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5 Best Apps for Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube is a fantastic streaming device that has become a must-have for every tech lover. So as the days are going by Amazon Fire TV Cube is becoming more and more popular because of its versatility and compatibility.

Today more than thousands of applications are compatible with Amazon Fire TV Cube. You can easily access these applications on your Amazon Fire TV Cube as most of the apps are free although there are paid applications as well.

Some of the applications can be directly downloaded from the Amazon app store while some applications need to side-loaded. Most of these apps are used to stream high-quality movies and TV shows. Through these applications, you can also stream live TV channels on your Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Therefore in this article, we are going to inform you about a few of the top-rated apps which you can use on your Amazon Fire TV Cube. Most of these apps work perfectly when you Jailbreak firestick.

Amazon fire TV apps list

Amazon Fire TV apps list

5 Best Apps for Amazon Fire TV Cube

FreeFlix HQ

FreeFlix HQ is an excellent app for Amazon Fire TV Cube through which you can stream more than thousands of movies and TV shows. Mainly this is a free application, but it has a paid version as well which you can avail of to get rid of the annoying ads that you generally face in the free version of FreeFlix HQ.

One of the main significant features of this application is that it allows you to download all the movies and TV shows directly on your device. Due to this feature, you will be able to enjoy all the movies and TV shows while you are offline.

Apart from streaming different types of movies and TV shows FreeFlix HQ also allows you to watch Live TV channels from all over the world. The majority of the Amazon Fire TV Cube users prefer to install FreeFlix HQ on their Amazon Fire TV Cube because of its simple interface.


Kodi is an open-source media streaming software that can be installed on nearly every device including Amazon Fire TV Cube. As Kodi is not present on the Amazon App Store, so it has to be side-loaded onto the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Kodi is a free application so you can easily download Kodi from the Internet. Another excellent feature of Kodi includes the fact that Kodi contains different types of add-ons through which you can stream various contents according to your choice.

All the add-ons of Kodi are updated regularly by different developers so that you can get the best service from Kodi. Through its add-ons, you can even watch live TV channels along with movies and TV shows. Because of all these features, Kodi is regarded as one of the most essential applications for Amazon Fire TV Cube.


Mobdro is a free live streaming application that can stream more than hundreds of live TV channels in different countries. It has a very simple interface, so you smoothly operate Mobdro on your Amazon Fire TV Cube.

The latest Mobdro update allows you to record live streaming content. You can even store the recorded contents on the hard drive of the Amazon Fire TV Cube which you can watch later without using the Internet.

In Mobdro the channels are listed under different categories which generally help you to find your favorite channel without facing any issue.

Apart from streaming Live TV channels Mobdro also offers different types of Movies and TV shows. The only negative point about Mobdro is that many channels of Mobdro are not of HD quality, but still, it is one of the best free live streaming application for Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Amazon Fire TV apps list

MX Player

MX Player is an external video player that is essential to have on your Amazon Fire TV Cube so that you can play all the Live TV channels and movies through this external player. This application has a free as well as a paid version.

It is a highly recommended application as most of the streaming apps have the ability to use MX Player as their default video player. MX Player has a straightforward interface so you can easily use this application to watch all the streaming apps and Live TV channels.

One of the most significant features of MX player is that it reduces buffering to a large extent and so with MX Player you get a buffering free experience. In MX player you can perform common actions without facing any problem with the help of quick shortcuts.

They provide a subtitle facility which you can use while watching movies and TV shows. This application also allows you to easily zoom in and zoom out while watching videos.


YouTube is a video streaming tool that contains tons of video streaming links and movie links, and it is considered to be one of the most popular apps amongst all the apps present in the market today.

Although Amazon has removed YouTube from its App Store due to some reason still you can side-load YouTube from the third-party App Store.

YouTube can be installed on the Amazon Fire TV Cube with the help of the Downloader app although there are other methods of downloading YouTube as well. But this is the most straightforward and easiest way to downloads a YouTube app.

The YouTube app allows you to download videos, upload your recorded videos, share your favorite videos, and even let you comment on different videos. The contents that are available on the YouTube application include video clips, TV show clips, music videos, short and documentary films, and audio recordings, etc.


As promised at the beginning of the article we have given detailed information about the top five apps for Amazon Fire TV Cube. There are various other apps available over the Amazon app store that can be installed on your Amazon Fire TV Cube, but here we have mentioned the most popular ones.

All the applications mentioned above are essential because they help you to enhance the experience of using Amazon Fire TV Cube. So you must go through this article thoroughly if you want to gather vital information about the most popular apps for Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Thanks for reading about the Amazon fire TV apps list.


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