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Instagram: 4 Ways to Boost Your Career

Instagram: 4 Ways to Boost Your Career

The rise of social media has only accelerated in the past few years. While some of its growth was inevitable, we are glad that the explosion of user-friendly sites is perfect for careers.

Instagram is a big name, and having an account gives you control over what to post and how to post. You can decide the hashtags to use, the images to include, what to display, and the words to use on your account.

If you are interested in boosting your career or simply evolving as an individual, you should give your Instagram account a makeover. Here are several ways to boost your career through Instagram.

1. Tidy up Your Instagram Posts

With nearly two billion plus active monthly users on Instagram, you need to be prepared to get noticed. If you want people to follow your story or even comment on it, you shouldn’t post pictures taken with your phone or a camera that doesn’t look professional.

This is true for your profile picture and all of the photos in your posts. Next time you go out to take a photo, make sure it looks great by using a camera with smart features that can make the creation process easier than ever before.

You can also resize images for Instagram. Your Instagram followers will be more likely to stick around if you supply them with fun, unique, and high-quality content.

2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are great for customers who want reviews or products from their favorite brands in quick succession.

However, they can also benefit your career if you use them correctly. Many of your fans will share their hashtags when they tag something they find interesting on social media platforms.

Combine this with adding these hashtags in your captions, and you could increase the number of followers coming from within the same niche. For example, hashtags like #worklifebalance will show how genuinely interested you are in other people’s lives through Instagram.

3. Know the Best Time to Post on Instagram

If you’re a busy business owner, it can be difficult to fit posting into your day.
Luckily, there are a few strategies that professional Instagram account holders use to make the most of their time when it’s most convenient for them. You can create a separate routine or create a schedule and post regularly during the times when you know people are more likely to be online.

For example, if you travel in your career, you could plan posts at 8 PM every day. If you work at home in the morning and don’t have much time to spare, try posting twice every day, with an hour-long gap each time, and once after lunch each day.

4. Build Connections by Commenting and Replying

The best way to build connections on Instagram is to comment and reply. You can engage with the people you follow by leaving thoughtful comments, commenting on their pictures, or offering friendly advice.

While it takes a bit of restraint, this type of interaction is a great way to show people that you care about them and are genuinely interested in what they say.


Having an Instagram account is one thing, but tweaking it to fit your career is another. You don’t need to be an expert on Instagram; you only need to know how to customize it to fit your needs and know what works best for your branding.

If you’re looking to get more views, fans, and followers on Instagram, expect to put in the work to maintain a high-quality account.


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