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Minecraft (2009) Game Icons Banners

You might hardly find someone who is a gamer, and not familiar with the game Minecraft. This clearly defines the popularity of the Minecraft. Initially, Minecraft was first made public in 2009 and then released in 2011. Just to mention a fact, Minecraft is THE best-selling game of all time (Yes, you can google that). Well, after this line, I don’t think that I should praise Minecraft anymore because it is all self-explanatory.

Since Minecraft was released, its popularity has been increasing to new heights, and also the game has been evolving. For someone who has been playing the game since the very beginning, this thing is very relatable.

In this article, we are going to talk about icons and Banners in the game Minecraft. These things are important to be understood so that you can efficiently use them in the game. If I were to give a gist of what we are going to discuss, I would say that Minecraft game has been all about creativity, and personalization of the world, and icons and banners help us a lot in the same.

What are Minecraft icons?

“Icon” is such a generic term, mostly used for something related to visuals. It’s a simple but very important and impactful thing in Minecraft. Icons are some visual elements that make things very easy to understand, and easy to navigate. The icons have been contributing a lot to the gameplay since its introduction. Let’s have a quick look at the development of Minecraft icons with time.

As we know Minecraft from the beginning, the icons mostly look like a set of visible pixels, or blocks, forming some kind of shape or object. At the very beginning, the icons were developed as functional icons, which would be an easy representation of some in-game items, navigation, etc. In the initial days, you can say that Minecraft icons were pretty much straightforward and minimalistic.

With time, Minecraft developed a lot, adding more features, improving the gameplay, and adding more details. The detailing also includes icons. With the ever-evolving universe of Minecraft, the icons have experienced a lot of changes. More fine detailing has been done, aesthetic changes have been done to make them more realistic, and newer icons and materials were added, while the icons still look like blocks, which ensures consistency in the style of the game.

As we have also mentioned earlier, the world of Minecraft is ever-evolving, and personalization of the world is an element that is very important in Minecraft. This is what has been done further. Just imagine, custom icons/icon packs, which add more personalization to your Minecraft experience.

So, the evolution and importance of icons in Minecraft have been significant right from the beginning, and this is because those small, but crucial visual elements act as guides while we are in the game, either for navigation, or selection of in-game items.

Introduction to Banners In Minecraft

There can be a possibility that you play Minecraft, but you may not know that there is something called a banner in Minecraft. For those who don’t know, Banners in Minecraft are tall decorative multipurpose blocks, and they are highly customizable. One can easily customize them with dyes, and banner patterns.

Since the banners are customizable, they might mean or represent something. You can either obtain a banner, you can create a banner (using stick and wool), or you can even trade banners.

Well, but one question may be what are banners used for? Well, they are banners, so they might be used to represent something, or maybe just because you wanted to.

Just to mention, there are 16 to 18 colored blank banners which are available, and there are several patterns which are available for the banners. You may go into more technicalities of what a banner is, but we now at least understand that the banner is a decorative tall block, which can be used for multiple purposes.

Final words

If you are well familiar with Minecraft gameplay, you might understand that the icons and banners add great value to Minecraft gameplay, in terms of visualization, navigation, and understanding. So now you understand what are icons and Banners in Minecraft, and you can easily use them in your Gameplay.

In short, we can say that icons make it very easy to navigate through the gameplay, and understand and pick the in-game items.


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