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How to Buy Google Play Credit

How to Buy Google Play Credit

If you are Android smartphone user then you have well known about Google Play Credit, because it is one of the best way to purchase your favorite Apps, Game, Digital Content etc. In case if you are not aware about Google Play Credit like what is this and how to use that then here you will know better about it.

Through this article information you will get to know about all the important aspects about Google Play Credit like How to Buy Google Play Credit, types of credit like gift card. Also you will get to know about process to add play store balance which is called Play Credit.

In short, You will get introduce with Google Play Credit with process about adding money on Google Play Store as a Google Play Credit. Hope this information will helpful for you as well as new users will get aware about Google Play Credit.

How to Buy Google Play Credit

How to Buy Google Play Credit
How to Buy Google Play Credit

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  1. Types of Google Play Credit
  2. FAQ.

Types of Google Play Credit

  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Digital Gift Code
  • Promo Code
  • Play Balance/Play Store Balance.

Google Play Gift Card:

Users can buy online gift card pay through by digital transactions from various types of payment platform like Google Pay, Paytm etc as per available in their country. If you have already a sufficient play balance in your play account, then as per need you can buy specific gift card, whenever you want. Here gift card is also one kind of play credit because by the use of them you can get desired stuff like books, Apps, Movies, Games or any other digital content etc. You can send Google Play Gift card to your friends, family members, relatives etc.

Digital Gift Code:

Whenever users are doing payment through Google Pay then Google gives gift code on some transactions. This can be in the form of Digital gift code or Promo code. Such digital gift code basically for shopping like books, to buy movie, to purchase app or game. Here you are paying through Google pay means one kind of you are purchasing Google Play Credit.

Promo Code:

In most of the main countries of world, Google offers promo code for their users like if you are doing transactions via Google pay then easily you will get promo code. You can either redeem that promo code as a play credit or can purchase something specified you want. In this way you can buy play credit in to different forms.

Buy Play Credit with Cash:

It is important and basic method by which you can add money in to play store as a play credit. Here either you can add money with the help of Net Banking, Debit Card/Credit Card or if you have promo code then easily can redeem here. Promo code balance will be add and appear as a play credit, which you will able to use as per your requirement.

Below given simple steps you have to follow to add money as a play credit, we can say in this way you can buy play credit.

  • At first you need to open Google Play app.
  • You will get to see your profile icon at the top right side, tap on that.
  • List of various types of options will appear on your smartphone screen, among them you need to select ‘Payments and Subscriptions’ option, Tap on that.
  • Next you have to choose ‘Payment Methods’, Tap on that.
  • You have to choose suitable payment method by which you wish add to money like Credit card/Debit card, Net banking,Redeem code etc.
  • Next you need to choose specific amount which you wish to add then go ahead.
  • Tap continue.
  • Select store.
  • Tap get payment code.
  • Now add the suitable store then follow all the instructions till the process end.

Finally in this way your money will add in to play balance as a play credit. By following this steps every time you can buy play credit with cash.

If you have already any promo code then you can redeem it through that option which is available there, Amount will be credited in play balance as a play credit.

In this we have discuss on various methods by which you can buy play credit, hope you well understood about all the given methods. Try to share this important information with others, Thanks for being with us..

Frequently Asked Quiz Questions on Buy Google Play Credit

Q. Can I redeem the promo code to play credit?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Can I buy Google Play Gift Card online?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Can I add money as a Play Credit through a Debit card?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Is there any option available to add cash as a play credit via Net banking?

Ans: Yes.

Q. Can I transfer my Google Play Credit to another account?

Ans: No.


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