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Trademark registration process in the UAE

Trademarks are basically the slogans, names, signs, pictures, or logos which are really helpful in distinguishing one company from another. In the UAE, companies can get their intellectual property rights by registering their trademark. There are proper steps that need to be followed in order to protect the registered trademarks.

The laws in UAE help both the companies as well as the consumers. you must be thinking how? Well, due to the trademarks, the clients get to differentiate between different companies easily. In this way, they get to set their preferences as per their needs and desires. Similarly, the trademark owners get benefited because they get to have their own individuality

Trademark registration process in the UAE

Trademark registration process in the UAE

Steps for trademark registration in UAE;

  1. Fill in the trademark registration and submit the application form.
  2. Pay the required fees for approvals.
  3. study the application and send it to the concerned authorities.
  4. pay for publishing.
  5. pay for the registration of the trademark.
  6. Receive the trademark registration after the completion of all the processes.

Benefits of registering a trademark in UAE

  • There are numerous benefits associated with trademark registration which includes;
  • Protection of the brand as it puts a restriction over those who try to copy it.
  • Helping the business in capturing as much of the business value as possible.
  • Helping in the growth of the business.
  • Suing others if they copy your trademark.

Authority responsible for trademark registration

Ministry of economy deals with the whole process.

Documents required for trademark registration in UAE

Make sure to attach the following documents;

  • Trademark Logo of the company
  • Copy of the trade license of the company
  • Power of attorney
  • Priority document of the company
  • Passport copy
  • Others asked for documents.

Time duration

The time taken in the initial approval is just 30 days.

Trademark Registration

An approval decision will be issued upon filing the trademark application for the company. After the authorities decide to approve the application of the company, the trademark is published in the journal which is an official document, and in two local newspapers of the country.
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Trademark registration might seem complicated to some people but is actually not. you can easily carry out the steps for registration if you really want to do so. One thing that you must keep in mind is that you must not commit any mistake while carrying out the process.

Also, you must carry out detailed research on the trademarks in order to save yourself from getting delayed during the process. Check before you file your application f there are any similar names in the market or not. If you find any of them, try to not use them for your company.

This is because similar names might get rejected and will surely not get registered. So, if you really want to register the company name in an appropriate manner, choose the most unique name after searching for your best. There are special websites as well which can help you in checking the already registered names and trademarks. This will work for your own betterment.


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