to MOV files. They are given bellow:-

1. Bit Rate:-Rate at which bits are transferred from one location to another is called bit rates. Faster bit rate means more rapid video transition. Slower bit rate means more gradual video transition.

2. Audio/Video Quality:-The purpose of conversion of video from one format to another is not just making it compatible for specific media players. But not to reduce the picture or video quality as well. Hence use only trusted software or online tools that provide excellent video output after conversion.

3. Aspect ratio:-The ratio of the height and width of the image that is displayed on the screen is often referred to as aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of the video must be adjusted as per the screen resolution. For a square type screen, we must have 1:1 or 2:2 etc. However, the most popular aspect ratio these days is 16:9, which is for high definition video.

4. Screen resolution:-The size of the screen where the video is being displayed also plays an important role and must be considered during the conversion of MP4 to MOV files.

If anyone wants to convert MP4 files to MOV, then there are plenty of software that can be downloaded from the official websites. However, the best video converter that can convert MP4 to MOV easily is Wondershare UniConverter.

It allows users to select many formats for conversion. The software uses Optimized code which makes it 30 times faster than any other video converter software available in the market. The output video is of high quality, and there is minimal or no loss in quality at all.

Steps to convert MP4 to MOV using Wondershare UniConverter

1. Download and install Wondershare UniConverter from the official website.

Convert mp4 to mov

2. Double click the Wondershare icon from desktop and click add files.

Mp4 to mov

3. Upload the videos from your computer and then select MOV from the list of video formats from top right pane of Wondershare software application.

4. Now you can change the resolution, bit rates, frame rate , aspect ratios etc by clicking create custom button given.

Convert mp4 to mov

5. Finally hit convert all button. You can also change the location for saving the output video.

Downloading the Wondershare UniConverter software from unknown sources could make your device vulnerable to potential threats like spyware, malware and virus attacks. Hence, do make sure it shall only be downloaded from the official website of Wondershare.


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