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Cool Computer Gadgets on Amozon

Cool Computer Gadgets on Amazon

Hey all today we have come up with some cool gadgets or accessories for computers. If you are a computer worker then these gadgets will make your work very cool. These Computer Gadgets can also make your desk or place attractive and give a professional working area look.

These gadgets are useful and attractive in look, so that someone who will see these gadgets can be impressed. As per research, people who always work on computer always need some new changes in their working area or computer.

cool computer gadgets
cool computer gadgets

Cool Computer Gadgets on Amazon

So here is the package of cool gadgets that will change the old look and old type into modern style work area.

So let’s start and check out these cool gadgets.

Cool Computer Gadgets – No.1 laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard is one of the best gadgets. It is useful gadgets who like to type or to write a lot. This gadget is a keyboard which is projected on flat surface trough the laser light so that user can use keyboard anywhere without carrying the original keyboard.

This gadget is a small in size and chargeable and has facility to use keyboard anywhere, anytime. Just connect this virtual keyboard with your device, put device on flat surface and start typing on that surface where the keyboard is visible.

This gadget comes with the connectivity of Bluetooth and USB. You can connect this gadget to your smartphone and type text on this keyboard rather than typing on small screen.

This gadget Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard is available on online stores

Cool Computer Gadgets – No. 2 Foldable Laptop Table

This is a normal but a cool gadget with some features as it is table. This Table is made for working on laptop without keeping it on your lap and it has more space to keep things on it like mouse.

It is compact and portable to take with you in travel and use it comfortably working and also has cooling fans to cool down your laptop for long time working. It has classic shape and design which makes it comfortable to work on it.

This Table is available on online markets and you can grab one.

Cool Computer Gadgets – No. 3 Password Pen drive or USB Hard Disk

When you need more security for your data that you work or it is important for you. This can help you out with this problem. This USB device comes with password that you can set on this disk and protect your data.

This gadget can be unlocked only through password and cannot be used until unlocked. This disk will keep your data completely safe that no can access it. This gadget is compatible with all operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can buy this awesome gadget on online stores.

Cool gadgets for computers – No. 4 Foldable Keyboard

This is another optional keyboard for those who love to carry their keyboard with them everywhere but because of the original keyboard takes a lot of space to carry they cannot carry the keyboard.

But not anymore this Fold-able Keyboard is made of fold-able material which is like a soft rubber so that the user can easily carry it and use it by just simply placing it on flat surface and plug in the laptop.

This Keyboard is completely water resistance and dust proof, so no worries of getting damaged or dirty.

Foldable keyboard is available on online stores so you can buy it in many options as per the online stores provides.

Cool Computer Gadgets – No. 5 Laptop cooling Fan

Laptop cooling fan are available in many options and shapes. But this gadget is useful for laptop user as they have to work for a long time and the laptop heat up after some time.

This gadget cool down the laptop temperature by making an extra exhaust for the air and create vacuum to cool it for longer time.

Some of cooling fans has more functions to cool the laptop and with portable shapes so that user can carry it easily while traveling.

This Laptop cooling fans are available on online stores with many options.

Cool Computer Gadgets – No. 6 Table lamp With Bluetooth speaker

This gadget is the best for those who loves music and enjoy it on loud sound. This gadget has many functions that makes more useful for the user. It has touch light function so that user can change the color of light as per requirement.

It has 3 different mode of simple light if used as a table lamp that is DIM, Intermediate, Bright, which makes it perfect bedroom lamp. You can use it party as it has the mode of changing the color on demand.

You can attach your laptop with Bluetooth or computer with aux cable to this speaker and enjoy your favorite songs.

You can also charge it and carry with you for camping at night.

You can buy this gadget at online stores.

Cool Computer Gadgets – No. 7 Mini USB Fan Clock

It is another awesome gadget for computer users, mini USB Fan Clock. This gadget has the digital clock in the fan, as it is turned on the clock appears on the spinning fan blades. It has adjustable neck so that user can rotate the fan as per requirement.

It has USB Connectivity so user can easily attach it with computer or laptop or can also plug in USB Charger and use it. It is impressive to watch the clock appears on the spinning fan. This gadget works on both mode, its shows time in digital format and provides sufficient air to single user.

You can buy the gadget at online markets.

Cool Computer Gadgets – No. 8 Ultimate gaming Keyboard

This gadget is for those who love to play games on computer. This Keyboard is little different from a normal keyboards, as it has backlights under keys and has touchpad as the mouse. The user can enjoy the gaming experience while using it.

It has soft and rough keys for gaming are also anti- dust and water resistance, so no worries of getting damaged or dirty. These keyboards are made especially for gaming purpose, but anyone can have the experience of this gadget.

These gaming keyboards are available at online stores.

Cool Computer Gadgets – No. 9 SATA hard disk Docking Station

It is another best gadget for computer user who use lots of storage devices for data. This gadget allows the user to attach a SATA Hard disk to laptop or to another computer through USB port.

This gadget is useful for those who has data in internal hard disk but cannot carry it with them.

This gadget allows that facility to convert any internal hard disk into portable hard disk. You can easily transfer data to computer from the hard disk or transfer data to hard disk from computer.

It is the simplest gadget and life saver gadget for extra data store users.
This Hard disk docking station is easily available on all online stores.

Cool Computer Gadgets – No. 10 Portable Wireless Floating Speaker

It is a unique creation of technology in computer field. The floating speaker with the anti-gravity base that is also the charging station for users mobile, tablets, etc. User can also carry the floating speaker with them for use. The speaker has Bluetooth connectivity with the distance of 30ft around it.

The Speaker has auto adjust equalizer as per requirement for getting the best experience of the music by user.

This Floating Speaker is available on all online stores.

So these were some cool gadgets for computer users. These types of gadgets are the identity that technology is improving day by day with more advance systems.

Tomorrows world will be more easier from today’s and there will be more awesome and cool gadgets for all kind users and especially for computer user as they are the most technology users.


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