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New Upcoming Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

Upcoming Business Ideas in India

Today’s generation there are many young people who do not like to do jobs and want to start their own business. But due to high requirement of budget and investments and also do not have the idea of which business should be starting on a low budget. Here are some of best Upcoming Business Ideas in India that you can do easily with low investment.

Upcoming Business Ideas in India

Upcoming Business Ideas in India

1. CCTV service

Today everybody needs security systems as there are many incidents are taking places of robbery and other. CCTV system is one of the best security systems for home and shops or any working area. This system provides many features that will keep your house and work area secured.

You can start this business of providing CCTV services to peoples. This is one of the best and low budget business which can give you lot of profits. So this business will give income and security to peoples. You can provide all the accessories of CCTV services like CCTV Cameras, Cables, DV box, etc.  Or you can also provide repair services.

  • Investments: This business needs nearly 50,000 to 1 lack of just materials and shop and other things.
  • Requirements: 1 shop, 3-4 helper, all other accessories or tools for fitting the CCTV systems.
  • Skills: You should have knowledge of CCTV cameras, and other tools that are recommended with CCTV cameras that complete the system of security.

Tips: This business is for all those who are interested in security services and computer systems. Or for those who have already knowledge of CCTV cameras and computers.

2. Blogging

Today there are many blogs are available online, that provides us information about a particular topic or product. You just need to book a domain name and server space for your information data which cost very less on a budget that you can easily afford and can start quickly.

  • Investments: This business do not need much budget, it just need nearly 5,000 to 6,000 to start the business.
  • Requirement: Just need a computer and internet service.
  • Skills: Need deep knowledge of the topic or product which you will give information on the blog.

Tips: anybody can start their own blog who likes to provide information about the particular product to the topic.

3. Freelance

This business is most popular today, as the workload is increasing and company cannot hire more people on fixed salary. They provide works to freelancer and give payment as per work which is flexible for both company and freelancer.

You can start your freelancing business from home as give that much flexibility to work from home. You just need to contact with companies that provide work for freelancers and start working and earn a lot of money with fewer investments.

In this business there are many work field that you can start, the fields are writer, graphic designing, and many more.

  • Investments: This business does not any investment accept computer and internet service.
  • Requirements: 1 computer, internet connection, little space for working.
  • Skills: You will need deep knowledge and experience of that particular work on which you will be working.

Tips: This business can start by anyone who has knowledge of the particular field. They can choose one particular field as per their choice and can start working.

4. Pet store

There are many peoples who love to buy the import pets or the pets which are not easily available. You can provide such customers the pets by starting your own pet store in your city. There are many pets that have many varieties and breeds like dogs, parrots, etc.

This is low budget business and anyone can start this business. Just you will need a shop or space where you can keep all pets that are for sale. You can also keep pets accessories so that people can buy it for their pets.

  • Investments: this business will need nearly 2-3 lacks. As you need to maintain the diet of all pets and other things.
  • Requirements: 1 shop with a sufficient space to keep pets. 1-2 helpers, some accessories of all pets in the store.
  • Skills: you will just the information of keeping pets safe and healthy and required other information.

Tips: This business is for everyone who is interested to start and love pets around them all the time.

New Upcoming Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

5. Youtube channel

Today there are many people who started a new business of uploading videos and earn money. Just simply creating a channel on Youtube and uploading your videos on the channel, you can earn lots of money.

It is simple to create a channel on Youtube, just log in with your Gmail id that is your mail id and create your channel and upload videos. You can upload videos as per particular topics, as there are many topics which you can upload like; educations, comedy, informational, etc.

This business was started by Youtube that gives you payment on every video you upload. But there are some terms and conditions of Youtube. The terms and conditions are as given below:

  • The channel should have 1,000 subscribers.
  • 4,000 watch time (duration of the video should be played) in past 12 months.

You have to promote your videos more and more to complete the above terms of Youtube. This above terms and conditions are once cleared then your payments get started. Youtube after this gives payment on per views videos that are uploaded to on your channel.

  • Investments: Zero investments, you can setup a small studio if needed that will cost nearly 50,000 to 60,000.
  • Requirement: 1 computer or laptop, internet connection, and other equipment as per requirements.
  • Skills: You need to be experienced in that particular field on which you will upload videos.

Tips: Anyone can start this business with good skills and experience in particular field. You can show your talent and skills to people through this business.

New Upcoming Business Ideas

6. Antique Furniture Restoration:

There are many peoples who have a lot of antique furniture (old time furniture) that are now damaged and need to be restored or sell. This antique furniture is very rare that cannot be sold to anyone, so many people prefer to repair the damaged part of that furniture.

There are very rare restoration shops that restore or repair the antique furniture. But this business it one of the best low budget businesses that can give you lots of profits. You can start this business at home or in your own garage or in open space.

  • Investments: this business does not a lot of investments as it can be started from home or in small open space or home garage.
  • Requirements: working space, tools as per required for restorations, 2-3 helper.
  • Skills: You should have all knowledge for a restoration of old things. Their all cutting, pasting, and all other knowledge and practice of it.

Tips: This business is for those who love to repair and restore all old objects and other furniture.

7. Game parlor

There are many kids who love to play video games and don’t have one at their home so they play them at any game parlor. This parlor is just for all game lovers who love to play games for a long time. This is one of the simple and best low-budget businesses that can give you a lot of profit.

You can start this business on a low budget and can earn lots of money just by providing the games as per the customer’s requirements. This business is the best and very successful, you just need the systems of games and TVs to connect with each other.

  • Investments: this business is set up with a budget of approximately 2-3 lacks.
  • Requirements: PlayStations as per requirements, TVs as per Requirements, shop at reachable spots.
  • Skills: You don’t need any special skills or studies for this business. You just need the information on PlayStations and little information about games.

Tips: This business is for all gamers, who want to set up the game zone.

8. Used cars dealing

Today there are many people who want to sell old cars and want to buy new cars. This business is all about reselling used cars. You need to contact the seller and the buyer of the car. First, you need to contact the seller for the details of his car which is for sale and then you make ads for that car for buyers to know about it.

This business needs a very low budget to start. You can start this business in 2 types:

  • Portable type (on-call service)
  • On-site type (Shop in a market)

The first option does not need any investment rather than visiting clients and customers. The second option needs a small investment in a shop and space for keeping cars if any customer keeps his car at your shop for display.

  • Investment: 50,000 to 1 lack. For shop and space for cars that will be needed.
  • Requirement: 1 vehicle for visiting, 2-3 members as a helper, 1 shop with little big space to keep cars.
  • Skills: You need a deep knowledge of cars and details of every part of the cars.

Tips: Young generation can try this business if they are interested in cars.

9. Mobile Garage

Many times it happens that the car breaks down, the scooter gets damaged and there is no garage nearby for repair.  So you can start helping them by starting the mobile garage. The mobile garage is a portable garage that can provide service to those people whose car or vehicle is damaged on road.

This business does not much investment for starting. You will need some required knowledge of repairing vehicles and experience also. You have to make ads so that people know about your service.

  • Investments: nearly 1 lack as per requirements of all equipment.
  • Requirements: you will need all the tools for repairing the vehicles and 1 vehicle for transportation or visiting the place of customers, and one mobile for communication with customers.
  • Skills: Need deep knowledge of repairing all vehicles and all details of parts of all cars with their names and what to do if the particular part is damaged.

Tips: This business is special for men and all the young boys who have knowledge of cars and their repairing parts.

I hope you find this Upcoming Business idea in India helpful… If you like these New Upcoming Business Ideas in India please share them with your friends and comment to me if you have for Upcoming Business Ideas… Thanks


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